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Scene 1
Saket sit in madap with Devika, Marriage starts, Ravi looks on, Devika and Saket takes pheras, Saket puts Mangalsutra in her neck, he gives a victory look to Ravi, Saket fill Devika’s forehead with sindoor, Saket and Devika take blessings of elders, Devika gives a look to Ravi, Saket comes to Ravi and ask did you enjoy wedding? now leave from here, Ravi sadly looks at Devika, who is also looking at him, Saket pushes Ravi away, he keep looking at Devika, Saket drags Ravi out of venue, he pushes Ravi and says you were talking so big? you were here to stop marriage and what happened? soon your love will be in my arms, i will do what i want, i will do everything with her, i will force my self on her, no one can stop me now, i will punish her for your mistake, i will keep her hurting her, she

will keep pleading me to me but i will kick her, she will keep crying, Saket leaves, Ravi cries and ask Saket to not do anything with her, she wont be able to bear it, dont spoil her life, i am sorry sorry, dont punish Devika for my deeds, he cries…….. it all turns out to be Ravi’s dream, he is still in room with Saket unconscious, Ravi recalls his bad imagination, he says means Saket didnt marry DEvika till now, what should i do, how to save Devika from Saket? he sas if they come here then they will not believe me, my bad dream will come true if they come here, what should i do, he says idea, he pulls Saket, he finds someone coming in, its Monty, he comes through, Monty says i knew you were in room, where is Saket? all are waiting for him, he finds Saket unconscious and ask what you did? Ravi says i just pushed him and he fell unconscious, Monty says no one will believe you, before anyone come, you leave from here, Ravi says i cant go, if he comes to consciousness then he will marry Devika and i cant let that happen, i have to do something, Monty says do something.

Scene 2
Savitri, Shekhar and Rekha are searching for Saket, Savitri says Saket was in hurry to marry but now he is taking so much time, Shekhar says there must be reason behind it, we will talk to him.
Sakshi comes to Devika and ask her to drink juice, Navi comes and ask Devika whats happening? where is your groom? i have listened that jay mala ceremony happens soon but why its taking so much time here? did your groom ask for dowry? it happens in in indian wedding, DEvika says nothing like that, he must be coming, Navi says i am getting bored, where is Ravi? is he coming to your marriage? i tried to talk his mother but she never answer straight, you are his friend so you must know where is he, Sakshi ask why you are so concerned for him? did you bring office work him today too? Navi says why you are talking to me like this, and you were in bachelor’s party, didnt you see Ravi confessed his love for me i wanted to confirm it, DEvika says he is here, he has gone to some room, wait for him, Navi says thank God, she says i am sorry i took your and Ravi’s relation wrongly, i thought he loves your but the way he confessed his love for me, i found it genuine, i will talk to him, Sakshi says even she thinks his confession genuine and it was for you, DEvika says i dont wanna think about it, you go upstairs and see where is Saket, Sakshi goes.
Ravi and Monty are thinking of idea, Ravi says there must way to stop this marriage, he finds sehra there and gets idea, he says to Monty that i have found way, Saket want to marry Devika to destroy her life but what if Saket doesnt go down and still marriage happen then? Monty says i am not understanding anything, Ravi wears Sehra and ask is my face revealing in it? Monty says no but why?
Devika is waiting for Saket and thinks what is happening, i am feeling alone and tensed.

PRECAP- Ravi wears Sehra and Sherwani of Saket, he ask to open door, Monty opens it, Savitri ask where is Saket. Monty is going somewhere in hurry, he bangs in Sakshi, she ask where is Ravi? he says he went in venue with Savitri, Sakshi is confused.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. kalpesh Patel

    Ek baar ravi and devika ki shadi ho jaye tab mere jaan me jaan aayegi.. aaj ka episode dekh k main bohat khush hu.. Finally jaisa main chahta tha bilkul vaisa hi hua, wow…. really I m very happy.

  2. Goooooooood

  3. I m sorry Ekta mam!! I misjudged u!! Now I wish devika should understnd ravi’s love tatz it

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