Kalash 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manju says to Parimindar that Rekha was always nice to me, she never did anything wrong to me but that Savitra, she made me get arrested, now i will see her shaken up, i feel bad for Rekha though, she asks Sakshi to get strength and call, Sakshi calls Rekha and says Devika.. Rekha says tell me if Devika is fine or not? Sakshi says actually.. Ravi takes phone and says to Rekha that i will bring Devika back soon, Rekha says i have faith in you, you will bring her back, Ravi says i will bring her first to you, i know you are also tensed for her, he ends call, Manju says why you lied to them? this is not good that you hided her daughter’s death from her, Ravi says what news? what lie? Devika is not dead, she is alive, biggest proof is that i am alive, these are not proofs of her death,

i dont believe it, why they have sent it? who kidnapped her? they didnt call us for money so this means that someone is playing game with us, someone is taking out personal grudges so i believe that Devika is alive and nobody will talk about Devika’s death, he leaves, Manju says he is getting mad, we have to do something about him.
DEvika is in godown, she says i cant see Ravi broken, he loves me so much, when he got the news of my death, he would have gone mad, i have to tell him that i am alive, i have to run from here, i have to tell him, she tries to open her ties, she says i have to tell my Ravi.
Ravi comes in his room, he sees Devika’s things here and there, he says if Devika comes then she will scold me that i have created mess in room, i should take care of her room, she will be happy to see room clean, he starts cleaning, Monty comes there, he says Devika will get angry, i have to clean room, Monty says listen to me, i cant see you like this, Ravi hugs him, Monty says accept that DEvika is not with us anymore, Ravi says this is a lie, Devika is alive, she cant die as i am alive, if she would have died then i would be dead too, she told me that our heartbeats are same and works together only, he hugs him and cries, Navi comes and opens door, she sees Ravi crying and hugging Monty, she thinks that Ravi have accepted that Devika is dead but he is trying to be strong and not show to others, soon my and Ravi’s story will work, our plan is successful.
Goon comes to Devika and says you are dying to run? he ties her hands tightly and says run now, he leaves, Devika thinks that i have to run from here, i have to tell Ravi that i am alive, goons are so bad, they have trapped Ravi, i cant let Ravi be in pain now, she tries to open her hands, she thinks that i have to cut these ropes and run from here, i have to go to my Ravi, she sees iron piece and thinks that i can cut my hands rope by it, she crawls and reaches to it, she rubs rope on iron rod, rope is cut, she thinks that now i will go to my Ravi, he will be so happy to see me alive.
Saket is drinking wine, he says dont know whats happening in Ravi’s home, he gets Navi’s call and asks whats happening there? Navi says Ravi will soon accept all this, he will move on, he will do what i say, Saket says come here then, we will have champagne, Navi says i will come.
DEvika tries to sneak out, she sees goon playing cards there, she says they are sitting near door, how can i leave? i cant lose hope, i have to go to my Ravi, i have to tell him that i am alive, i have to run from here. She hide from goons, she thinks that if i call Ravi somehow then he will atleast know that i am alive, she sees phone and thinks how to reach to it as then these goons will see me, she thinks that i have to call Ravi at any cost, she bangs into something and makes noise, goons look around, Devika hides, goon asks other goon to check, goon looks here and there but doesnt find Devika. Devika comes near phone and hides under table. she takes phone.

Scene 2
Shweta calls Saket, Shweta says you know what happened to Devika? she bangs into to Sakshi, Sakshi takes her phone and listens Saket on otherside, Shweta takes phone from her and ends call, Shweta says dont do investigation all the time, i am your elder, dont try mess with me, she leaves, Sakshi thinks that if Saket in involved in kidnapping too?
Ravi is in his room, he looks at his and Devika’s pictures, he looks at roses he gave to Devika, he looks at Devika’s picture and hugs it, he says please comeback Devika, its my fault, i couldnt protect you, i am sorry, Vikas comes and hugs him, he says calm down, Ravi says i want Devika, i am broken, Vikas says you have seen many problems, i am with you, i believe you that Devika is alive.

PRECAP- Devika is hiding under table, goon is coming near, she prays to Ambe Maa. Manju calls Rekha and says someone sent Devika’s clothes which had blood and there was note too in which it was written that Devika is dead, Rekha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi, thanks for the update Atiba !!
    Wooow… This bond Ravika have is more than “Love” it’s divine !! So beautiful to see how much faith humans can have for each other … Made me cry badly… No words to describe this show …

  2. Will devika escape or will Ravi reach her?

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