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Scene 1
Ravi wraps Devika’s saree around her, Sadqe tere plays, they both share eyelock, Devika looks at him confused, thunder creates noise, Devika gets afraid and hugs Ravi tightly, Ravi hugs her back, Devika becomes conscious and moves back, Ravi gives her towel, she takes it and leaves.
Ravi says to himself that i need to talk to Devika, i have to tell her that Sakshi is not happy with this relation too, i have to tell her that Sakshi hates Saket too, Devika comes there, Ravi ask her to listen to him, he says everything is wrong, Devika doesnt listen to him and lies on sofa, she closes her eyes, Ravi thinks that if she doesnt care about her sister then why should i be worrying, no need to talk to her, he goes and lies on bed, Devika looks at him and recalls how Savitri said that

Ravi wants our family to get insulted, she thinks that Ravi deserves this, what was the need to get involved in Sakshi’s matter but whenever Savitri scolds Ravi or says bad things about him, why i feel bad too? like not Ravi but i am getting insulted like with my husband getting insulted is insult to my marriage, my sindoor and my mangalsutra.
Devika falls asleep, Ravi wakes up and thinks that how can i sleep when i know everything is goign wrong, Saket is a big jerk, he is playing big game, whatever he plans, he gets successful in it but this time i wont let him succeed, i have to save Sakshi from him and for that i need to find Monty, i will find Monty at any cost, he sees Devika feeling cold, Ravi puts blanket on Devika, Banjara song plays, Ravi looks at her and drinks water, Devika wakes up and thinks that why he make me feel that he cares about me always when i know this is all fake, she recalls how Savitri said that Ravi was trying provoke Sakshi to runaway from house, she gets up, Ravi comes to her and ask if she is fine? Devika thinks why Ravi? why did you cheat me? Ravi thinks that i can never think of cheating you Devika, i am not at fault in anything, please trust me, Devika thinks i wish i could see truth in you, i hate you, i hate you, Ravi thinks but i love you Devika without any reason and from bottom of my heart i love you.
Its morning, Pallavi wakes up and deosnt find Sakshi in room, she checks room but doesnt find her there too, she gets worried and recalls how Sakshi said that she will do what she wants, Pallavi comes in lounge and calls out for Sakshi, she ask Savitri if she has seen Sakshi? she says no, she must be in her room, Pallavi tells family that Sakshi is not at home, Pallavi says Sakshi was saying last night that she cant bear it now, she will end everything, Pallavi cries and says i am worried what if she does suicide, Rekha is shocked, dada ask Shekhar to go and check her, he goes, Savitri says Sakshi has ruined us.

Scene 2
Devika comes in kitchen, Manju ask property work is done? Devika says yes, Manju says then you must have started dream of your mother, Devika says let thigns get solved then i will start it, Manju says i dont anything is going to be changed, i dont Sakshi will get married now, Devika says nothing like that, Sakshi will get married soon and you know she has got proposal of Saket, Manju is shocked, Devika leaves, Manju ask Shweta why she didnt tell her?
Saket opens door of his house and finds Sakshi there, he says have you come to give any lecture? Sakshi says i am ready to marry you, you played game well, you trapped my family so i dont have any option but to marry you, i will marry you but i will keep hating you for whole life, Saket says as if i am going to love you, i will teach you hatred too, i will keep teaching you lesson whole life.
Savitri cries and says how will i show face to people, where Sakshi is gone, Shekhar comes and says i didnt find Sakshi, i will file complaint in police station, Savitri says no else everyone will know that she is missing, this girl has destroyed our image, Sakshi comes there, Rekha ask Sakshi where she went without telling anyone? Sakshi says i went to meet Saket, i told him that i am ready for this marriage, all are shocked, Savitri gets happy and says finally Ambe Maa listened to me, you have taken great decision, you will remain happy for life, she hugs Sakshi, Sakshi says sorry i didnt understand earlier but now i have understood so i am ready for marriage, Savitri says no problem atleast you agreed for marriage, Savitri says we wil do roka tomorrow, dada agreee, Rekha hugs Sakshi, Savitri says Sakshi has given us big happiness.
Ravi thinks that i have to find Monty today, he is cleaning hands with towel, Devika comes and says you are again using my towel, i told you to not do it, Ravi says i am sorry, i was in thoughts and didnt realize its your towel, Devika says these are mistakes that you do infront of me and say sorry but what about those mistakes which you do behind my back? you dont realize anything, you dont realize that how much you hurt me with your mistakes, i am just showing you mirror, i am not interested to listen your explanations, she pulls her towel from his hands, Ravi falls on her, they both fall on floor and get close, Maine khud ko plays, Devika closes her eyes thinking that Ravi might kiss her but Ravi moves back, she leaves Ravi’s hand, Ravi gets, he gets call from Rekha, Rekha tells him that Sakshi has agreed to marry Saket, Ravi is stunned, Devika ask Ravi who is on phone? Ravi says what? Devika takes phone from him listening Rekha’s voice, she ask Rekha if Sakshi agreed for marriage? Rekha says yes, dont worry now, everything will be fine, Sakshi agreed too, now mariage should happen smoothly, Devika says to Rekha that dont worry, everything will be fine now, Ambe maa is with us, Rekha says we are doing roka tomorrow, Devika says Roka is tomorrow? Ravi is shocked to listen this, Ravi thinks how is it possible? i have to find where Saket have hidden Monty.
Saket meets Monty, monty says i cant live in this room, its like jail and very dirty, it feels like i have done some crime then why i am hiding? Saket says its about two three days only, Monty says what will happen in 2 3 days? Saket thinks that if i tell you that i am marrying Sakshi then you will go mum, Saket sys i will talk to Pallavi, she will marry you, Monty says they way i ranaway from marriage, nobody will forgive me, i have cheated her sister so she will not forgive me, dont know why i listened to you and left that wedding, Saket thinks that you did mistake by listening to me and i will take advantage of it now.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that i am going home, today is Sakshi’s roka, Ravi says i am coming too, Devika is stunned to see his changed behavior. Navi comes to Saket and says you are going for your Roka? he says yes, Navi says you think you are smart? you thought you will double cross me and i will keep seeing it silently?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This woman and her grandma don’t deserve Ravi in their life he is too good and smart for them I wish she married saket in the beginning she wouldn’t talk like this this pissed me of ?

  2. Devika is seriously the most dumb female lead in any serial. This serial is becoming worse day by day making Devika’s character so weak. I already quit watching this serial. Just reading the updates. Now probably with all this sh** I just stop reading the updates too. Devika is the worst character in the whole serial. Very brainless and dumb to the core….

  3. gharat mangal

    devika u r only looking beautiful but u don’t have brain.

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