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Scene 1
Rekha says to inspector says car’s start number is HR01, inspector says we need to know full number, Janki asks Rekha to try and remember full number, please try, Rekha recalls flashback, she remembers full number plate of car and writes on notepad, she gives it to inspector, Janki says now you have to save my daughter, i want her today only, inspector says she will be with you soon.
Saket says i feel like going to devika by flying, he is about to his house when Nivi comes to his house. She asks if you are going somewhere? he says yes, Nivi says i have to talk to you. She goes inside house. Saket asks if she wanna refreshment? she says no, i want to tell you news that Ambika is being kidnapped, Saket thinks that if she has doubt on me that i have kidnapped her. he asks who told

you? she says Devika’s Chachi told me about it, she saw some goons taking Ambika in van, Saket thinks that goons couldnt do it properly, kidnapped her infront of her chachi only, Nivi asks why you are sweating and tensed? Saket says i was thinking about kidnapping, he turns on AC, he says i dont understand why you are telling me all this? Nivi says i know you have connections with goons, i want your help, you know things about kidnapping me and all, Saket says are you insulting or complimenting me? Nivi says i know you are powerful, i want your help, Ambika has done so much for me, she has saved my life too, its my time to help her, i have to save my best friend, Saket says i will ask my goons to find out about kidnapper, Nivi says once i find who kidnapper is then i wont spare him, Saket says yes we will both beat him, your enemy is my enemy, Nivi thanks him and leaves.
Goon says to other goon that take food to her, she shouts alot, goon says you are afraid of one girl? give her food.
Saket thinks that this is weird, she asking kidnapper to find out about kidnapper. Nivi thinks that why Saket got tensed when i told him about him kidnapper? did he do something? is he behind kidnapping? why would he do it? he didnt even meet Ambika till now, he would have told me if he had done it, he is my friend, she leaves his house. Saket sits in his car and thinks that before everyone has doubt on me and finds about her, i have to go to Devika.
Goon comes to Devika’s room with food, Devika hides behind him and hits him with iron rod on head, he faints, Devika runs from there, he tries to hold her saree but she kicks him and goes out of room. Devika looks around in godown and doesnt find anyone there, she says its time to leave. She strikes with drum and it falls down and makes noise. Goons come there, Devika hides and thinks that how to go out of here? Goons go in room to check on other goon who went to give food to Devika. Devika thinks that he will see goon unconscious, i am stuck. Goons come to Devika’s room and sees goon unconscious, goons says we have to find girl else Saket will kill us. They see godown’s door close and says it means she is inside here only, Devika thinks that i cant lose like this, i have to find way to go out.
Janki asks inspector if they got to know anything? inspector says we are doing investigation, dont worry, he leaves. Rekha says to janki that i know your pain, its about your daughter, i was in same condition when my devika left me, when i got to know that she has left us, i was totally broken, i know your pain, dont worry, nothing will happen to your daughter, i will pray to Mata Rani, she will comeback, i see my Devika in your daughter, she has same face like her, dont worry, we will find her, have faith in God, Janki thinks that Rekha loves Devika like mother, i am feeling bad to snatch her daughter, forgive me Rekha.
Devika looks around and finds dagger on floor. She takes it and comes out. She points dagger to goons and says let me go out, if you try to come close then i will kill you, i am not weak, i will kill you, goon asks other goon to catch her, she cant hit us, Devika says if you try to come near me then i will kill you, Goon says it takes guts to use dagger, worry about yourself, Devika dont come forward, they start moving towards her. Devika recalls how Janki said that fear is nothing but just in heart, when you have faith in yourself then you can fight biggest fear, if you are situation to lose yourself then fight back and attack, you cant let your fear to overtake you, my daughter cant be weak to lose to fear you, even if i am not with you, you have to fight for yourself so that your your enemies know that you are not weak, fb ends. Goons try to come near Devika but Devika hits one goon with knife, she says if woman makes decision to fight then nobody can stop her, dont think that woman is weak, woman can become Goddess to fight evil, we can use knives to veggies and to protect ourselves too, she locks them in room and says thank you Maa, you have become my strength today, i wont today because of you, you have given me self respect to fight for myself.

Scene 2
Saket is driving car and says i am desperate to meet my Devika. He recalls his moments with Devika, he says my Devika..
Shweta says to family that someone must have kidnapped her for money, Vikas says no there must be something else, Monty says who can do it? Manju says she is nice girl, it shouldnt have happened. Ravi comes there, Nivi asks where were you? Ravi says i was with Janki near Mandir where Ambika was kidnapped, Manju says how you got to know she is kidnapped? Ravi says i was at Janki’s house when she got to know that Ambika was kidnapped, Nivi asks what you were doing there? Ravi thinks that i cant tell her everything now, he says i needed to give her documents, Nivi asks what documents? he says i need to rest, he leaves. Nivi thinks there were no documents, why he is lying to me?
Devika comes out of Godown and says there is no taxi here, how to tell Maa that i am kidnapped. She asks one man about directions, he tells her about highway near road, she asks for his phone, he gives it but his phone’s battery is dead.

PRECAP- Saket slaps Goon and says how dare you touch her? Devika is standing behind him, Saket says to goon that you know who is she? she is my love, nobody can touch her except me, Devika tries to attack him with knife but he holds her hand and kisses it, Devika is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i think one and only idiot of the serial miss ekta kapoor……who is not ending the serial in style she want to explore it till no one see it……so i think trp will decrease as long as episode is incresed…..now the serial is full of bullshit……

    1. Yeah… You are right.. I am feeling that Even bubblegum will loose its capacity of extending but not Kailash serial… 😀

    2. Well said sss its bullshit

      1. Well said sss

  2. True sass, and I want to let lata UK, know that I endorse all that she wrote yesterday , my observation as well. Ekta kapoor likes to torture her viewers, on all her serials, she gets some joy in it.

  3. I mean…… True ssss, typo error. Sorry……

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