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Scene 1
Ravi and Devika are locked in washroom. Sakshi comes in room and ask Devika to come out soon, Devika says to Ravi that what if Sakshi gets to know that we are together here, you are western, it will not an issue, Ravi says it is for me too, he says but we have to do something, he says that ask Sakshi to open door and go out then i will come out after sometime, she will not know anything, Devika says i cant go like this, you go, Ravi ask why? she hesitantly tells that back zip of my dress is open and i called Sakshi to help me but you came so i cant go now, Ravi says i know about it the time i entered, Ravi says i can help you, she says stay away from me, he says ok i will sit here, then anyone will come here and you will be embarressed, both recalls how Ravi helped her and closed her her

dori before, Ravi says i helped you in such situation before too, we were friends then, if you think i can help you then i will do it, Devika thinks and says ok but dont look at me, Ravi says ok and turns his back to her, Devika turns her back to him, Ravi raises his hand backward and touches her back, she says dont take advantage of situation, Ravi says i cant see as i have back but you always blame me, Devika holds his hand and puts it on zip, Ravi closes it, Sadqe tere plays, both turns and look at each other, Sakshi opens door and teases them, both run from there.

Scene 2
Atal says to Shekhar that if Savitri gets to know that we gave money to Manju then she will get angry, Savitri comes there and says i know you gave money to that greedy women, Atal says her son arranged two marriages of our house so we had to pay and Devika is daughter in law of this house so our mistake will affect her, they leave, Savitri says Manju is playing good game but i wont leave her easily.
Ravi and DEvika comes in reception, dressed, Sakshi teases them that they cant romance here, Pallavi says love is not about showing off but expressing emotions, Monty gets impressed by her, Ravi’s friends come and says you gave up your dreams of havving big car and house and married? they say you didnt call us in marriage so you have to pay by dancing with DEvika, they drag them to dance floor. Khamoshiyan awaz hain.. plays, Ravi comes closer to DEvika as spot light falls on them, Devika looks at him and gives her hand to him, both dances romantically, DEvika thinks what Ravi is getting so close to me? he never leave a chance, Ravi thinks i wish you understand my love, i am doing all this for you, Savitri thinks dont know what magic he has done on her, i want to slap him and keep him away from DEvika, Khamoshiyan akaash hain plays, Ravi gets attracted to Devika and get closed, Devika pinches, he comes to senses, Shweta thinks, Ravi can dance as much as he want, soon his happiness will fade away, Ravi pulls DEvika close and they end dance, Devika leaves from there.

Scene 3
Navi is checking files, she recalls how Ravi danced with her then how DEvika took her call, she gets tensed, a manager comes and says we need your approval to start work on projects, Mr. Luthra is angry, Navi says i am busy, he says from the time you have come here, you are not interested in work, Navi says mind your own business and do not tell me what to do, he says sorry and leaves, Navi says work was my top priority and now i am thinking about that stupid Ravi, why?
Ravi sees DEvika’s zip opened a half, he covers her from back, she sees him, he starts talking to guests, she thinks why he is standing behind me, she leaves, Ravi follows her and covers her, Kabhi Na sukoon aya plays, DEvika turns and ask what? she takes him aside and says dont act, why you are following me? whats your problem, Ravi says why will i follow you? girls follow me, you know it, i do magic on them, Devika says you are right but your magic will not work on me, you can flirt with them, dont waste time on me, i know your truth, you can hide your truth from me, what you think i cant sense? you were touching me while dancing, coming closer to me, be away from me, she leaves, Ravi says whatever i do for her, she misunderstand me, i have nothing to do with her, she will embarrassed in guests then she will know what husband is, he tries to leave but recalls how he closes her zip and says i closed her zip and now if she gets to know her zip is opened so she will blame me, how to help her, i have married her so now i have to fulfill responsibilities, he comes in party and sees DEvika, he gets idea.

PRECAP- Saket says to DEvika infront of Ravi that you dont have to say anything, i can see what you think about this marriage, Ravi angrily looks at Saket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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