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Scene 1
Devika comes to tea stall, she gives parsad to seller and says i have got job, he blesses her and ask will you drink tea? she says not today, she turns to find Ravi there, he says she here, i will ask her why she left the job earlier, she goes behind her, DEvika starts leaving from there, she looks at Ravi and runs from there, he says what kind of girl is she, she hides, RAvi tries to find her, Devika thinks why he is following me, SAdqe tere plays, RAvi leaves, Devika finds his paper fallen on road, and takes it, RAvi ask seller to make tea, Ravi comes to tea stall and ask seller do yo know the girl DEvika? he says yes, she is a very nice girl, Ravi ask do you know her address? DEviks is hiding there and listens all this, she thinks why he is asking for my address?, seller says i never asked

her, Ravi eats parsad, seller says she gave it to me, he says sorry, Seller says mata gave this fr you thats why you ate it, she was very happy as she got job and wanted to give parsad, Ravi says i made her get job and i ate her parsad, what coincidence.
Ajay’a marriage is in full swing, DEvika comes there, she goes to Tanu. Saket is ready for Roka, he is waiting for his mother, he ask his mother to get ready fast, mother says why you are going crazy for that girl, Saket says i have to be in marriage as i am son in law, mother and sister Naina leaves with Saket.
Devika tells Tanu that she got job but it of no use now, if i got the call for for job two days back then i would have been able to fulfill my dreams but Now Savitri wants me to do Roka, its of now use now, nothing can happen now, Tanu ask her to not think much.
Saket is driving his car when he finds big stones fallen on road, road gets blocked, mother ask how we will go further, now Roka will not be done, Saket says nobody can stop me from doing Roka today, thunder storm comes too, Saket is trying to move stones but cant do it, he calls his men and says i will make DEvika mine and no power can stop me.
Tanu shows Ambe Maa’s idol to Devika, she ask Devika why you are glowing, are you going to like someone in my marriage, Devika says how can i do it, dont you know i cant take decision of my life, i just want this Roka to not be done today, BAraat comes, Devika says i will check. Sanjay says to Ajay that there are so many girls here.

Scene 2
Savitri says to Pallavi that see Devika and check if she is ready for Roka, she says i am not seeing Saket. she ask Shekher(chacha) to call Saket, he calls him but says its not reachable Saket’s men come, he ask them to remove the stones, they pushes them, stones are removed, Saket starts car but its not starting, he ask men to push the car, car starts, Saket leaves.
Tanu’s sisters are teasing Ajay. Ravi comes in marriage, he calls his mother and sys i will congratulate Saket and will leave from here, you know i dont like all these, Anuja ask him to be there for sometime, say sorry to them that i couldnt come, he strikes with Savitri, she remembers how he praised her once, she says you same, he says yes i gave lift to you in rain, she ask you here? Ravi says Saket is brother of my bhabhi so i came in Roka, sAvitri says you are from his family so must be nice, Dada and Rekha comes, she introduces Ravi to them, she praises him and says he s Saket’s relative, Ravi ask where is Saket, Savitri says he didnt reach till now. Tanu finds Ravi in hall, Ravi comes and finds Devika there, he says now i will ask him why did he sacrifice his job for me, Tanu says to Devika that he is here, who was there at rape site, Deviak looks at Ravi, Pallavi comes to Devika and says he is same guy which liked for you, forget Saket, talk to him, Devika ask her to shut up, she says to Tanu that he is Saket’s relative, Pallavi says then no chance, Devika ask her to be silent, Tanu ask Devika to talk to him, what he tells about that night to anyone, Devika ask her to not worry, she looks at Ravi coming to her only, she leaves from there. Ravi thinks why she is running away from me, i wanna ask reason for her sacrifice.
Anuja says to Vikas that today i will take revenge with that Savitri in marriage of her grandson.
DEvika thinks why this Ravi is behind me, what he wants, she leaves, Savitri comes to Ravi and ask him to call Saket and ask where is he, Ravi says ok and goes behind Devika.
Saket is going from short cut, his sister Naina ask from where are you going, SAket says keep your mouth shut, he is driving and suddenly Ambe Maa’s mandir comes in their way.

PRECAP- Sanjay ask Ravi that why you are following my sister? i know you are from Saket’s side but that doesnt mean you can do anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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