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Scene 1
Devika is lying on top of Ravi, they share eyelock, Devika is tensed, Ravi says still you would say that you are not Devika? you are not feeling anything? why you are lying, i can see you are feeling in your eyes, you love me like i love you, he puts her hand on his heart and says remember you said our heart beats together, how can my heart beat lie to me? what is it? she tries to get up but he pulls her and says i want answers today, he touches her face and says you dont feel anything when i touch you? tell me Devika, Devika tries to move away but he pulls her closer and says you dont feel anything? Devika says if you dont leave me then i will call police, he says i dont care, he pulls her lips closer and says when i touch your lips, even then you dont miss your Ravi? how can you live

without your Ravi when i couldnt live without you? she cries and tries to move away but her ring on her finger get tangled with chain that Ravi is wearing, they both emotionally look at each other, Aae dil mushkil plays, Ravi looks at her face but she gets up and moves away. Ravi says say it once that you are my Devika, just once say that i am not your Ravi, i will leave and never comeback, he comes behind her and puts her hair on one side, he hugs her from back and says say it once that you are my Devika, say it once that you love me like i love you, Devika pushes him away and says i will call police now, Ravi says why you are lying? why you are not saying that you are my Devika? i was in pain for one year, i never looked at anyone else, i will die if you keep doing this, i engaged to Nivi to make you feel jealous but you are reacting, why you are doing this? what happened to you? you said yourself that you love me, you told me that after we comeback from Ambe Maa’s mandir, we will start our family, you recorded that you love me and left, Devika recalls how she confessed to Ravi that she loves him and recorded for him, Ravi says i am begging you to say truth, he says i will count till three then you will my different avatar, i will die without you. he counts 1.. 2.. 3.. he says fine, i dont care now if you are Devika or Ambika, i will do everything you havent seen till now, i will marry Nivi and then everything between us will be finished, i am going to Nivi and you think about Ravi but i wont back ever, our relation is finished now, Ravi is dead for you now, he leaves, Devika cries.
Devika is going back to her room, Janki stops her and asks what happened? Devika says sorry but whatever happened was personal to me, i am in so much pain, i cant explain to you, i am broken totally, i cant tell you, i just like to die now, i just want to be dead, she goes to her room, Janki is in tears and says my daughter is totally broken, is this happening because of me? i kept Ambika away from Ravi even after knowing how much she loved him, i taught him to fight but she is getting injured most in it, what is the need to revenge when it is breaking her alone that she is willing to die herself, what to do Ambe Maa?
Devika comes in her room, she recalls how Ravi said that he got engaged to make her jealous, how he said that he will marry Nivi now. Devika cries and says i cant tell you anything Ravi, dont know why i am getting punished?
Ravi is driving car, he recalls his encounter with Devika, how she threatened to call police. Otherside Devika cries and says dont go away, Ravi dont leave me, please dont leave me. Ravi thinks that how i lost my Devika? she didnt have any pity for me, how can she do this? i am broken and dead now, i have to marry Nivi now, i dont know what to do. Devika in her room says what to listen to? to listen my heart or my mind? to listen my mom or you, to listen your words or what you did to me, Ambe Maa why giving me so much pain, its better to give me death. Ravi is driving car but is drunk, a biker comes infront of his car, he turns his car away and car bangs into tree, Ravi falls unconscious on his steering wheel. Biker comes to Ravi’s rescue.

Scene 2
Nivi and all are waiting for Ravi. Nivi calls Ravi but he doesnt pick up, Manju says he was angry when he left. Nivi asks Monty to go and search for his brother, Monty says i dont know where he went, Nivi says you are useless. Biker brings Ravi home, they make him lie on sofa, biker says he had accident with my bike, i got his address in his pocket so i brought him here, Monty says cant you drive safe? i will send you to jail, biker says your brother was drunk, he couldnt handle car, i didnt do anything, i saved his life and you are threatening me? Nivi says i am sorry, where did you find him? he tells on GT road, he leaves. Monty takes Ravi to his room. Manju says to Nivi that Ravi was near Ambika’s house, means he was returning from her house or was going to her house, Nivi thinks.
Devika is sleeping her room. Janki comes there and sits beside her on bed, she caresses her and thinks that you were right, i couldnt see your pain, you cant tell truth to Ravi nor you can keep away from Ravi, she sees medicines there and thinks that you have to take medicines for headache? i cant see my daughter in so much pain, i thought she will get peace by taking revenge but her love for Ravi is so strong, wife cant forget her husband, she cant distance herself from him, she hides it but she is not able to think about Nivi and Ravi’s marriage, she attacks her enemies but she gets pain the most, she is burning in this pain, this is all wrong, this kidn of revenge is not right, i cant see her crying all the time, i want my confident and smiling Ambika back and i know what i have to do for it.
Its morning, Nivi comes to Ravi’s room. Ravi has bandage on head and is sleeping on bed. Nivi wakes him up and says its morning, she asks how he is? Ravi says my head is spinning, Nivi says you were driving car in drunk state, i was concerned so i put bandage on your wound, eat breakfast then take medicines, Ravi says i dont remember anything, Nivi says are you sure where you went? how you got so much drunk, Ravi recalls how he went to meet Devika, how they had argument, Ravi says i dont remember anything nor i want to, i just remember that tomorrow is our wedding, i want to think about future, lets forget past, Nivi says you are happy with this wedding? Ravi says yes, i have taken decision to marry you tomorrow only, the love I.. i want to forget everything, i promise to be with you always, he gets up. Nivi hugs him and says you dont know how much happy i am, i dont want anything but you, thank you, Ravi doesnt hug her back and angrily looks away.

PRECAP- Vikas says what about love you have for Devika? that will die with this wedding too? Ravi grabs his collar and says dont take anyone’s name in my wedding, he throws him away. Janki says to Devika that your revenge will be completed when you stop wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh my god! What has happened to this new Ravi!!! i dont like it ????? i want the old back!! This new Ravi is breaking my heart so much ????

  2. Dragging so much.

  3. Kiran, Ravi is in pain. He lost his wife, thinks he got her back, still trying to prove that she is in fact his lost wife, has a loser of a mother who sold him to the highest bidder, is going to marry a woman whom he has to tolerate for the sake of family and has no other loved ones……that’s why Ravi is the way he is. I feel sorry for him, all he wants is Amblka/Devika but she seems so out of reach. Actor is good though, very compelling in his passionate scenes….lots of feeling!!

    1. I know that Ravi is in pain but I feel like in his heart somewhere he knows he’s not doing the right thing. He probarly still loves Devika and always will. But thank you for responding back!

  4. Vry emotional episode…but please anyone tell them not to drag the serial so much that people’s interest in serial break…

  5. Dear writers, Ohhh, how I do hope that the brideswap really happens! The look on nivi’s face will be priceless, she is a very good actress and I’m sure she will do justice to that scene as well…… So PLEASE PLEASE ,let it happen. Saket is a rich man so nivi will be happy. Manju might thank her lucky stars that happened,at least she won’t have to mop floors in devika /ambika house. Grrrrr.. I so hated that superwoman cape nivi was wearing,. I read somewhere that Monty will turn evil, he already is half evil…..abandoning his wife for the sake of $$$ and half stupid coz he still didn’t get rich by being nivi pet poodle…..could he get more low than that? I like vikaas, he has an underlying subtle mischievous nature. As I say, hope the brides do get swapped, and for that to happen, ambika has to agree to marry saket, after all the man is shopping for a ring for his intended wife.

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