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Scene 1
Navi comes in police station, Addy says monty is being framed in fake case, he tells her everything, Navi puts hand on Ravi’s shoulder and says nothing will happen to your brother, she says to inspector that i have brought bail paper for Monty, Inspector says but court must have not opened at this time then how your brought papers? Navi says i can call home minister if you want confirmation, i am Rakesh Luthra’s daughter and you may not know him but home minister knows him well, Inspector says i am sorry i didnt recognize you, he freess Monty, Navi says to Ravi that i am sorry for last night, i was drunk and alone so crossed limits but you didnt cross your limits, thanks, Ravi says i should be thankful to you, i was thinking how to bring Monty out of jail but you came in time

and helped me, thanks, Monty thanks her too, Navi says to Monty that i have hired lawyer for you, tell him everything clearly, he will help you, she leaves, Addy says who was she? such a powerful lady, Monty says she is Ravi’s boss, Monty is sad, Ravi hugs him.
Sakshi is crying, Devika ask her to stop crying, nothing will happen to you, Sakshi says everything has gone wrong, what wrong have i done? Devika says i trust you, you cant do anything wrong, you dont need to lose hope, everything will be fine, Sakshi says how can everything will be fine? will people stop taunting me? Will Rekha’s health be fine? will my family forgive me? she cries and says my life has destroyed.
Inspector calls Saket and tells him that Monty got bail from jail, Saket says how? Ravi cant free him so soon, i asked you to take him to court, my lawyer would have handled everything, inspector tells him that some ladyNavidita freed him, Saket ends call. Savitri calls Saket and ask him to come home.

Scene 2
Devika is making Rekha eat, Rekha ask why you didnt go to your home? DEvika says all need me here, you need me so how can i leave you, Rekha says what had to happen has happened but there is problem in your in laws house too, your husband needs you, his brother must have done mistake but he needs you, you need to understand this, my one daughter has destroyed her life maybe it was her mistake but she has done that now you want to give me tension too, DEvika says if you want then i will leave from here but you have to promise me that you will take care of yourself, Rekha says yes, Devika thinks that i am going to that house only for you.
Addy says to Monty that you never go top parties with me then how you went there? Monty thinks how to tell him that i wanted to ask about Pallavi from Sakshi thats why took her, he will know that i like Pallavi, Addya jokes with Monty that if i had gone with you in party then i would have get caught too, they laugh, DEviak comes there and thinks they are so shameful, they destroyed my sister’s life and laughing on her here, she says wow, my family is crying and you both are joking and laughing here, she says to Monty that when i came in this house, i thought you are innocent boy but you are cheater too, you tried to take advantage of Sakshi and now laughing on her, Monty says bhabhi.. Devika says dont call me Bhabhi, i am not your bhabhi, all men of this house are same, you all are cheap, Addy says enough, i wont let anyone to insult my family, Ravi comes there too, DEvika says you are taking his side, Addy says yes because i know he cant do anything wrong, DEvika says you think he cant lie but ask him, he lied to me about message of my sister, he took her to party without telling anyone, why he did that, Addy says its his private life, you are old fashioned, Devika says i maybe old fashioned and i want to be like that as if people lose their mannerism, their goodness after becoming modern then i dont need to be modern, i dont want to have thinking like your family where all men are cheap, Addy says enough you cant insult my family, Ravi ask Addy to stop it, he says to Addy that you should not talk to her like this, DEvika says what was my sister’s fault? she trusted Monty and went with him, Ravi ask her to be calm, Devika says you are like this too, you take advantage of innocent girls and your brothers are following you, RAvi says you are insulting me infront of my brother and its not fair, Devika says to Ravi that say it that you think your brothers are right, they did good by destroying my sister’s life, you will take their side now, Ravi shouts enough Devika, Deviak leaves from there.

Scene 3
Navi calls her lawyer and says no action should be taken against that Monty, i will see this case myself, he says ok and ends call, Navi gets call from her manager and says we are getting a good deal and they want to do meeting today only, she says i am busy today, he says but we will miss deal of 200crores, she says dont care, i am busy today, she ends call and recalls how Ravi thanks her, she say its chance to win Ravi’s trust, if i free his brother from this case then he will consider me as best friend, i was worried that what he must be thinking about me but in one go i won his trust back, she says lawyer told me that i need to tell him about Monty and his history for case, this is chance to go to Ravi’s house, i will meet him, she says no, i should wait, i should not do things in haste.
Devika is crying in her room, Ravi comes in and closes door, she looks at him and turns her face away, she ask why you came here now? there is nothing to speak now, you told me clearly that whatever happen you will be on your brother’s side, you should enjoy with them, Ravi says every coin two sides, we see one side and believe that only but that doesnt mean we should not believe on otherside, Ravi says to Devika that i know Sakshi and i know she cant do anything wrong like this, i know her from few days and otherside is Monty whom i Monty, i feel someone is framing them, DEvika says you have not seen my family’s situation, DEvika says people will forget about Monty but Sakshi’s name is destroyed, Ravi says nothing will happen, we will find truth, everyone will be silent after that, we will find that, its not a big thing, DEvika says its may not be for you but you dont know about my family and their situation, i will not forgive you and your brother for this.

PRECAP- DEvika says to Ravi that Rekha and Sakshi are my life and if anything happens to them then i wont let you live peacefully. Savitri says to Saket that DEvika is very angry with Ravi and we can take advantage of that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what the heck is going on this serial??? shame of you writer

  2. I just don’t know what is all going on in this serial and the writer atiba euuuuuuu I just hate this serial

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