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Scene 1
Devika’s haldi ceremony starts, Rekha applies Haldi to her while Ravi is busy looking at her, Rekha ask Ravi to apply haldi to Devika as this is his chance, Ravi comes there and sit near Devika, Devika thinks that he got chance so he will do too much now, Ravi thinks that my love will touch her today, he applies Haldi on her cheeks while she is lost in him, she closes her eyes as he touches her face, Ankhon hi Ankhon mein song plays, Saket recalls how he applied haldi to Devika and says i lost Devika because this Ravi. Ravi applies haldi on her neck, Banjaraa song plays, Ravi applies it on her hands, takes her hands in his hands, Devika takes it back, Sakshi says to Pallavi that they dont leave any chance to touch each other, Ravi eyes Saket, Saket leaves, Ravi and Devika look at each

other, Sadqe tere plays as they share eyelock, Pallavi comes and says you both are lost as if you both are getting married again, Navi sees all this and thinks that one day this will be happening with me too, she imagines Ravi applying haldi to her, Rekha comes to her and ask her to apply haldi to Sakshi.
Monty thinks if Sakshi has read letter or not? if she has read it then would she have told everyone there? will this marriage break or not? Manju comes there and ask Monty to decide his Sherwani for wedding, she ask Monty if he tensed? and for what? Monty says no, you go, i will come to select sherwani, she says okay and leaves, Monty says i cant wait now, dont know how Sakshi reacted seeing my letter, should i call her? he says Sakshi must be busy in haldi, whom should i call? he says i should Ravi.
Ravi says to Sakshi that you are best girl and my brother is best boy, Monty calls him and says i wanna talk to Sakshi, Ravi says okay, Sakshi’s hands are filled with haldi so Ravi puts phone near her ears, Monty ask Sakshi if she read his letter? Sakshi says i am not able to listen your voice as loud music is going on here, Ravi takes phone and says to Monty that call later, he ends calls, Monty says this means Sakshi havent read my letter. Sakshi finds letter in gift box and is about to read it but Rekha comes there with Navi, Navi applies hald on her face and is looking at Devika and Ravi, she puts haldi in Sakshi’s eyes by mistake, Rekha wipes it then wipes her hands with Monty’s letter and throws it there.
Saket comes to Savitri and ask her to give papers, Savitri says i am not able to find it, i hided it somewhere and forgot, Saket sys i gave it to you and now you dont remember, Savitri says i am in tension of this marriage, Saket says you keep finding papers, he leaves. Ravi meets Saket and ask why he seem tensed? you came here and saw me close to Devika, you must be burning in jealousy? Devika is my wife so i have right to apply haldi on her, last night what she said, i realized that she loves me, last night was so beautiful, i and Devika had so much love for each other, Saket fumes in anger and leaves, Ravi says now he will see what power true love has, Navi comes there and thinks to ask what happened last night between him and Devika, she says to Ravi that i wanna talk some important thing, some aside, she brings him in corner and says i am not complaining but this is too much, Devika is asking me again and again what happened last night after she went home, she is curious, i told her what i knew but i didnt know what happened after you both went home, did she do something at home? Ravi says she didnt do anything, i am just teasing her, she just slept after coming home, dont tell her about this as i want to tease her little, Navi says sure i wont tell her anything, he leaves, Navi says thank God, i dont have to worry now, my Ravi is still mine only, Saket listens this and smirks, he thinks that i was cursing my luck but i got to know such a big secret that this Navi loves Ravi and i love Devika, it will be fun now.

Scene 2
devika is finding Ravi and thinks that Ravi promised me, he will tell me everything after applying haldi but he is not seen anywhere now, she finds him and ask him to tell her what happened last night, its important for me to know, Ravi says i didnt promise you that i will tell you everything if you allow me to put haldi on your face, he runs away, Rekha smiles seeing their banter.
Manju says to Shweta that you have done great work today by booking hall for marriage, i should thank you, Shweta says its my responsibility, Manju ask how did you do it? Shweta says i asked Saket and he did it, Manju ask Shweta why did she ask Saket’s help? she tells Vikas to control his wife, Vikas says what was need to do this? Shweta says even you got conract because of Saket, if you can take his help then i can too as i am his sister, she says to Manju that i didnt all this for Vikas and this family, Vikas was worried about his business so he made him get contract and also booked hall, Saket is sorry for his mistakes, Manju says i dont believe him, Shweta says just give him chance and he will say sorry to you, Shweta says just give him chance, Manju says lets see, she leaves,. Shweta says now Saket will be able to come in this house and can come in Monty’s wedding.
Devika is in her room, Ravi comes and ask how are you? Devika says i allowed you to apply halid and you just started to aplly it everywhere, you even didnt shame for people looking at us, they would making fun of us, Ravi says you mean to say that you dont like me to touch you infrnt of all but you likes it when i touch you in room, DEvika says no i didnt say it, Ravi says what you did last night, it proves that you like my touch, DEvika says i dont like you touching me at all, Ravi says you mean to say that it doesnt matter to you if i touch you? Devika says yes, i doesnt matter to me, Ravi says lets see, he starts wiping her wet face with towel, Devika feels shy and is about to leave, but Ravi holds her hand, Maine khud ko song plays, both look at each other romantically, Devika comes close to Ravi, Ravi caresses her face and is about to kiss her, she closes her eyes in anticipation.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that you mean to say that you feel my presence around you without seeing me? you know what it means? Devika ask what? Ravi says it means your heart and my heart’s strings are attached now, Devika blushes, Saket tries to sneak in their room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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