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Scene 1
Ravi says she can’t do anything like that. Lawyer says you don’t have proof. Ravi says where can I bring that from? he says they said that luthra entered with a dagger. We can check cctv footage. Ravi says that would take too long. Lawyer says then go to ambika and ask them to withdraw from the case.

Vicky comes and says bring me breakfast. Joti says why are you so hungry? He says its a different day. Tell me whats in meal. I wont eat this toady.Ms Luthra is not here to check. I will not eat this ill food. Give me aloo parathy, Why are you all sad? you can eat whatever you want. Luthra cant see us from jail. She must having breakfast. Monty says what are you saying? don’t you have any shame.you are living in her house. You are old that doesn’t mean I will bear

anything. Vicky says i was joking. Monty says don’t change the topic. you back bite all the time. i know what kinda man are you? Vicky says what are you? She gave you jobb because you are ravi’s bro. I am much better than you. i am not navi’s dog. You all do whatever she asks. i am not like you at least. We are not her puppets. you all should be ashamed. Monty says hut up. Not a single word against her or I will forget you are my brother. Vicky says wow so proud? If you had taken care of your wife like this she wont have been this way today. You were always luthra’s dog. you are saying this all to me because of her money. That money is behind bars. And she will stay there. monty says not anymore. Manju says enouggh.Monty says ask her.

Devika is in car. She says what will ravi do now? Will he save her this time too? Its like Ms Luthra has bought him.
Ravi says I feel so helpless.Ms luthra has done so much for us. I have to help her out. I dont know if thats devika or not. Requesting her wont change anything. But its about ms luthra’s dignity. I have to go to ambika. Ravi’s car stops next to devika’s. He says same face same eyes, how can you be someone else?He recalls their old times. Ravi says why is fate doing this to me?
devika says these pricks are all I have. I don’t want these flowers. Ravi comes out of his car but she leaves.

Ravi says I can’t believe you aren’t devika. but devika was so simple and innocent. But if you are ambuika i will bow down for ms luthra.
Manju asks ravi are you worried because of her? RAvi says they are asking me to bow down to ambika. otherwise navi will be in jail. She has done so much for us.
She is helping me in fulfilling devika’s dream.
monty asks ravi where are you going? I will come with you. Ravi says after what you did in station you won’t come with me.I will manage alone.

He comes to their house and asks watch man that he has to meet ambika. He sits in waiting lounge. Ravi says living in this house is ambika. Janki says how dare you to come here? Ravi says I just came to apologize. it was not luthra’s mitake. It was all my mistake. I thought she is devika.She was shocked. She must have come to talk. Janki says you mean she came to do arti with a dagger? I don’t know what her intentions were. See you in court tomorrow.he says mam please. Withdraw the case. Janki says my daughter will decide that. don’t hope because luthra deserves this. ravi says i will talk to her please. Jankit says she doesn’t have time for you.She is busy can’t meet you without appointment. get out of my house if you think she is devika.Ravi says please let me talk to her.

Precap-Ravi says to devika.I broke this engagement for my wife devika. but you are not devika. You just came there on wrong time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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