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Scene 1
Police broke in the building where thugs were. Ravi fought them. A thug shoved Amnika. Ravi beaten him down but ambika was faint. Ravi picked her up. Navi came there and says Ravi where are you lost? He said help me she is injured. He picked her up and took her in his arms.
Ambika’s maa calls her but says her phone is phone. Servant comes in and tells her about the incident. She watches on TV. She is worried. She recalls the moment she found devika.
She says you can’t do this to my ambika.You took one daughter from me and gave me ambika. Nothing should happen to her but if she is okay why is her phone off.

Shweta says what if navi loses. Manju says we will all be lost. Vicky says go make your living arrangement on footpath. Shweta says my credit card would be blocked

too? Vickey says I hope navvi loses the case. Her ego would be shattered. Ravi brings in Ambika in his arms. Vicky asks what happened to her? Ravi says I will tell later. Call the doctor. Vickey calls the doctor. Navi shouts that ambika is more important for him. he broke engagement from me. I forgave him because I thought it was a shock to his head. But today he was normal. I was just standing and seeing him. He didn;t come to me.
Ravi dresses devika’s wound. Devika opens her eyes. He says your head was bleeding. How are you now? I have called the doctor. Devika says I am fine. she tries to sit. Ravi says are you okay? Devika says yes I am okay. He says let me bring milk for you. He leaves.
Ravi says the one thinks so much for me why would he plan to kill me? He wanted to murder me or no? Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Have I made a mistake? Why did he save me today? I don’t know what to do.

Shweta says whats going on in this house. Vicky says your owner is so good. SHe shouts all the time. I feel so good when you all tremble in front of her. It will be fun when her brain falls apart. Shweta says talk slow. Manju says shut up vicky. Control your tongue. Vicky says you used to order us now you are her servant. Vicky says go give this juice to her. Before it gets warm and she hits in or your head.

Ravi recalls devika dying. He says if thats Ambika, then I don’t have right to think about her. My heart goes for her because she looks like my devika. She is not devika i can’t feel for her. he pours the milk in glass. If she was devika then..
Manju gives juice to navi. Manju says you haven’t eaten anything. You will feel better. I was so worried for you. Navi says stop this drama. Take this back. Manju says I am like your mom that is why I am worried. Navi says I don’t need anything. I don’t trust anyone. I won’t leave anyone. Manju says ravi must have made a mistake. Navi says did he ever considered me his? He never even tried saving me? WHo is she? Why is she so worried for her. Because he sees devika in her. That blo*dy devika. she is still in his heart. He went to save her. I can’t bear this. She shouts. she shouts why does this to me. I am tired of this. I can’t take it anymore.

Ravi gives devika milk and says you will feel better. devika says I am sorry you are troubled because of me. Ravi says in heart is she feeling awkward. Ravi says your mom must be worried for you. She says where is my phone? He says it wasn’t there when I brought you here. She says can I borrow yours? I have to inform her. He says yeah sure. She says thank you.

Precap-Devika says to Raichand I forget everything when I see his face. I feel like maybe he still feels something for me and I should tell him truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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