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Scene 1
Ananya comes in Sangeet ceremony, she is finding Saket, Ravi is near her but doesnt see her, Ananya goes to meet Saket, Ravi says that jerk Saket is forcing Devika like she is her servant, how will i find his girlfriend. Saket says to DEvika that i will make your night special but you have to compromise too, you should not stop me, he says lets dance, he finds Ananya there, gets shocked, Ananya thinks no one can save you saket, i will take right of my child from you now, Saket ask Devika to take rest, we will dance after sometime, he makes her sit, Ananya approaches him, Saket is worried, Saket comes to her. Ravi thinks how to find that girl(ananya), Manju comes to him and says Navi is getting bored, it our duty to make her feel good, Ravi says what should i do? should i dance, Manjua takes

Ravi to Navi and says to Navi that i think you both should dance, Navi ask can you dance? Manju says he is best, she leaves, Navi says to Ravi that let me warn you , you cant match my steps in dance, Ravi says i am not interested in dancing with you, Navi says i knew it, you will say this only, let me guess with whom you wanna dance in this function.. that is Devika, Ravi is tensed, Navi says i can read your face, Ravi says nothing like that, i can dance with anyone, Navi says then dance with me, Ravi says why you are doing all this? Navi says i used to be dance champion, you will lose and i will win, i will break your ego, Ravi says you are mad, why so much over confidence, i am ready to take your challenge, i will see champion losing, you wont be able to match my steps, he drags her to dance floor.
Saket ask Ananya what you are doing here? Ananya says you were lying me, you are getting married and lied to me that you are busy in meeting, Saket says nothing like that, he hides her behind pillar as Ravi passesby them, Saket ask her to give him chance to explain, she says no, announce our relation here else i will announce about our child, Saket says be silent for your child, give me chance, Ananya says you have chance till this function ends, you have to announce our relation here only, Saket says ok you wait in room, i will come and discuss how to announce our relation here, i will come, Ananya goes in room.

Scene 2
Ravi and Navidita comes on dance floor, they both start dancing on Damm Damm mast hai, they have kind of face off dance, Devika doesnt like it, Manju comes to her and says they are lovely together, i am happy to see them, they have spark, i feel Ravi has started loving Navi, they will get married, she is very nice girl, she will take care of my son, DEvika gets angry and sees them dancing, Ravi lifts Navi in his arms, both share furious eyelock, Devika silently leaves from there, Sakshi comes Devika, Sakshi says to Devika that you are feeling pain as you saw Ravi dancing with that girl, Devika says nothing like that, Sakshi says i can see how much jealous you were, Devika sys why would i be jealous, i know i got tensed seeing Ravi dancing with boss as listened that our boss is strict so got worried for Ravi but you thought so much, you know today is my Sangeet so dont think all this, she leaves, Sakshi says she will never accept but i have way for this too.
Ananya is going to room, she strikes with Shweta, Shweta says i think i have seen you somewhere, ananya says maybe, she leaves, Shweta recalls how Ravi showed her picture with Saket, she gets tensed.
Sakshi says to herself that i have plan to make Devika confess her feelings but i have to find Raiv first, she finds Ravi there and says he is not happy too as he had to dance with someone else, she comes to Ravi and ask why you are looking liek devdas as paro is leaving, you must be feeling bad DEvika dancing with Saket, i saw Devika too, she was jealous seeing you dance with other girl, Ravi says what? she says are you happy that she was jealous, he ask do you have boyfriend? she says no,, if you know someone like you then tell me, he says i will not tell you as he will go mad handling you, she ask for Ravi’s phone, he ask why? she says i have to message a friend and i know you will not misuse her number as you are in love with Devika, he gives her phone, she messages from his phone and leaves.

Scene 3
Devika gets message on her phone, Sakshi sees her and says now i will see what you feel for Ravi, were you jealous or not will be shown now,
shweta comes to Gayetri, she takes her aside, Shweta says to gayetri that i saw the girl (ananya) who was with Saket in picture, Gayetri is stunned.
Devika checks message, its from Ravi(which Sakshi sent, Devika thinks what Ravi has written? Ravi feels this for me? she looks on confused, she looks for Ravi in function, Sakshi sees her, Rekha ask Devika what happened? Devika says nothing, she tries to find Ravi, she thinks what happened to Ravi? he has feelings for me? she clutches her phone, she says its enough, i have to talk to Ravi to end all this.

PRECAP- Gayetri calls Saket and says Ananya has come here to break your marriage, Saket ask who told you? Shweta says i saw her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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