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Scene 1
Ravi thinks at last i told i love DEvika but it doesnt matter, she doesnt even know that i love her, now my happiness is just save her from this devil, Ravi folds his hand and says you are destroying her life, i dont know if i love her or not, she is innocent, she never did anything against you, i never folded my hands infront of anyone, he sit on knees and says i will hold your feets but dont destroy her life, i promise whatever i did against you, i will never do it again but please leave DEvika, i promise you i will leave from this city, i will never come in your way, i will live a different life but leave Devika, she never did bad to anyone, she is too innocent, he cries and sit in Saket’s face, he puts his face on Saket’s feet, Saket gives him a victory look.
Savitri is

searching for Ravi and thinks where is he? Marriage is getting late.
shekhar comes to Devika and ask her to not worry, Saket must be coming.

Scene 2
Saket moves back and says you love Devika? so finally you told your heart thing, what you thought that i will not understand it, i could see that you love her and today you admitted it, now you have given me more reason to marry her, you dont know what is going to happen next, its going to be fun, he says i will make you understand, he sit on chair infront of Ravi, Saket says first i will take her hands in my hand, then will bring her in my arms, then will feel fragrance of her hairs, then caresses her cheeks, then will grab her and put her on bed, Ravi gets angry listening this, Saket says our bed will be decorated with rose petals and Devika sitting on it, it will be great combination, then one by one i will remove her jewelry and then i will remove other things, it is going to be fun, it will be good if she agrees and if she doesnt then i will force myself on her as you called me devil, he laughs and says its better to record video and send it to you, Ravi holds him by collar and says dont take her name, Saket says she is my wife, Ravi says marriage didnt happen till now, i will stop this marriage, Saket says you cant stop me, Ravi ask him to shut up else.. Saket says you cant do anything, Ravi hits him and throws him away, Saket falls on dressing table, his headhits and he falls on floor, Ravi is stunned to see him unconscious.

scene 3
Savitri comes to Shekhar and ask Saket didnt come? Savitri says i checked rooms but he is not there, Shekhar ask did you check upstairs? she says no, Savitri, Shekhar and Rekha goes to see it, Devika ask Sakshi to go and check, Sakshi says i have no interest in knowing about him.
Ravi tries to wake Saket up and says he is unconscious, what to do, he thinks to call someone but door kncoks, Ravi is tensed, Ravi opens door to find Rekha, Savitri and shekhar there, Savitri finds Saket unconscious on floor, they go to check him, Rekha brings water, Savitri as what you did with him? she tries to wake him up, Savitri says Ravi must have done something, Shekhar goes to call doctor.
Shekhar comes to Devika and Sakshi and ask them go upstairs, they ask what happened? Shekhar says i am calling doctor, you go upstairs, he leaves.
Savitri ask Ravi what you did with him? did you fight with him? tell me, she goes to Saket and ask him to open eyes, Ravi comes there and says actually.. i came here, Devika and Sakshi comes there and finds Saket unconscious, Savitri says to Devika that see what your friend did with Saket, Devika ask whats all this? what happened to Saket? all are waiting for marriage, all were waiting for him, tell me what was happening here? you did all this, how can you do this, Ravi says i didnt do anything, you dont know what he has done, he is more than a cheap person, you know that girl.. he recalls how Saket told him that car which crushed Ananya was his brother’s and his brother will go to jail, Savitri ask why you got silent? are you thinking about new lie? what allegation you wanna put on him now? you have to bring proof this time, i wont let you be sucessful in your plans, Devika ash Ravi to speak up, if you dont speak this time then you will be proven wrong this time too and i dont want it, Saket becomes conscious, Savitri ask are you fine? Saket gets up and sit on chair, Saket says i was gettin ready but Ravi came and started beating me, i asked reason, he said you cant marry Devika as he want to marry Devika and love her, Ravi says he is lying, i didnt beat him but he has started it, Saket says what are you saying? did you tell me that you love Devika? Ravi says he is lying that girl is not his cousin, he had kidnapped her, Saket says didnt you tell me that you love DEvika and you will kill me if i touch Devika? he said cheap things, i am ashamed that you are my relative, he talked so cheap, he said that if Devika doesnt listen then he will force himself on her and will make video of her and send it to him, Ravi says stop it, i just said that i love Devika and if he tries to marry her then i will kill him, Devika slaps Ravi hard, all are stunned, Ravi looks at her in shock, DEvika says how dare you to say that you love me? i trusted you and you broke my trust, you hit my husband on my marriage day, you are not ashamed of doing all this? you didnt think about me? i am ashamed to call you my friend, dont say a word now, i trusted you and went against my family and told them that you cant think about me like that, you proved today that girl and boy cant friends, what i thought about you and what you did? you broke my trust, you had bad intentions for me, dont show me your face ever as i just hate you now, Savitri drags Ravi from there and ask him to leave, Sakshi is disgusted seeing all this.
Savitri brings Ravi in hall and ask how dare you touch our son in law? leave from here, Saket says stop it, Savitri ask him to not stop her today, i know he is your relative thats why i as bearing him but he is cheap and thinks bad, he tried to cast eye on our daughter, he was trying to mallign our respect, he tries to beat you, he cant be forgiven, Saket says dragging him out of marriage is not punishment, his punishment will be to see marriage happening infront of him, he needs to come out of dreams, DEvika was never his, he will see marriage only then he will realize, Savitri says as you say but you have to handle him, Saket says he cant say anything now as he got slap from girl whom he claim to love, his status is shown, if he tries to do anything then DEvika will insult him, now he has two option one to see marriage silently or to get insulted, Savitri leaves from there.

PRECAP- Saket puts Mangalsutra around Devika’s neck and gives a smirk to Ravi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oh nooooo!!!!! Ekta kapoor proved her idiotic twists once again!!! We wanted ravi-devika to be married yaar!!! yuck episode!! We will stop watching kalash!!

    1. There can be a twist after you know and dont pressurise or threaten Ekta Kapoor!

      1. have u guyz seen any other serials of ekta kapoor?? den plzz c & speak!!!! very less number serials were awsum! other than that all serials will hve a good start & thn she will spoil it!!

  2. You guys need to chill. It’s a show. It’s a stupid twist. And this isn’t the first show it’s been done to. Stop acting like its the end of the world and don’t be to quick to threaten or defend.

  3. amazing episode.finally ugly radhika became saket’s wife.saket is much better than that stupid ravi.

    1. Seriously!!! I must say ur choice is awsummmm…….

  4. How can ekta kapoor show such stupid things…….how can a rakshas get married to a princess…….seriously yuckkkkk!!!!!! Gradually everyone will stop watching kalash

  5. Hahahh ekta did phd in spoiling beautiful stories to big disasters.

  6. what a mess of the show.

  7. He is a Rakshasa right but she is no princess. People don’t think properly, blindly fold their eyes can be a good character for serials but not a good human, They are stupids and uselesses.

  8. Just for this state they drag the damn wedding for 2 months. Stupidity to the core.

  9. Stupid show. Is she blind. Dumb and deaf?? As well . ekta kapoor’s dumb twist. To keep audience attracted

  10. Life OK has no good serial. Soon gonna remove it

  11. And even d lead roles don’t attract people much. Specially devika so poor at acting skills

  12. Worst serial ever seen..
    Zis devika is really stupid 😐

  13. ekta kapoor whn will u stop giving stupid twists in nice stories!!!!

  14. Dont worry guys…just now saw new promo…it is shown that ravi will wear that sehra n will come out…after saket passes out…i guess precap shown was dream…

  15. bakwas, writers pagal ho gye ho kya?????

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