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Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika that if you want to come with me then you can, Devika says no i am not going, call me if you have any problem, Ravi says i feel like i am going to war, why you are tensed? she says nothing like that, Ravi says i fee like you have started loving me, Devika says you keep coming back to that. Ravi says look at that, Devika turns to look at it but Ravi gives her kiss and drives away from house. Saket sees Ravi’s car leaving and starts following Ravi, Devika thinks that i have to confirm if Saket is following, she sees Saket going back to Ravi, Devika thinks that go fast Saket because you are going to drive for last time. Saket thinks that i did great work by trapping Ravi, Ravi will be no more after sometime, Saket says Ravi is going to fall from some cliff and then

i will enjoy, i should call Ravi before he dies. Saket calls Ravi as Janki’s agent, Ravi says i am on my way, Saket says drive safe, did you check brakes and all? Ravi says my love, my Ambika is with me, Saket ends call and says Ravi you are going to die, she will be my wife then, we are waiting for you to die soon, he says i should talk to Ambika too.
Devika is in mandir, she prays that Ambe maa you have always been with me, i am thankful to you for saving my husband. she gets Saket’s call, she gets worried, she takes his call and asks how are you? he says fine, Saket says i miss you everytime, i wanted to listen your voice thats why i called you, i respect you a lot, Devika says you seem happy today, it doesnt suite you to praise married girls like that, Saket says you deserve all praise in the world, i just want to say that if you ever need me in life then tell me, i will come there, Devika says i am not alone, i have my husband and family with me, why you are talking like this? Saket says Ravi is nice man but anything can happen, what if something wrong happens, i will be with you always, i am your true friend, devika says what if something wrong happens with you? Saket says i will live for 100years, Devika says your pundit said wrong because you are going to die today only, Saket is shocked, Devika says nobody can save you today, Saket says someone else is going to die, Devika says no you are going to die, you planned to kill Ravi, i heard mechanic’s talk with you and bought him, you thought i wouldnt save my husband from you? i asked mechanic to do what you were to do with Ravi, press brakes on your car and you will, Saket presses brake but car doesnt stop, Saket says i will kill you, Devika says evil has to die, you are going to die because nature wants you to die like this, i kept giving you chances but you didnt listen, this is your end, Saket says i will kill you both. Saket is trying to handle his car.
Nivi wakes up, she has headache, she says what i am doing here? how did i reach here? i was near villa, she recalls how Saket attacked her and she fainted, how he said that he will kill Ravi. She says i didnt call Ravi and warn him, how is Ravi now? how would i know now? Monty comes there and asks what happened? Nivi says tell me that Ravi is safe.
Devika says to Saket that you have done a lot of bad things, you should repent all that in your last time, she ends call. Saket is trying to stop his car but its going above speed. Saket is nearing cliff, he shouts Ambika.. his car falls off from cliff and burn into ashes. Otherside Devika looks at photo of her enemies, she cancels out Saket’s face too, only Nivi is remaining.

Scene 2
Nivi says to Monty that i cant tell you anything, she cries, Monty asks what happened? tell me everything, Nivi says just go from here, just get out, Monty says i want to help you, i will bring water for you, he leaves. Nivi searches for her phone, she calls Ravi, Nivi says you are fine? Ravi says i am fine, what happened? Nivi says i saw bad dream thats why i called you, Ravi says i am fine, its bad news for you, it will hurt you, Saket had accident, Nivi says how when? Ravi says i dont know anything, i am going to that site, he ends call. Nivi thinks that where did Saket get trapped? this is strange.
Janki is waiting for Ambika’s call. She says dont know what happened with Saket. Devika calls her and says everything happened as per our plan, Saket is finished, Janki says i am so happy to hear you, you have won big fight today, Devika says i cant tell you how happy i am, Saket wanted to kill Ravi but it got back to him, i have given justice to Devika, if you didnt come in my life then i would have been able to do this, you gave me strength to finish my enemies, Janki says i just showed you right path, i am happy for you, only Nivi is remaining from murderers, Devika says i will take revenge from her too. Devika says i informed Ravi, he is going to accident site, i am going there too, she ends call.
Vikas says why did Saket go to Kasauli? Janki comes there and tells family that Saket had accident and his car fell from cliff and he died in that accident, all are shocked, Janki says Saket Kapoor is no more, Nivi says Saket cant die, Janki says this is truth, he is dead, Ambika and Ravi will bring his deadbody here, we should inform Shweta and his mother, Vikas says call them.
Prayers meet is arranged for Saket. All are sad, Saket’s mother cries alongwith Shweta, Shweta goes in corner and cries. Vikas goes to Shweta and puts hand on her shoulder, Shweta hugs him and cries, Nivi thinks that all are sad over Saket but Ambika is behaving normally like it doesnt matter to her, first she threw Shweta out of house then sent Manju to jail then she knew about Saket’s death first, i feel like she is involved in everything. Janki hints to Devika, DEvika and and Janki leaves from there. Nivi looks at them going.
Janki comes in room with DEvika and closes it, Janki says fake your sadness over Saket’s death as Nivi has doubt on you, Devika says i dont care about her, i want her to do something then i will hit back, i want to do something about her to finish her. Janki sees someone outside room, she says i am sad about Saket’s death too, she goes and opens door, Nivi is standing by door, Devika says what are you doing here? Janki says she must be eavesdropping on us, Nivi says no all are calling you people as Saket’s body will be taken for cremation, she leaves. Janki says to DEvika that we have to be careful, how would Saket know about your villa? this Nivi must have told him, she must plan something against you, she wont quit.
Shweta sees Vikas standing in corner, they both sadly look at each other, Vikas thinks that it was my mistake to love you but i cant see you in this pain, i understand that you lost your brother. Shweta comes to him and asks how is he? he says i am fine, i hope you are fine and going on with life, i know i used to not like Saket but this is bad, i know its paining you, you should be strong, time will passby, Shweta says i have hurt you, i repent my mistake, will you never forgive me? Vikas says this is not time to talk about it, dont talk to me about it, Shweta says i will leave then, take care of yourself, Vikas says you too, Devika is seeing all this from far. Shweta says i miss you Vikas, she thinks that call me once Vikas, i will run to you, Vikas thinks Shweta dont leave, i cant live without you, Shweta leaves, Vikas has tears in his eyes. Devika thinks that i understand Vikas’s pain but i cant do anything.
Nivi is sitting in her room and recalls how she wanted Saket to kill Ambika, she thinks that i told him it was Ambika behind all that but he used to take her side. Ravi comes there and says you called me? Nivi says i want to ask you how you got to know about Saket’s accident? nobody knew about you people there, Ravi says i was going to see property, Ambika called me and told me about Saket’s accident, Nivi says she was in cottage, Nivi says some local told Ambika about it, Nivi says why would anyone call Ambika? why would anyone call Ambika? Ravi says i will ask Ambika about it, i know Saket was your friend and its great loss for you, take care, he leaves. Nivi thinks that Ambika was involved in Saket’s death, Ambika did all that but how to find out?

PRECAP- Devika says to Rekha that we will sit and talk, Rekha says i want to fight with you, Devika says did i do any mistake? Rekha says you didnt do any mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Finally saket evil bnnte bnte thak gya hoga isliye mara gya?????

    1. maybe its someone dream LOL!!!!

  2. Finally thank god !!!!

  3. Fantastic episode. Sakets death seemed like a thriller action movie. I loved every part of the episode. I was reading on tellychakkar that Devika is going to act as ghost to scare Nivi and make her mentally unstable lunatic. That deserves Nivi. She should get such punishment.

  4. At least 1 gud news now it will be interesting to see plz put sme romantic scenes of Ravi & Devika

  5. At least 1 gud news now it will be interesting to see plz put sme romantic scenes of Ravi & Devika and more

  6. At least 1 gud news now it will be interesting to see plz put sme romantic scenes of Ravi & Devika and more

  7. Well he will be back not die yet ao soon wait and watch

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