Kalash 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika says to goon that dont kill me, i didnt do anything, please dont kill me, goon stabs her with knife, blood falls on his face, Dead Devika is not shown.
Sakshi brings tea for Ravi, Ravi recalls how he used to praise Devika’s tea, Sakshi says i understand what you are going through, i am in tension, Ravi says i reached her but someone took her from there, i dont know what to do, i dont know why they kidnapped her, if they want money or anything else, i dont know anything, Sakshi cries, Ravi says nothing will happen to Devika, Monty comes there and says Ravi come out.
Ravi comes in lounge, he sees everyone gathered there, he asks why everyone seems tensed? Ravi sees Devika’s saree piece and recalls how gifted that saree to Devika with rose, how much she liked

it, she asks why this? Ravi says i want you to wear this saree on special day of your life, Devika says but today is not any special day, Ravi says like this color and you will look beautiful in this saree, flashback ends. Ravi cries seeing saree pice, he screams her name, Sakshi says Devika was wearing this saree, it has blood stains too, Manju asks Ravi to not cry, i didnt know that you will be like this, i never prayed for my son’s pain, Addy reads letter that Devika is being killed, Ravi sees note and says who brought this note? Vikas says delivery boy gave me this letter, Ravi comes out, he takes bike from friend and follows delivery boy. Ravi stops Delivery boy, he asks who gave you that parcel which you sent to my house, who send it, boy says i dont know anything.
Saket says to navi that we have played big trick, i dont know what will be end of this, Navi says we did good work so we will get reward, it will be in our favor, Saket says but luck changes any minute. Manju calls Navi and says storm has come in our house, a delivery boy, he gave me box, i opened it and found devika’s saree piece in blood and alos note with it that Devika is dead, i dont understand anything, what to do, Navi acts like shocked, she asks how is Ravi? Manju says he is in bad state, he has gone to follow delivery boy, i understand that i dont like Devika but i never thought that she will have death like this, i never want death of enemy like this too, Navi says i wont let you be alone in this state, i wil come there, she ends call. Navi says to Saket that Ravi has got to know that Devika is dead, i have to go and give him support.
Ravi says to Delivery boy that my wife is kidnapped, i need to know who sent this parcel, delivery boy says i have got many parcels in a day, i dont know who sent it, Ravi says i beg you, please tell me, boy says i am sorry but i cant help you, he leaves.
Devika is alive, she wakes up in godown otherside Ravi says this is lie, Devika cant die, he shouts on road and cries.

Scene 2
Navi says to Saket that see what plan i made, we made people believe that Devika is dead but murder has not happened, Saket says good plan, Navi says Ravi is so innocent, i made him believe that Devika is dead and he believed, now i will provide him support, you are lucky as Devika will be with you soon but my love story has to start, she says i will go to Ravi now, Saket says i will come with you as i want to see Ravi with you too, she says are you mad, Ravi can see you and can doubt us, Navi says i will call you and inform you, you enjoy victory here, Navi leaves.
Devika sees her ties open, she says to goons that listen to her, she says why my saree pallu is torn? why i have wound on my feet? goon says you are educated so think why we would have done it, Devika says i dont know anything, what i have done to you? why you are doing this with me, tell me please, goon says i will tell you. Goon says you are murdered, Devika is shocked.
Monty says to family that what animosity Devika can have with anyone, Sakshi cries, Manju says to Sakshi that you have to accept it and have to tell your family too, we cant hide truth, her family should know it too, Sakshi says they will be so hurt, Manju says but you have to do it, Sakshi looks at Monty who nods too.
Devika says to goon what? why?Goon says we have sent your clothes dipped in blood so that they believe that you are dead, he laughs, Devika says why? Goon says so that your husband stop finding you and just cry over your death, other goon says are you her relative that you are telling her everything? leave from there, goons leave, Devika is stunned and cries, she says Ravi must be thinking that his Devika is dead, he must have brokedown, i have to tell him that nothing happened to me, how to tell him? she tries to open her ties but fails, she falls on floor and cries, she says i want to go to my Ravi, nothing happened to me Ravi.

PRECAP- Ravi says to his family that Devika is alive and from now on nobody should say this ever again that she is dead. Navi comes to Ravi’s house, she sees Ravi hugging Monty in his room and crying, she says it seems like Ravi have accepted that Devika is dead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi, thanks for the update.
    Whaaaat !!!! The words “Unfair”+ ” emotional” are not enough to describe today’s épisode 🙁
    Krip’s acting is amazing… Such a talented actor…

  2. Will ravi find devika before show ends

  3. Totally agree with u imane…superb show ..superb cast…with superb acting

  4. Yes Krip’s acting is awesome. I feel he deserves better show which has good story but anyways I love ravika jodi 🙂

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