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Scene 1
Nivi says we should arrange party in house, she asks Monty to come with her for details, they leave. Vikas leaves too. Ravi asks Devika why your mood is off? she says nothing, Ravi says what happened tell me? Janki comes there with bouquet and congrats Ravi, she says you did great work , right Ambika? Ambika leaves angrily, she asks what happened to her? Ravi says i was teasing her and she got miffed, sorry, Janki says its okay, she goes. Ravi thinks that its my mistake, i teased her and now she is in bad mood.
Janki comes to Devika and asks why you are upset? Devika says nothing happened, Janki says dont lie to your mother, i can see you angry, who irritated you? Did Ravi do something? Devika says Ravi is weird, you know Nivi hugged Ravi, Nivi wants chance but Ravi hugged her back,

dont know what he wants, he took me on date, proposed me and now doing this, he is a flirt, Janki says you are so possessive about Ravi, Devika says no, i dont want to show right but he knows his wife is sitting beside him and he is doing all this, if he loves me so much then doesnt he know what he has to do? he is show off, just show off his love, Janki says dont be angry on small things, Ravi should be congratulated, forget everything and share his happiness, he worked hard on project, i want you to spend your life with Ravi after taking revenge from Nivi and Saket. Devika says you want me to forgive Ravi? Janki says he is so nice that i dont understand why he did that with Devika thats why i want you to forget everything and live happily with him.
Nivi meets Saket and says we are having party at house tonight, everything is set, we have to hire a competent contract killer, Saket thinks that today is important, i wont let this chance slip away, Nivi doesnt know that Ravi is going to die, not Ambika.
Janki says to Devika that Nivi wants to kill you, this party is excuse to kill you, she will try to kill you, you have to be alert, Devika says dont worry, i know they are planning against me but they cant do anything against me, Janki says they can stoop to any level, so either remain with me or with Ravi all the time. Devika says yes, she says i was thinking to invite Pallavi and Rekha chachi to party, its Ravi’s happiness, Janki says its good, they will be happy to be here, invite them, Devika says i want to give them one more happiness, i want to make Rekha meet Sakshi today, Janki says how can Sakshi come in Ravi’s party? DEvika says i think today is right day to bring Sakshi and tell everyone that she is totally fine, Nivi and Saket will be shocked, Rekha will be so happy to see her, they will talk to each other after one year, i want to give them that happiness, Janki says you thought good, it will shock Nivi and Saket, do this, invite Rekha to party, Devika brings phone and calls Rekha. Rekha sees Ambika calling and gets elated, she takes call, Devika says Rekha aunty, how are you? Rekha says i am fine, how are you? Devika sys i am fine, i called you to invite to party, Rekha says anything special? Devika says Ravi has got award so Nivi is throwing party for him, you are close to Ravi, he will be happy to see you, Rekha says i will come for sure and i will meet you too, DEvika says bring Pallavi too, Rekha says we will be on time, how is Janki? Devika says she is fine, she will be in party too, Rekha says okay, take care and ends call. Rekha says i talked to my laado today, i am so happy, i will be so elated to meet her today, she thanks God.
Saket and Nivi comes to cheap area. Nivi says what is this? Saket says this is normal here, Saket helps Nivi to pass in area. Nivi strikes with one woman, woman starts shouting on her that is she blind? Nivi says you are calling me blind? woman is about to attack her but Saket asks woman to leave, she leaves. Saket asks Nivi to focus on work, Nivi says why did you bring me here? hitman could come to us, Saket says he lives here, all politicians come here to give him contracts, Nivi says this place is stinking.
Devika says to Sakshi that why you are scared? i am with you, i thought you would be excited to meet everyone, why you are so scared? arent you happy to get free from this room? Sakshi says i should be happy to get my normal but its been one year, i have been in a room and now i have to face so many people, i am so tensed, Devika says i know what you are going through but trust me, i have thought about this decision, i want to free you from this abduction, no one talks to you, no one gives you good food, you are my sister, i have got chance to give you normal life again so i wont lose it, you are confident, i used to get confidence from you, you made me fight for things, i am with you, i am not old scared Devika, i am Ambika, i can fight for you, you will get your happiness, your marriage everything back, you have to get your life back, you have to become happy again, Sakshi says what about Nivi and Saket? Devika says they cant do anything against you, they will be so shocked to see you and i will be able to take revenge from them, i am not doing this revenge only, i have hurt my family a lot, Rekha and Pallavi had to bear a lot too so its m duty to bring happiness to you people again, dont you want to meet Rekha and Pallavi? talk to them? hug them? Sakshi says if they are coming then i will come for sure, i will meet them after so many days, Devika says i want to see happiness on Rekha’s face now.
Nivi and Saket comes to hitman Raghav’s house, Nivi says he is stinking, Raghav glares her and asks is this problem? Saket says she is my friend, Raghav says just give me photo, Saket says do work, Saket takes Devika’s photo from Nivi’s hand and replaces it with Ravi’s photo. Nivi says to Raghav that make sure, you kill on spot by shooting person, Saket says he is best shooter, Saket gives Ravi’s photo. Saket doesnt let Nivi see it, Raghav says your work will be done, Nivi and Saket eaves. Raghav looks at Ravi’s photo.
Ravi says to Vikas that i didnt know Manju would stoop to this level, she did all this for money? that too against my wife and her mother, if i dont take my mother’s side then i wont like her son but if i help her then i will go against Ambika, Vikas says i understand that Janki is like your mother, i understand they had to go through pain because of kidnapping, they did right by sending Manju to jail, they cant forgive her, but after all Manju is our mother, she raised us but did everything in heat of moment, we should try for once, maybe she will change seeing us try to help her out, Ravi says you are right but i need favor, dont tell Manju that i am helping her because i told her that i wont talk to her. Ravi says i hope Manju wont do this again. Lawyer comes there, Ravi asks lawyer to take case, lawyer says i have studied case, i will try to lessen her punishment, Ravi says dont let her know that her sons helped her out, he says dont worry.
Devika gets ready for party and thinks that i am missing Ravi, he didnt even tell me where he left, how dare he hug Nivi? i will eat his ear by scolding him, he keep saying that he loves me but he was flirting with her infront of me, Devika recalls Ravi looking at her while hugging Nivi, she thinks that it means he was deliberately making me jealous and i was reacting like fool, i will teach him lesson today. Ravi comes there and thinks that i am going against Ambika by helping Manju but she is my mother, if i dont help her today then people will say that i didnt fulfill duties of son, i cant tell Ambika, Vikas told me to not tell her.

PRECAP- Devika brings Janki to corner in party and and says i am really tensed, i feel like something wrong is going to happen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    OMG will ravi die?..?????? ?????????????
    I do not want Ravi to die as due to him and ambika I watch this show …. ????????

  2. Nice episode. I just hope that Devika finds about Nivi and Saket’s evil plan and she somehow Saves Ravi. I loved that Janki made Devika understand about Ravi’s love. Atleast now she won’t take revenge on him. She should just punish Nivi and Saket. Can’t wait to see the look on their faces when Sakshi says that she has become normal in party. That will be worth watching.

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