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Scene 1
Sakshi says ravi jeju just came here to talk to me. Dadi says shut up. I wont leave him today. Hi family is like that. Ravi says i came here to talk. Dadi says I will expose you to everyone.
navi is drinking. she says we have played well. What will be happening to Ravi right now. Navi calls Saket. He says I shouldn’t pick. she wont get why am I marrying Sakshi. She will ruin my game. Keep calling. Navi says why ishe not picking my call. Is he double crossing me? No. I have to take control.

Palavi calls Devika and says please come here. Ravi is there and dadi is really scolding at him. Devika says I hope everything is okay.
Devika comes home and says what is happening? What happened chachi? why are you crying? Palavi you tell me? You called me? what has happened

to everyone. Rekha is crying. Devika says why are you crying? She says sakshi.. Devika says what?
Devika goes to room and hugs sakshi. sakshi is crying. Devika says tell me what happened. She take palavi out. Devika says dadi tell me what has happened. Dadi says ask your husband. Devika says what you did? what are you doing at my place? Palavi tell me what has happened?
Palavi says dadi saw ravi and sakshi.. Rekha says sakshi.. Beeji went to sakshi’s room and she saw ravi and sakshi hugging each other. Devika is taken aback. ravi comes to her but she shoves him. Sakshi says its not like that. Devika says ravi what were you doing in sakshi’s room?

Manju says where is devika? she was looking for ravi. She calls devika. She disconnects. Manju says where are they both? I hope they are okay. Ravi says devika lets go home. She says no I wanna talk here. I wanna know in front of everyone. Dadi says yes he will manipulate you. Say what you did. Tell her what are your intentions. He married you by cheat and now he is playing with sakshi. ravi says dadi enough. Sakshi is my sister. I just came here to know why she said yes to marry saket. Becayse i dont want this to happen. saket will ruin her life. I just was talking to her and dadi made fuss of it. dadi says this is what i wanted to hear. You came here to persuade her. You again want to ruin our happiness. I made this fuss to make you accept what you were here for. Dada says what you said? You made fuss without any reason. You didn’t even care about your daughter? And ravi. He is our son in law. Shame on you. He is about to slap her but she holds his hand. She says I didn’t do anything. I wanted to know what he was here for. And he wont have said that he came here to ruin our happiness.
Dadi says i did this for this house. He can see that becuase of his sister we have been defamed and saket wants to save us. He is not short of girls. I dont know what he wants. He wants us to suffer always. Thank God I went to sakshi’s room otherwise he would have provoked her. Devika says dadi I am sorry. Ravi did wrong i know it shouldn’t have happened you are all hurt but it wont happen again. I wont let anything wrong happen. Ravi says i didn’t do anything wrong. dadi says take him away from here. devika and ravi leave.

Sakshi is crying in her room. Palavi says dont cry. Ravi will save you. She says dadi blamed him of all this. I cant see all this. It should end once and for al. Palavi says what you mean? Sakshi says this is my life i will do whatever i want. I will end all the arguements forever. Palavi says in heart what she wants to do.

Devika and ravi come hom. Manju says where were you both? You didn’t even feel like telling me. Devika says this is was my idea. Manju says normal people dont stay out this late. Anyway go and change. Ravi comes in room and takes off his shirt.
Ravi and devika collide with each other.

Precap-Palavi says to rekha sakshi said she will end everything. devika says you know who is the first proposal for Sakshi? Saket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This show is disgusting, n the lead female is freaking dumb and no brain..Ravi is better off her, he is way too gud for her. She deserve saket.

    1. Ifka is that you???

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