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Scene 1
Devika shouts to open door, she says you people are doing mistake, my mother is powerful than your boss, if you leave me then i wont file case against you people. She thinks if Saket kidnapped me? why? she recalls how Saket confessed earlier that he kidnapped her because he wanted to marry her. She recalls how goons said some Ravi was calling her, She says Maa told me Ravi was waiting for me at house, i am sure Maa is finding me at Mandir, Ravi can be with her too, how to tell them that i am kidnapped and here, how to tell them? dont know why this is happening with me.
Rekha comes to Janki’s house, servant says you came here earlier too? Rekha says yes but i had misunderstanding but now i want to meet her, where is Janki devi? Rekha thinks that he must be thinking that i am just

intruder, they are rich people, when i came first here to meet my Devika, Janki was nice to me and spoke softly to me, she looks at Devika’s picture and thinks that she is just like my Devika, i got deceived that she is my Ambika, she says your owner is pretty, where is Janki devi? i will meet her wherever she is, servant says i dont know where she is, Rekha asks about her phone number? he says i cant give it without her permission, Rekha thinks whom to talk to? Ravi? he can do something to save Ambika.
Janki and Ravi comes to Mandir, Ravi says i will ask people around. They start asking about Devika showing her picture to people. Janki says to Ravi that nobody has seen Ambika, dont know how she is, she cries. Ravi asys relax, did she tell you that she came here? Janki says yes, Ravi goes to ask shopkeeper. Janki prays to Ambe Maa and says you gave me her, i cant live without her now, nothing should happen to her.
Ravi shows Devika’s picture to man, he says she was sitting with beggars, Ravi thinks she cant do it, he might be mistaken.
Rekha comes to Nivi’s house, Manju thinks where did she come from? Monty greets her, Rekha greets everyone, she says where is Ravi? Nivi says you here? anything important? Rekha says i need to talk to Ravi, its important so i had to come here, Nivi says tell me, i will tell him, Monty says you can tell me, i am like your son, Vikas says whole family is yours, you can tell me. Rekha says Nivi you remember you took me to Janki’s house, you had misunderstanding too that her daughter is Devika but she is Ambika, i saw Ambika getting kidnapped, Nivi says what? Rekha tells her everything which she saw at market, how goons took her away, Nivi gets tensed. Rekha says Janki was not home so i thought to tell Ravi, wheere is Ravi? i i am sure, he will save Ambika, Vikas thinks that this is not good, Manju thinks who would do it? Shweta thinks if Saket did it? i am sure he did it, he is mad behind Devika and he has doubt she is Devika, she thinks to talk to him.
Saket is in his car and sings aaj tumpe pyar aya hai. Shweta calls him and says you know someone is kidnapped, Saket gets tensed and says why you are telling me? Shweta says because when someone familiar gets kidnapped then its shocking, Saket asks what you are saying? Shweta says Ambika is kidnapped and i am sure you kidnapped her, Saket says i didnt do anything, Shweta says dont lie to me, i am your sister, atleast tell me, Saket says you are irritating me, i didnt kidnap her, she says i want to meet you, he asys i will meet you later, eh ends call, Saket thinks that if she gets to know then she will tell everyone. Shweta thinks that he was so calm when i told him that she is kidnapped, he is interested in her but didnt show any concern when i told him about kidnapping because he kidnapped her.

Scene 2
Janki says to Ravi that we should complain to police, Ravi says you are right, his phone rings.Janki goes to ask around, Ravi takes Rekha’s call, Rekha says Ambika got kidnapped. Rekha tells Ravi that the girl who looks like Ambika is being kidnapped, near Mandir, Ravi says where did you see her? Janki comes and asks whose call is that? Rekha tells everything to Ravi, Ravi asks if she knows anything about them? Janki takes call and says tell me everything, i am her mother, everything is important, tell me everything, Rekha says dont worry, we will save your daughter, i will tell you everything, Janki says do me favor, come to police station and tell everything, Rekha says i will come there asap, she ends call. Nivi asks what happened? Rekha says they are asking me to go to police station, Nivi says i will come with you, Rekha says they asked me to come alone, she leaves. Nivi thinks who will kidnap Ambika? is this someone business rival? or someone who is jealous that she helped me? i have to find out, she is my friend, she did so much for me so i have to payback now.
Devika says i am fool, i should have known that Saket is behind me, i should have remained in crowd, i am stuck here now, how to get out of her. she recalls how she got kidnapped earlier and Ravi saved her, how they reunited and fought together against goons, Humdard plays, how Ravi fought with Dildar and they ranaway from godown, how they confessed their love, how Ravi said that he always loved her. She says maybe Ravi will save me again, she then recalls how Ravi made her give her property to Nivi, she says i am fool, last time he saved me to take my property, but this he doesnt care if i live or die, i have to fight alone, i will fight and will come out of here alone, i dont need anyone else. Devika looks around in room to find some escape, she says there is no window, we have to go out of door but goons are dangerous, they can kill me, i have to be careful, how to get out, she gets idea. She knocks door and says dont bring me out but atleast give me something to eat, i am hungry.
Policeman says to Janki that maybe she is not kidnapped, her mobile must be lost, how can you say that she is kidnapped only? Janki says we have eye witness, she is coming here. Rekha comes there, Ravi touches her feet, Rekha greets Janki, Janki says to inspector that she saw my daughter getting kidnapped, she called me, inspector says this is good, he asks Rekha about details, she tells him everything, how goons caught Devika and took her in car. Rekha says i went to Janki’s house but she was not home, then i called Ravi and told him everythingm Janki says i cant thank you enough, i am so worried for my daughter, dont know where she is, Rekha says dont worry, inspector asks if she noted number of van which took Ambia away? Rekha thinks, inspector says its important, Ravi says maybe you remember it, Rekha says there was so much happening that i was not able to write down number, Ravi asks her to think harder, Rekha ponders.

PRECAP- Goons comes in room to give Devika food, Devika hits him with iron rod, he falls unconscious, she runs from room and hits with drum in godown which creates some noise, other goon gets alert and asks who is this there? Devika hides from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Itni hosiyari phele dikhati to kidnap nhi hui hoti… i do not get why even after becoming ambika, devika only get scars… she show only to her Janki maaa and Ravi that she is strong but she is nothing…. i hope this kidnapping drama reveals that ravi is innocent…

    1. True she has no guts. Why do they all think out loud I don’t understand.think ekta kapoor should change this annoying and silly trend in all her serials.
      Devika/ambika facial expressions are so wooden no element of surprise or shock or sadness emotions needed . acting skills zilch. Ekta has not managed to bring out devika/ambika’s potential out. Instead of concluding one track in short span it gets dragged on and on. When is this serial coming of air anyone know please.

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