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Scene 1
Saket says to his mother that tomorrow is Roka with Devika, mother says why you are in such a hurry, Saket says i dont know anything, i want to marry her as soon as possible, whoever wanna come can come.
Devika says to Pallavi that i sometime feels that i should have not left that job for Ravi, Ravi comes in that street and says oh i remember Devika is grand daughter of Saviri, if Savitri gets to know abotu me then she will make issue, Devika is in balcony, Dupatta falls from her hands, she says i will bring it and goes down, while Ravi in street picks the dupatta, puts on bike and leaves.
Ravi comes to Saket’s house, sAket says i wanna invite you in my Roka tomorrow, Ravi is stunned, Ravi says its very late, Saket ask what you mean? Ravi says nothing, congrats, i will meet

you tomorrow, he leaves. Ravi recalls how Devika said that she wanna do job and dont wanna marry, he thinks that she is in problem for me, she sacrificed her job for me, she would have been happy but its because of me that she is in this problem, her life will become hell by marrying Saket, all because of me, how can i let her marry Saket? she did so much for me and how can i let her destroy her life, wish i can give her hapiness, she is something else, she is special, she did so much for me and didnt bragged about it.

Scene 2
Devika’s father comes home, Devika is happy seeing him but he ignores her and goes in house, Devika go behind him and says i missed you alot papa, he doesnt listen to her and leave, Devika cries, Chachi comes, Devika ask why papa do this with me? why he doesnt talk to me? what have i done? sometime i feel that i am not his daughter, Chachi says you didnt do anything that night, you were born that night, a great incident happened that night, Devika ask what happened?b Chacha calls chachi, Chacha says to Chachi that what were you doing? you were telling about the day when Devika was born, nobody can talk abotu that day, Chachi says she is not a child anymore, she gets hurt when her father ignores her and is rude to her, she has right to know everything about her mother and how she was bornm SAvitri comes and ask her to be silent and not cross her limits. Devika is thinking what Chachi was telling me? Saket comes there and says dont be sad that you didnt get job, you should be happy that you are marrying, he gifts her mobile, Saviri comes there and greets Saket. she ask Saket to put shagun in Mandir, Saket goes with Dada in mandir, Diya is fluctuating, Dada is stunned, Saket is putting shagun down, Saket’s hand gets cut, Dada is shocked, Saket leaves, Dada says is Maa giving me some idea?

Scene 3
Ravi is in office, one man says to him that lady boss is coming in office, peon says new boss is coming he is very strict but young, Boss comes there and ask who is Ravi, call him in my cabin, he leaves, one girl says he is hot. Ravi comes in boss’s cabin, boss says you have something that she is much impressed, Ravi ask who? he says forget it, core members of company liked your designs, do you need anything, big cabin, car or apartment? Ravi recalls how Devika wanted job, Ravi says can i ask anything? he says yes, Ravi says i want you to give a job to girl, boss ask girlfriend? Ravi say no i just know her, she is very talented, Boss says done, she will get job today only, Ravi thanks him.
Saket comes to Devika, he thinks she must be nervous, he ask what are you wearing on roka? pink color will suit you, DEvika ignores him, Saket thinks i should tell her directly what i want, she is making me angry, Saket gets call, receptionist ask can i talk to Devika, Saket gives phone Devika, Saket thinks why her friends are calling on my phone? receptionist says to Devika that you got job in Rakesh luthara’s company, Devika is happy, she tells Saket and goes to tell Savitri. receptionist ask Ravi how do you know that we can contact her on this number? Ravi says forget it.
Dada says to Devika that i knew it, you will get it, Devika says i got job in big company, Savitri says leave it, it wont happen, time has gone, job time is gone and she should concentrate on Roka only now, i have informed all relatives, dAda says you promised her that if she got job in week then you will let her to do job, SAvitri says if her engagement breaks then it will be difficult for her to get married againt, now she will not do job but will do roka only, Devika cries and leaves from there.
Devika is crying, Dada comes to her, Devika says why dadi always do this with me, she promised me that if i get job in one week then she will let me do job and now when i have got the job then why she is not letting me follow my dreams, Dada says you know she is stubborn but see after so many problems, you got job this means that Ambe Maa is with you, she is blessing your dreams, its just a roka, do it, tomorrow is Ajay’s marriage, dont spoil it then we will think about your job, Ambe Maa has given you chance so she will help you further too, maybe she will do something that your Roka is stopped, just take Mata’s blessing and have faith.
Ravi thinks that its good i returned her favor byt getting her job, now i can relax but one question still remains why did she spoil her designs that day?

PRECAP- Ravi comes to tea stall and ask seller do yo know the girl DEvika? he says yes, she is a very nice girl, Ravi ask do you know her address? DEviks is hiding there and listens all this, she thinks why he is asking for my address?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice serial; a simple one but still good.

  2. I am liking everything in this serial except Ravi(krip suri) hairstyle…. He was looking superhot in the initial episodes of Sadda haq. With the hair neatly combed backwards….. Just want to see him in that look.

  3. Good story so far, great acting by everyone, want to see more of devika n ravi scenes though

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