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Scene 1
Ravi says to Nivi that you want to take decisions of others lives? you will decide who will marry who? you want other people do what you want? Nivi says what i did that you are so rude to me? Ravi says i dont want to see your face, why did you announce our marriage without asking me? its my wedding too, you cant decide alone, its my life and i lived it on my terms, i lived my life for my family, you cant decide about me, Nivi says i wanted to surprise you, Ravi says my foot, you want to control my life, you want to control my family. i was nice with you because i am nice person, you took care of my family thats why i was polite with you but i am not your slave, Nivi says i didnt try to control you, i love you, Ravi says you dont even know what love is, you want to marry me because of your

stubborness, person thinks about partner’s happiness in love not think about themselves, i wont live my life on your terms, Nivi says enough, this was not my idea to prepone marriage, Manju forced me to announce wedding date today, i did it thinking it will surprise you, i should have told you, i wont do it again, i didnt try to embarrass you, dont take step in hurry, Ravi says you are saying truth? Nivi says yes Manju aunty told me announce date, Ravi says i wont spare anyone.
Ravi comes to Manju and says how can you play with your son? i agreed to marry nivi because of you, why did you ask Nivi to announce wedding date today? why you didnt tell me? Manju says i did it for your happiness, Ravi says there is no happiness it, you have sold your son way before that, i am silent that doesnt mean i dont know anything, you sacrificed my life for yourself but i wont remain silent now, i sold my self respect for you, Manju says you are thinking wrong, Ravi says enough, you have snatched my happiness and i will do everything i want now, he leaves. Manju thinks that its all my fault, i forced him to marry penniless Nivi, i shouldnt have done it.
Saket comes to Shweta’s room, Vikas asks why he didnt go till now? party ended. Saket says i came to talk to Shweta, he says to Shweta that i will pick tomorrow to buy ring, Shweta says you are so nice, Saket says its not for you, i want to buy ring for Ambika, Shweta says you are bad brother, Saket says you are wearing jewelry of my money only. Vikas laughs, Saket asks what? vikas says you can try as much you want but crow will remain black and wont get to marry fairy, before your heart breaks, you should stop dreaming, Saket says now listen to me, keep your mouth shut, i am silent because i respect my relation with you, my sister married you as mistake otherwise i wouldnt have spared you, Vikas says i am just protecting you from upcoming heart break, Saket says i challenge you that after Ravi and Nivi’s marriage, i will marry Ambika, Vikas says what if you lose challenge? Shweta stares him and says to Saket that he is joking, Saket says i will win this challenge, he leaves. Shweta says Vikas you know how powerful he is? Vikas says its just challenge and i accepted it.
Devika is lying in her bed and recalls how Nivi announced wedding date that is day after tomorrow, she thinks that i cant stop thinking about it, i cant even think about Ravi and Nivi marrying, i still remember when i and Ravi got married, she recalls it and thinks what is happening in my life? Her phone rings, she says it might be Ravi, she takes call and says hello? no one answers her, Devika thinks that i know its Ravi, say something, i know its you, i want to listen your voice. Ravi is drunk and keep holding phone, Devika says Ravi? Ravi says yes me.. its Ravi speaking.. Devika silently weeps. She says say, why did you call me? Ravi says actually i want to meet you rightnow, i was thinking to come to your house, will you meet please? one time? Devika says why you wanna meet now? there is nothing remaining, Ravi says alot of things are remaining, i want to talk to you, please dont say no, i want to meet you one last time, i want to meet you last time, if i dont say things what i want to then i wont be able to live, i am requesting you, will you meet me? Devika says okay come, i will meet you, Ravi says i am coming, he ends call and drinks wine. Devika cries on otherside.

Scene 2
Devika is waiting for Ravi, she thinks that why he didnt come till now? he asked to meet me and i couldnt deny him, love is weird thing, i know he cheated me, he didnt even love me, he lied to me even then i am ready to meet you, i am dying to see him, love is like this maybe, my heart wants to see him, hug him and cry, dont know when he will come. Ravi comes from behind and is stumbling due to being drunk. Devika sees him, Ravi falls down, she tries to help him, he says move away, dotn touch me, what you think that if you dont handle me then i will fall? i am fine, Devika tries to hold him, he pushes her away and says i can take care of yourself like i am doing for one year, Devika says you said that you wanted to meet me then you got drunk? you want to taunt me and fight with me? thats why you came like this? Ravi says you read my face, yes you are correct, you read my face but you say you are not my Devika? how can you act so nicely? i am here to fight you, to tell you how bad you are, i have been in pain for one year, he falls on couch, she tries to help him, he says dont touch me, i am strong man, i dont need you or my family. why you are acting like Ambika? my heart knows you are Devika, my heartbeat knows you are Ravi’s Devika, i told you that my heat beats 144times when you come closer, i loved you a lot and you do too, i can see in your eyes, then why lie? everything at one side and my love is on otherside, i love you a lot, i have been in pain for one year, i will die now. He falls on couch again, she comes closer but he pushes her away and says why you care? i should die, why i am even living? Devika says what drama is this? i am Ambika and this truth wont change and let me remind you day after tomorrow is your wedding, Nivi announced it while holding your hand so why this drama now? leave now. Ravi says i wont leave today till you dont prove that you are Ambika and not Devika. He asks her to give her hand in his. Devika gives her hand in his hand, he holds it and gets up but falls down, Devika falls with him on couch, Banajara song plays, Devika tries to get up but Ravi pulls her back, he holds her hand near his heart and emotionally looks at her.

PRECAP- Devika says you are trying to say that Nivi and Ravi’s marriage should not happen and i should make plan to stop it? Janki says yes and there is one more important thing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I read in tellychakkar that there’s going to be a brideswap. Ravi n Ambika will end up marrying, wonder how nivi will handle that. Hope it’s true. I totally hate the sight of saket……

    1. wow lets see if it happens that will kill both nivi and saket her mouth is like a sewer so wide and ugly

    2. Finally, the writers have decided to use their brain! It should be good ending.

  2. Touching episode though, Ravi is a good actor, very compelling.

  3. Yes Trisha and you know what, it will be a sight to behold if nivi end up marrying saket, they are cut from the same cloth. I so dislike nivi’s superman cape, i laughed endlessly. However,i could have felt Ravi’s pain though……the man knows his wife for sure.

  4. What was the background music or song when Ravi calls Devika????

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