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Scene 1
Savitri says to Rekha that see situation of your daughter, police found her from some club with Monty, they have found drugs with her too, they had shown us cheap pictures of Sakshi too, Devika ask her to not say all this, Savitri says why i should not? she was against me when i fixed your marriage with Saket, she thinks Ravi is very nice guy, Monty is his brother and see what he did, Devika says when Sakshi will become conscious then we will know truth, Rekha falls down in shock, Devika and Pallavi takes her to room.
Ravi ask his family to go home, he will stay in police station with Monty, Manju says we will bear all this but i will not leave that Saket and Savitri, Ravi says dont think about all this now, i know someone has framed Monty in all this, i will find him soon.

comes in lounge, Shekhar ask how is Rekha? DEvika says she is not talking to anyone, and not sleeping too, she says we should call doctor for Sakshi, Savitri says no one will come at night, we cant even take her to hospital as this thing will be spread in whole city, Devika goes to make tea, Saket comes in home, Savitri thanks him for help, Saket says you are like my family, he says i have brought doctor, she will treat Sakshi, Doctor says i will give anit drug injection, she will come to consciousness, Savitri says to Saket that you are an angel for us, she takes doctor to Sakshi, Devika comes in lounge and finds Saket there, Saket says to her that nothing will happen to Sakshi as i am here, DEvika thanks him, Saket says thanks is not needed, you all are my family, Devika says you didnt go home? Saket says no i brought doctor for her, he touches her shoulder and says Sakshi will be fine, DEvika feels awkward and goes to bring tea.
Inspector says to Ravi that we have to put Monty in jail, Ravi says see his situation, inspector says he is inebriated, nothing happened to him, he will become conscious, you go to home, you cant stay here, Ravi leaves.
Pallavi cries and says to DEvika that Rekha got shock, she is already ill, DEvika ask her to not worry, nothing will happen, we are together, we wont let anything happen to Sakshi or Rekha, she goes from there.
Devika comes to Sakshi’s room and sees her unconscious, she recalls how she had seen Sakshi’s message in Monty’s phone, how Ravi said that Monty is innocent. Ravi sit outside police station and recalls how DEvika said that all family members are cheaters, she will not leave Monty, Ravi says what is happening with me and why? DEvika keep going away from me, i love her like crazy but she hates me, i cant live withouth her but how to make her realize that i am not wrong, what should i do that you believe i am innocent, how to make you understand that my love is pure, how to make you understand that i cant live without you, when you go away from me then i feel lifeless, he gets in tears, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, otherside Devika is also standing sadly in room and remembering Ravi, both are in pain and crying, koi na jaane majboriyan.. Kabhi na sukoon aya.. Kabhi na Qarar aya jabse hai tumpe mujhko pyaar plays.. DEvika says everytime there is new problem, happiness is so away from me and i cant even rest for a minute, dont know where peaceful life has gone, there was a time when i used to just dream but now my life is entangled in truth and lie.

Scene 2
Atal says to Savitri that dont say anything to Rekha, SAvitri says you can make my mouth shut but what about people? Atal says its a request, Rekah comes there with Devika, Sakshi comes in lounge too, she has hangover, DEvika ask are you fine? Rekha ask Sakshi where were you? DEvika ask her to not stress herself, Rekha says let me talk to her, Rekha ask Sakshi where you went at night? with your friends or to any function? Sakshi thinks how they got to know that i went to club, Rekha slaps her and says you have broken my trust, i used to think that you are mischievous but i never thought that you will lie to me, you have put mother-daughter relation at stake, why you have done this? Sakshi ask what have i done? REkha says you have lost everything, for a girl, its only respect that she has to keep up, you have lost it and also put family’s respect in danger, i have raised my daughters with good manners but you have destroyed everything, Pallavi takes Rekha from there, Sakshi says to DEvika that i didnt do anything, why maa is saying all this? Savitri says dont act innocent, we have brought you from police station, Sakshi is shocked, you were unconcsious, that Monty is arrested too, drugs was found from him, your and his pictures were shown too, they were so cheap, Sakshi says i didnt do anything, i just went to birthday party, i cant do anything like this, Savitri says you have done mistake and mistake is that she has trusted that Monty, you used to make fun of us now see what your trust on that guy has done to you, now we wont be able to show face to anyone, Sakshi says i have not done anything, Savitri says who will believe you? pictures will be spread in city, see your mother’s situation, Sakshi says i will talk to her, she leaves.
Monty is in jail and says to Ravi that i didnt do anything, friends gave us soft drinks to drink, we drank that, after that i dont remember anything, i cant use drugs, you know that, Ravi says i believe you but what Sakshi was doing with you? Monty says Sakshi wanted to meet me so i called her in my friend’s birthday party, she was enjoying there then a waiter gave us soft drinks, she got involved in all this too, Ravi says when Devika saw Sakshi’s message on your phone, why you lied to her? Monty says because Sakshi said to not tell anyone that she is going with him as then Rekha would not allow her, my life is finished, i have not done anything, Ravi ask him to not worry, he gets call from office, Ravi says that i cant come to office today, my brother is caught in police station in fake case, he ends call and thinks to talk to inspector once again.
Sakshi comes to Rekha and says i cant do anything which will hurt you, i am your daughter and i cant do such wrong thing, say once that you dotn think i am wrong, Devika says Rekha is ill, she didnt even sleep, dont talk to her now.
Inspector says to Ravi that your brother will be taken to court, hire a god lawyer for him, Ravi ask any other solution? inspector says no, Ravi says how to bring Monty out. Navi comes in police station with her lawyer, Ravi is surprised to see her, she looks at him,

PRECAP- Ravi says to DEvika that there is limit to bear anything, you are insulting me infront of my brothers, DEvika says now you would say that your brother Monty is right and my sister is wrong, you are so cheap, Ravi shouts enough DEvika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why foolish Ravi doesn’t do anything against Saket..I request writers to make serial more interesting..we want to see Ravi as a hero not saket as a villain

  2. Writer are supporting bad guys more ..by giving more pain to main actors . why is this type of writing so atleast some positivity …heros ravi should be atleast 1 step a head of villan saket

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