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Scene 1
Manju says to Addy that its good you cameback, Ravi was waiting for you, Monty says i called him so he had to come, Addy says i am tired, he goes to sleep, shweta comesback home, she finds Manju there, Manju stops her, Shweta says you cameback so early? Manju says what you thought that i will stay at my daughter in law’s house? where were you? you must have gone to meet your brother, what did he say that he wont allow this marriage? Shweta says i am not lying, Vikas dropped me to my friend’s pace, Manju you must have gone to meet Saket from there, tell your brother to not show his face in marriage, Shweta leaves.
Ravi is in room and says lioness must be coming, she will scream at me, she will take revenge of everything, he says i will act like sleeping, he says she will

catch me that i am acting, he brings file and says i will act like as if i am working, Devika comes in room with milk and sees Ravi, she thinks that how will i tell him about date? he is a flirt, he will make fun of me but i have to talk to him as Rekha has said to me, she says to Ravi that i have to talk to you, Ravi says i have some important work, we will talk in morning, Devika says ok i will wait, Ravi thinks that today i wont be saved, she will talk to you at any cost, i dont have any other option, i should listen to him, Ravi ask DEvika why dont you sleep? Devika says i have to say something important, Ravi drinks milk and ask her to say what she wants, DEvika says actually.. she says go on date with me tomorrow, Ravi spills milk in shock.
Sia says to Navi that dinner was very good, i enjoyed alot, she eaves, Navi thinks that i have to control myself infront of Sia, if she gets to know about Ravi then she will tell everything to dad and it will complicate matters more.
Ravi comes to DEvika and ask what are you saying? do you have fever or am i dreaming? he bites his fingers and says no its not a dream, i cant believe that you asked me to take you on date, tomorrow will be a special day for you, DEvika says before making stories, atleast listen to me, date plan is not mine but Rekha’s, Ravi says Rekha is very clever but why are not you? Devika says how on earth you thought that i will go on date with you? you are a flirt, you dont leave any chance, date is for Sakshi, Sakshi is tensed these days so Rekha said that Monty and Sakshi should go on date and we have to accompany them, now you have to make Monty ready for this date, Ravi says there can be another angle to this thing, you must be taking Rekha’s name but in actual you wanna go on date with me, Devika says you should check your mind, what did i say? that i wont go on date with you even if you are last person on earth, i tried to say no to Rekha but i am doing this for Sakshi and i cant hurt Rekha, Ravi says ok you take Monty and Sakshi on date, i am going to sleep, he sleeps, Devika thinks that he is teasing me deliberately, he cant change.

Scene 2
Rekha says to Sakshi that you get ready, Ravi and Devika are going out, she asked me to send Sakshi too, Sakshi says if Ravi and Devika are going then why should i disturb them? Rekha says Devika told me to send you, you will not go alone, Pallavi will go with you.
Ravi is in washroom, DEvika knocks door and says till when you will keep taking bath, Ravi says i didnt know you are waiting for me, you should have called me, i would have come, Devika says he is a flirt and will remain a flirt, Ravi comes out and is without bare chested, not wearing shirt, he ask why did you call me out? Devika says you are getting late, Ravi ask where are we going? Devika thinks i asked him to come with me for first time but he is showing attitude, i will not beg to him, she says i thought you have to go somewhere as you were taking bath, Sadqe tere plays, Ravi thinks she can cancel date too in anger, Ravi says i remember we have to go to on date, Devika thinks thank God his memory is back, Ravi says i am going on date but where are you going? Devika says i am going with Sakshi and Monty, ask Monty to come with me, Ravi says am i your servant that you scold me, order me, fight with me whenever you want, you insult me and then expect me to do your work, you should do your work, Devika says ok dont show attitude, i will talk to Monty.
Devika says i dont know why he shows so much attitude, i will talk to Monty myself, i dont need his help.
Shweta says to vikas that buy a separate house for us, i cant listen your mother’s taunts, Vikas says i cant leave my mother, she will be hurt, Manju comes and says to Vikas that your wife must have filled your ears against me, Devika comes there, she ask Manju where is Monty? Manju says he has gone out with his friends, Devika says actually Rekha thought that Monty and Sakhi should meet outside and spend sometime with each other so that they will know each other better, Manju says its very good idea, she ask Ravi to call Monty and ask him to comeback, DEvika says no dont ask Ravi, he has so much work, i will manage, Manju ask Ravi what work he has? Ravi says nothing, DEvika says is saying all this as she is tensed, i will call Monty, he leaves.
Saket says i cant do anything, i cant even use my powers as then party leaders will be behind me, Shweta calls Saket and tells him that Monty Sakshi DEvika and Ravi are going out, if you can do anything? Saket says find out where they are going, tell me then i will see what i can do, he ends calls, she says how to find out where they are going? she thinks to message Monty and ask me where he is.
Ravi says to DEvika that we have searched 11 restaurants but you are not liking a single one, DEvika says i want Monty and Sakshi to meet in good environment, there was so much crowd in those restaurants, Ravi says you must have told me, i would have set table for them in isolated place, Devika says do that idea when you take your gf on date, i will help you, she leaves, Ravi says thank God she doesnt like date else i would have gone mad.
DEvika comes in cafe, she likes it and ask Ravi to call Monty, i will bring Sakshi, waiter says no table is free here, Devika ask Ravi to do something, Ravi says we will sit with a random girl, you go and talk to that girl sitting alone at table, we will adjust with her while there is one table empty, Monty and Sakshi will sit there, should i go to talk to girl? Devika says you start flirting when you see a girl, i will go and talk to her, she goes to girl, it turns out to be Sakshi, DEvika ask you here? Sakshi says you called me here, Devika thinks Ravi must have called her, he was teasing me, Ravi brings Monty there, Devika stares him, Ravi says thank you for what you are saying, Ravi says to Monty and Sakshi that this is your first date, you both enjoy, we had to plan our date to bring you both, Ravi says i have reserved another table for me and Devika, you both sit alone on this table, Devika thinks this means Ravi had planned everything, i was scolding him unnecessarily.

PRECAP- Ravi fills Devika’s forehead with vermilion(sindoor), both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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