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Scene 1
Goon is about to press button on bomb but Janki runs and takes bmb box away from Devika and throws it away, bomb blasts, all are shocked, all guests run from there. Janki says thank God she is safe. Ravi comes there and hugs Devika, he asks if she is fine? i wont let anything happen to you, Vikas says who could have done this? Ravi says some goons entered as waiters, they came to kill Ambika, Monty says who could have done it? Ravi says i caught one goon but he fainted. Janki says someone tries to kill my daughter, she says i will take her to room, he says i will come with you, she says i know she is your wife and you are worried for her but you should get to know who planned all this, who tried to kill,, Janki takes Devika away.
Ravi comes in porch and sees goon missing, Monty comes

and says i found two waiters unconscious in kitchen, goons must have taken their place, Vikas says we cant call police because we dont any proof, Monty says police might find them, Ravi says i dont know what Ambika must be going through, i just want to know who tried to kill Ambika, Vikas says we will find them soon, Monty says Ambika didnt do anything wrong with anyone, we will find that killer.
Nivi says to Saket and Manju that why did our plan fail? Manju says thank God we didnt get caught by Ravi, Saket says yes if goond had told Ravi truth then we would be in trouble, there is no proof against now, Nivi says its good but we have to kill Ambika, like we got united to kill Devika, we have to become strong team to kill her too, nobody would doubt us.
Its morning, Janki and Devika are in mandir, Devika asks if everything is fine? Janki says no i have called you here for something important, its about your life and revenge, we were forgetting it but we are in danger, Devika says you are right, i know you are worried after what happened last night, i am thinking who tried to kill me, Janki says i know answer of this, i am not tensed because i dont know killer because i know killers, Devika says you know? Janki says whatever happened yesterday was full proof plan to kill you, it was done by people who tried to kill Devika too, this time Ravi was not involved in their plan. Manju, Shweta, Nivi and Saket made that plan, we thought they became enemies but it was our mistake, they are planning to kill you. Devika asks how does she know? Janki says when i was in party, i saw them talking and they were talking how their plan failed and now they are planning to kill you, i had doubt when i saw them together but when i was leaving last night, i listened it clearly, its our fault that we gave them freedom, we forgot our mission after you getting married with Ravi, we forgot that your enemies can go to any extent, i was happy to see you happy with Ravi but you are not safe there, they can attack you anytime, they are not your family, they tried to kill you earlier too, i told you to wait but now i am asking you to take revenge and attack them and make their lives hell, they are animals, they are not ashamed of their deeds, you are leading them to do bad by not standing up for you, this time do or die, remember i you name Ambika as blessing from Ambe Maa. Janki says its time to do justice and kill evil, they deserve to be burnt in hell, go for battle.

Scene 2
Ravi is in his room and says where did she go? she is not anywhere seen, what if she left home after what happened? she is my reason to live, i should call her. He calls her but she doesnt pick up, he says where to find her?
Devika says to Janki that you are right, you told me reason of my new life but after marrying Ravi, i forgot that i have to get justice for Devika, you are right, i was nice with my enemies, i forgot why i went to that house and they tried to kill me, but not anymore, i will finish my enemies now, i wont spare anyone, i will take my revenge, she looks at Ambe Maa and prays Mata Rani i vow infront of you that i will take my revenge, i will do justice with my name, there wont be any mistake now, i swear to take revenge from my enemies, i am your follower and your command is greater than my life, you were always there with me, saved from from evil so i will do what you want, i will fulfill my revenge, you have given me strength, just give me strength to not drown in emotions, make me strong to fight all enemies, my enemie Saket, Nivi, Shweta and Manju and my biggest enemy Ravi, i wont spare them, my revenge starts from now, bless me Mata Rani. Janki says i am with you in this fight but Ravi was not part of this bomb blast plan, infact he told me about it and saved you after that, Devika says there must be his gain in that too, Janki says dont worry, i am with you, we will be ahead of them now, take such revenge that their soul get scared, if you dont win then this will be loss of every woman, we will win and will finish this evil now, they both look at Ambe Maa with determination.
Devika comes home, Nivi asks where did you go? she says i went to mandir, Nivi says you should not go alone, i was thinking who tried to kill you, Devika says dont worry about me, people tried but i am still fine and nothing will happen to me, enemies can do anything they want but God is with me, i wont die easily. Nivi says i want you to live too, i want my best friend with me all life, Nivi says if i get to know who tried to kill you then i will punish them so much, Devika says you are such a loyal friend so i will be loyal friend too, dont worry about me, look at you, you look weird, you should get treatment from parlour, we dont know if time will be with you or not in future, she leaves.
Devika comes in room, Ravi says i was finding you everywhere, i was scared that you might have left afte what happened last night, Devika says why you people keep overreacting? if i went out of house then that means i left house? Ravi says i am sorry, i lost once and dont want to loose you again.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Saket that its good they didnt call police otherwise we would have been in trouble, we cant step back now, we have to kill Ambika now. Devika listens all this and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please end this track, how many times do the writers want the viewers to repeat this. Show ambika that Ravi was not involved in the plan last time. Please stop dragging now.

  2. I’m tired of this story line, boring

  3. I wonder what will hapen next? The answer is SHIT!

  4. what a crap of shit ,ambika is a mere shit bag ,has not learnt her past lessons,i think the production team are the real morons.

  5. Was it a bomb or a party pooper thingy such an idiotic drama…. Devika is stupid Ravi is an assault.


    Again old track… and devika realise ravi truth fast plzzzz……
    Writers make villian confess and end this show, otherwise i have feeling that u can drag same story again and agian with new name of ambika/devika and villians winning all tym

  7. Which God asks to take revenge and punish others.??? Wat a stupid value you are showing to viewers…

  8. Beautiful goin on

  9. Mohammed Ashraf

    It was clearly seen that the gift box was given by Mrs. Lutra which was containing bomb. Why do they fool people as if they don’t know. Always ravi is being considered as a wrong person evwn after doing a lot. Let Ambika know that ravi is honest.

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