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Scene 1
Goons leave, Ravi says to Devika that it must their trick.
Deepak says to dildar that when boss asked you leave them then why are you still going to kill them? dildar says i have given them false hope, i will crush it now, he sits in truck.
Ravi finds truck coming, he sees Dildar in it, Ravi pushes Devika away and gets hit by truck, he falls injured, Devika is shocked. She runs to Ravi and asks him to wake up, she hugs him, she makes Ravi get up and says we should go in jungle then they wont be able to come to use. dildar comes there again in truck, Ravi asks Devika to move, she doesnt, they both get hit by truck. Ravi is injurd more, Devika comes to him, they see truck coming there again, they both hold each others hands and look at truck, Dildar hits them again, Ravi and Devika

falls off cliff, they both look at each other falling down, they promise that from now on they will live together, our love will not lose, we have named every moment and breath to each other, they recalls their time spent together how they got married again, they fall from mountain.
At Manju’s home, all are waiting for Devika and Ravi, Sakshi breaks glass by mistake, Rekha tries to get glass pieces, she cuts her hand by mistake, Sakshi says there was no need to pick glass pieces, Rekha says i was conscious but it hurt me, this is bad omen, i feel Devika and Ravi are in problem, Sakshi says dont worry, they will come soon, they called you that they are coming, dont take tension, Monty says they will comeback soon, Rekha says i want them to come.
dildar looks down from cliff and laughs, he says they made me run alot, they are dead now, i have made them leave world, Sajid says we should run from here, we came here to kidnap them but they are dead, dildar says are you not a good goon, they are dead, we are in for good life, deepak says if someone comes here then we will be in trouble, we should leave, they turn to find Saket coming there. Saket comes to Dildar and says if Ravi died? you have removed biggest prick of my life, where is Devika? she shouldnt have got hurt, he asks where is Devika? he asks Sajid about them, he asks where is Devika, Sajid says actually truck hit Ravi but Ravi and Devika were holding hands and they both fell off from cliff, they both died, Saket says to dildar what he is saying? he says how can my love die, dildar says i didnt kill her deliberately, it was by mistake, Saket beats him and says how can you kill her? dildar says dont touch me, i have respect too, Saket says i will show you your standard, he beats him, dildar points gun at him and says dont touch me else i will kill you, Saket says what you think that i am afraid of death? you killed my Devika, i wont leave you, he throws gun away and beats dildar badly, he says how dare you kill my Devika, he beats dildar and points gun at him.

Scene 2
Manju asjs Rekha to give number with which Ravi called, Pallavi gives it to her, Manju calls on number but he is not picking up, Manju says why he is not picking up my call? Shweta comes to her and asks what happened? Manju says he is not picking up my call, i told him to not go behind Devika but he didnt listen to me. Manju says to Rekha that if anything happens to Ravi then i wont spare Devika, your daughter roam around whole city alone and our sons keep running behind them, i am celebrating all this because of my son but if anything happens to him then i will strangle Devika, navi listens this and thinks now she is on right path.
Saket says to Dildar that why did you kill Devika? Dildar says i was not going to kill her, when i was killing Ravi but she came inbetween, Saket says if she came inbetween then you could have stopped, you should have left Ravi too, you know i could have killed Ravi way back but i spared him because of Devika, Deepak says we were killing Ravi but Devika came inbeteen and they both fell off from cliff, Saket looks down from cliff and screams for Devika, goons try to leave but Saket fires and says dont you all dare to leave, i wont spare anyone of you for killing my Devika, he says you all go and search in mountains, he says if Ravi is founf alive then leave him there and bring Devika back, goons starts go down the cliff.
Sakshi comes room and sees crystal ball, she recalls flashback how Devika gifted her it, Sakshi likes crystal ball and says dancing doll? you brought this gift for me? from when did you become so romantic? this cant be your choice, Devika says i asked Ravi to bring gift for you from my side, i thought he would bring dress or watch but he is mad and brought this, i will return it, Sakshi says i like it, his choice is best as he chose you, she says Ravi must have brought this gift for you, he didnt give it to you as you would have denied it, he gave it to me through you so that you would understand his love, now whenever i will see this gift, i will remember that you made me be with Monty and that you love Ravi, you both will always smile together.
Ravi and Devika are lying in jungle unconscious, wind blows and their bodies get covered by dry grass. Goons come there with Saket, deepak says i dont think anyone would remain alive after falling from that much height, they try to search in dry grass but Saket ask them to search other end.

PRECAP- Devika wakes up and asks Ravi to wake up too but Ravi doesnt wake up, Devika comes close to listen his heart beat but his heart is not beating, she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg they’re totally repeating the kumkum bhagya kidnapping scene smh -.- come on ekta kapoor… please get real :/ and creativity would be appreciated as well!

    1. What do you mean at kkb were the couple able to escaped of kidnappers

  2. Is this track going to end? Are Ravi and devilka going to go home ever? Which way is this going to go now?

  3. Goodness!! I used to like this show but been boring lately. Stopped watching before the kidnap, but whenever I switch back to watch this show still the couple are running from the kidnappers. Been a long long run and no new, interesting episodes just yet. Used to be enjoyable to watch but not lately 🙁

  4. Whaaaat !!! Ye kya hai !!!?? How can this happened to them !? Anyway … Hope this track won’t last too much because Ravika has to be in peace… But if they get peace, it means end of this serial … 🙁

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