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Monty gets Devika’s diary, Pallavi comes there and says what are you doing here with this diary? Monty says i need this diary, i have to prove identity of person whose diary is this, he leaves with diary,Pallavi says what he meant? this diary is of Devika.
Rekha is on road and says Devika has changed, if she had hugged me then my pain would have gone away, she has changed so much, she was wearing fashionable clothes and was riding car,my Devika used to be afraid of riding bicycle even, she has changed so much but i have no complaints, maybe after accident she lost her memory, this can br reason.She sees mandir there and prays to Ambe maa that thank you for making me meet Devika but she.. i am not complaining,i am thanking you for keeping her safe,i knew she cant die,nothing would happen to her,

why it happens that we cry for your own people day and night and when they meet you, you cant even cry properly, you made me meet her, you brought her infront of me, you have always been with her, you have always protected her but make Devika meet Ravi, Ravi is not living, he has broken down,they are made for each other, reunite them, i will be thankful.
Devika meets banker and says i want my investment which i gave as guarantee for Nivi’s company, you can cease her property as guarantee, banker says but this way Nivi’s company will fall down,she will loose other investors too,Devika says i know,i warned her but she keeps saying rubbish,we cant ;do business with person like that.Nivi and Ravi comes there, Nivi says to banker that you know we have given your bank so much profit, we are your important clients, all cash in your bank has our right on it so ask Ambika to shut up, DEvika says the money you are talking about is our money,we can do anything with that, we invested that money in your bank but we didnt know you are mad woman, you insulted my mother and this decision will not change. Banker says no need to fight, Ambika is right, all law points are in her favor, neither you nor us can stop her from taking her money from bank, banker says to Nivi that she is right,they have invested in your company and if they take investment back then we will have to cease your property and bank account as guarantee, you business will ruin too, Nivi says what you are talking about? DEvika says you shouldnt have insulted my mom, she warned you but you went to my room,you said that you dont care so now we dont care,now this partnership is over, we are ending our business relation,Ravi says please listen to me,Ambika says i would have listened to you but your fiance is mad, Nivi tries to say something but Ravi asks her to ‘stop it,she says you are taking her side too? Ravi says i am not taking any side,i am trying to sort matter, he says to Devika that just give me one day,i will talk to my people in company and i will find solution of all this, Devika asks if he is requesting or promising? Ravi says i am promising you i will set everything right, Devika says you had earlier made many promises too but you never fulfilled them,i hope you dont break this promise like earlier, Ravi is confused and says i never promised you anything? Devika says your memory is weak too, i am giving you one day as you requested but i will not stop after tomorrow, she leaves. Nivi says to Ravi what was the need to beg to her? Ravi says she can destroy our company so please. Nivi says i wont spare her, how dare she talk to me like this? Nivi comes to DEvika and says what you think of yourself? you think i am afraid of you? if you try to destroy my company then i will not let you do it, me and my dad have given everything to this company, this is my identity, you think you can destroy our respect,our business? its very strong,you cant shake it,i am not afraid of you,i will break your company. Devika says you both have good combination,you keep trying to harass me and your boyfriend keep saying sorry on your part, Ravi asks Nivi to relax, Devika says to Ravi that i will wait till you fulfill your promise tomorrow,Devika turns to leave but Ravi holds her hand, Devika looses her breath as he holds her hand, Devika turns and sees him holding herhand, she looks at him,they are in each others eyes, Nivi is tensed seeing all this. Some robbers enter bank. Devika looks at Ravi, Ravi leaves her hand and says i am sorry, you saree is stuck is in lock, he removes it, Devika starts leaving but robbers ask her to go back, robber fires and says this bank is under our custody, we have come here to do our work so let us do it, if anyone tries to act smart then i will shoot that person. Manager tries to ring alarm but robber asks him to not move, he takes him from there and asks him to give locker keys. Devika recalls how Janki said that we need to fight back against wrong, if you keep letting crime happen infront of you and dont do anything then you are part of crime too, its oud duty to fight against crime, we cant let innocent people face problems and just see them without helping them. Devika thinks that maa was right,i have to fight against this, i came to fight against Nivi but i have to help innocent people, many innocent people will be in trouble after this robbery, i have to call police, she moves from behind Ravi and goes in corner,she calls policeman and says robbers have come in bank, come here soon. Robber asks who is there talking on phone? Ravi sees Devika talking on call, he gets tensed, robber comes in corner and sees Devika there, she gets tensed seeing him, he takes her phone and says you called police? he drags her out and says to other robber that she called police,other robber says kill her, Nivi thinks my problem will be solved,robber says we should leave soon from here, robber says kill this girl,Nivi thinks that i should run from here,she tries to run but robber holds her.
Police comes outside bank and announces that we have cordon-off bank, surrender to us. Robber says to Devika that you failed our plan,i will kill you,Ravi says no please. He moves forward, robber says dont try to become hero, Devika recalls how Ravi kept helping her in kidnapping situation then how Nivi said that Ravi was involved in kidnapping. Ravi moves forward towards Devika,Devika says Ravi no dont move forward, Devika thinks that Ravi is doing all this for me? he is ready to fight with goons? Ravi moves forward, someone fires bullet,all are shocked, Ravi looks down.

PRECAP- Ravi brings Devika to his home,he has lifted Devika in his arms,she is unconscious,Vikas asks what happened to her? Ravi says i will tell you later,call doctor,he takes her to room,Manju and Nivi is tensed seeing his concern for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. well its nice eppi .i am happy to see devika becoming so strong in takiing revenge from nivi….just hope that all the misunderstandings get clears between ravi&devika


    I hope devika realise that ravi is innocent… and they both unite to fight agianst naavi, shweta, manju, vo mla and monty….

  3. monty has become pet of Nivi,he forget how she was earlier

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