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Scene 1
Ravi is checking arrangements for engagement, Devika comes there, they strikes, Ravi was holding red color plate which falls on Devika, red color falls over Devika’s forehead implying as sindoor(vermilion), Devika looks up at him and both get lost in memories, lal ishq plays, both cant take eyes off each other and keep looking in each others’ eyes.
Rekha is praying to Mata Rani, she says if Mata Rani is giving me some good news, she calls Pallavi and says look at diya, its glowing, its lighting so much today like its lighting whole house, its looking so pure, it feels like mata Rani is giving me some good hint. Pallavit says there must more oil in diya mold thats why its lighting more, Rekha says no i put same oil as i do everyday but trust me it feels like there is some good

news, Pallavi says i hope you are saying truth and all your wishes come true. Rekha thinks that i just pray to get my Devika back.
Ravi looks at Devika, Ravi says sorry it happened by mistake, i am sorry, Manju sees sindoor in her forehead and says how it happened? Ravi says i was keeping color plate here and it fell on Devika, Manju says if Nivi sees it then she will make issue, Devika says Nivi will understand, Ravi is careless, Manju says when it comes to heart, you can trust anyone, we dont know how her mood is rightnow, let me take you to washroom, she says no.. if Nivi finds out that i helped you then she will scold me, you go to washroom yourself, Ravi says what are you saying? he asks Devika to go to him room to use washroom, she leaves. Manju says you wont realize till you get in trouble, Ravi says i dont know what you are talking about, he leaves. Manju says he doesnt know how Nivi get so angry, if she got to know about sindoor incident then she wouldnt have said anything to Ravi but would have scolded me.

Scene 2
Devika comes in washroom and starts cleaning herself, she recalls flashback how Ravi asked her to get ready, we are going for outing, Devika says you have asked me suddenly, let me get ready, Ravi says you have so beautiful face, you dont need anything, if you take so much time then lunch will be cancelled, i will keep staring you here, Devika says let me apply Sindoor, why dont you apply it today? Ravi says leave it for today, you apply is everyday, Devika says you dont understand its importance, its identity of married woman, it let me show people that i am married you, you know its so important for me, Ravi says okay i promise i will apply this sindoor everyday to you, he applies it. Flashback ends, Devika says earlier this sindoor used to mean so much to me, it was used as my faith on Ravi but Ravi cut off everything, he destroyed my life, there is nothing left but emptiness, she cries, she says what i am doing? Ravi is nothing to me now, tehre is no place for this sindoor now in my life, she tries to wipe it off her forehead and says he threw me out of his life easily and i am not able to wipe simple sindoor? i cant become weak like this, i am not his anymore, i am not Devika, i am Ambika, i have to be strong and i am not his wife anymore, i was weak thats why people used me but i wont let people do this again, i will wipe this sindoor, she washes forehead and wipes sindoor off her forehead, she tries to calm herself.
Manju says that no one is listening to me, she says to her puppy that only you listen to me, i know you are miffed that i dont take care of you anymore but from the time Ambika have come in our lives, Nivi has changed, we dont get to party now, dont know what will happen in engagement tonight. Ravi comes there, Manju says i wanna talk to you, Manju says to Ravi that what is going on between you and Ambika? Ravi says there is nothing going on between her and me, Manju says i am your mother, you can tell me everything, look in my eyes and tell me whats going on, Ravi contemplates to tell her, he says nothing like that, how did you think about it? Manju says everyone can see it, how you both look at each other, the way you made her wear mangalsutra, Ravi says i dont know what are you saying, Manju says dont do anything stupid, Nivi has done so much for us, she gave us shelter, she gave us so much money so you better get engaged to her, Ravi says i accept her favors but i am not getting engaged to her for money, i have my reasons to marry her, Manju asks what reasons? he says i cant tell you and dont say again that i will get engaged to her because of money, i am not interested in her wealth, he leaves. Manji says there was something in his eyes that let me know he is upto something, i am scared now.
Devika comes out of washroom and coughs, Ravi comes and asks if she is fine? Devika says this color is not getting off me, Ravi says i am sorry, you had to bear all this because of my mistake, Devika says you make mistakes and then keep saying sorry, why you do mistakes in first place? Ravi says i will say sorry after every mistake, Devika says you think everything will become fine just by saying sorry, Ravi says then tell me what is my mistake and till when i will keep getting punished for it? Devika gets tensed, Devika says you are asking like i know about your life, i dont know how many mistakes you have done in life, i was talking about mistakes you did infront of me, i dont want any discussion with you, Ravi says fine, you are wet, he gives her towel and says wipe your hair, she takes it from him, Ravi says i dont know if you know today is my engagement with Nivi, Devika moves away and says i know, Ravi says how you feel? shocked, surprised, angry? i am sure you are happy, you want me to get engaged to her then marry her, Devika is hurt listening this, Ravi asks what happened? you dont have anything to say? Devika says what kind of question is this? ofcourse i am happy for Nivi and you, she is my friend, i want her to get married, i have come to help her, i want her to get married atleast she will have secure life because people like you cant be trusted, she sneezes, he asks if you are fine? she says dont fake your concern, i dont need it, Ravi says if you get ill then you will blame me only, i will bring kehwa for you, he leaves, Devika thinks that he is weird, he is showing care for me and then showing off his engagement with Nivi, he was the one that made me fall in love with him, then used me, i hate it that i loved a person like him, i feel disgusted.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika are close, they look at each other in mirror as Ravi helps Devika, Nivi comes there and sees them like that, she is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When will Ravi and devika together……..?????

  2. Bakwaasss story line… pls change the track… its really boring nowadays… janki always insist …

    1. I. Agree.total bakwas either she controls her feelings or forgets revenge.

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