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Scene 1
Devika says to Ravi that you ended up everything, you cheated me one more time when i started trusting you again, she says you have snatched mRekha from me, i never saw my mother’s face but Rekha brought me up like my mother, you have snatched her love from me, where will i go now? you wont understand all this as money is what matters to you, i kept giving chances to our marriage, i thought our marriage will workout for sure but i was wrong to have hopes from you, she wipes her tears and says i break this relation, i will never forget what you did with me, i dont need you now, you snatched my family from me, my helplessness is that i have to live in this house but i will be away from you, she takes pillow and leaves room, Ravi is hurt.
Saket is drinking wine and says i bear Ravi’s

anger, everything because of DEvika but not anymore, ts time to pay him back, now i will tell him about the real face of Saket Kapoor.
Sakshi is sitting in room, Monty comes there with glass of water, he offers it to her, she takes it and drinks, Monty says we had weird wedding, we didnt have any enjyment in it, Sakshi says it doesnt matter, Ravi saved us and now his relation is at stake, i am feeling bad, Monty says dont know why Devika is thinking wrong about him, he did all this for us, Sakshi says he had to bear so much insult for us, Monty says we have to do something, Sakshi says we have to talk to Devika and tell her that Ravi did all this for us so that their misunderstanding ends, she leaves.
Sakshi comes to DEvika in kitchen and says i wanna talk to you, DEvika says i dont wanna talk to you, Sakshi says i wanna tell you truth, Devika says you and Ravi only knows how to cheat, Sakshi says Ravi took right decision for me because of you as he loves you and want to keep you happy, Devika says i have listened all these lies from him, you can trust him but i cant now, i gave him chances but he couldnt prove himself right, he married me and i am ashamed of reason behind it, Sakshi says you are wrong, he loves you, i never wanted to marry Saket, he saved me, Devika says you did what you wanted, you cheated us and didnt think about us, Saket was saving our respect and you did this with him, Sakshi says you dont know Saket is devil, Ravi is doing all this for you, you will regret about your thinking for him later, Devika sas i am regretting that i feel for Ravi, i have to live with him, Ravi did what he wanted but you are my sister, you cheated me too? you took Ravi’s side and didnt tell me anything, i always took your side but you did this with me? i am not going to accept your lie, she leaves, Ravi is listening all this, Ravi thinks how can she leave our room? there are so many memories related with this room, he imagines Devika in room, Devika says we did shopping and you are not holding bags, Ravi hugs her and says i am thinking to have Garah parvesh, Devika says whats this, Ravi says please let me do it, i wanna tell you that this house is of everyone but this room is ours only, he enters room with Devika and says now its done, Devika says i used to get irritated with your words but now i love you for all this, be like this always, imagination ends, Ravi thinks that she can end relation with me but how can she end relation which is from heart? Ravi imagines Devika waking him up for office, she asks him to wake up, he pulls her in bed, Ravi says i have to give you something, he gives her rose, she says you are filmy, you get these ideas from ex girlfriends, i like it, dont change, he like this, imagination ends, Ravi looks at same rose, he thinks that everything is same but how to cope up with loneliness without you? i love you alot Devika, i cant live without you, i want you in this life, how to tell you that i do everything for your happiness, my love is pure.
Devika lies down in couch in lounge, she recalls how Savitri threw Ravi out of house, how Ravi told her that he did everything for her, how he promised her to be with her, Devika thinks that he seems expert in cheating, he makes his lie into truth thats why i kept trusting him, i cant live with him anymore, she recalls how Sakshi said that she will regret when she will know truth, DEvika thinks that i know Ravi’s truth, he is selfish, liar and cheater, she sleeps.

Scene 2
Saket comes in Ravi’s room and says i have come to send from this world to another world, Ravi is sleeping on bed in his room while Devika is sleeping on couch in lounge, Saket open room’s door, Devika wakes up and thinks to check on Ravi, she thinks that Ravi doesnt care where i am but i am still thinking about him, i wont go, she goes to sleep again. Saket puts chloroform on Ravi’s mouth so he becomes unconscious, he says you snatched Devika from me, i wanted to kill you after torturing you but i will kill you in sleep only, he brings out dagger to kill him, Devika comes there and is shocked to see that, she asks Saket what is he doing, control yourself, Saket says what has happened to you? dont you hate him like i do? he is prick in our paradise, he has to die so that we can start our life, he has to die, i had to do so much to kill him, you saved him many times, on your honeymoon, i came there, i made plan but you ended my plan by saving him, Devika recalls how Ravi was seen sleeping with girl and was arrested, Saket says if you hadnt saved him that day then we would have got married, i lost that chance because of you that time but now i have got a very good chance and i cant let that chance go away from my hand, this jerk has to die today, i will kill him today, Devika is in shock, Saket says your silence told me everything, this jerk has to die so that we can start new life, dont worry, i will kill him, you wanna start afresh with me? dont worry, i will kill him, Saket says he snatched you from me then he snatched my revenge from me, Devika thinks what revenge he is talking about? Saket says i will give him death, Devika recalls how she misunderstood Ravi from start of their marriage, Devika says it means Ravi was right about you? ravi wasnt lying to me all this while? he kept telling me that he is not lying about, that you are behind all this but i didnt listen to him, he did Monty and Sakshi’s marriage to save Sakshi from you, he was right, he didnt planned anything, it was you who was behind making plan to get married to Sakshi? now i understand you behind all this,, Ravi kept saying you are not nice person, he kept bringing proofs but i didnt trust him, i trusted you but now i know that if you had a little humanity then you wouldnt be doing it, you wanna kill him? you are killer, Saket says you can say anything about me, right or wrong i dont know, you cant stop me, stop this lecture, i will kill Ravi for sure, Devika asks Ravi to wake up, Saket says he wont wake up, i have made him unconscious, Devika is shocked, Devika tries to call Monty, Saket says go and call them, till then i will kill Ravi, Devika asks Ravi to wake up, she folds her hand to Saket and says its not Ravi’s fault, Sakshi told me, she didnt want to marry you, dont kill him, Saket says i hate him and Sakshi, you remember when Ravi got married to you by cheating me, it was Sakshi who helped him, that day i decided to take revenge from Sakshi thats why i trapped her in drug case so that she is helpless and agrees to marry me, you think i agreed to marry her because i wanted save respect of your family? i dont give a damn to your family, i just wanted to marry that b*t*h Sakshi for revenge, that dog strap you remember i brought wasnt gift for her but i wanted to put it her neck and wanted to make her dance to that tunes, i dont love Sakshi but you, Devika says i took your side? Saket says yes cause you love me, this Ravi is a fool, he doesnt know about my power, i kept bearing him because of you, i would have killed him before but i didnt, today he crossed all limits and i will kill him today, devika reecalls how Ravi said that Sakshi will die if she gets married to Saket, you wont be able to see her condition, Devika says you did all this for revenge? Saket says yes, i wanted to make her life hell, Devika slaps him, Saket grabs her from neck and says be in limits else i will forget you are my love, Devika says i am ashamed to think that i kept on your side, i didnt see your real face, it was good that Ravi saved me and Sakshi, you dont deserve to be loved by anyone, Saket says we will talk all this later, he tries to stab Ravi with knife, Devika tries to stop, Saket slaps her but she doesnt stop, she pushes Saket away, knife fallss down, Devika grabs knife and points it at Saket, she says dare you come near my husband, if you try to hurt him then i will kill you rightnow, till now my husband kept saving me but today i will be his wife and will protect him, you have so much ego that you think that a women is weak but you forgot that Savitri was women too, i will send you to hell today, you dont know when women protects her husband then she is blesses by Ambe Maa, you are raavan and you will get punished for your deeds because you have challenged a wife, today your ego will die and a wife’s power will win, if you want to die then come forward, Saket sees Devika in Ambe maa’s avatar, he is shocked, Devika asks him to get lost if he wanna live, if you try to harm Ravi or Sakshi then i wont leave you, i will protect them but you wont be saved from me then, Saket is stunned, DEvika says now leave else i will kill you, Saket leaves.
Devika looks at knife in her hand, she throws it away. Saket comes out of house and says what i did? i told Devika everything, she got to know my truth, now she will go away from me, she cant go away from me, i love her and want to get her, i couldnt handle myself, if Devika hasnt come inbetween then i would have killed Ravi today, Devika was warning me? i will tell her what kind of demon i am, i will get her for sure. Devika looks at Ravi and says you were right from start and i was wrong, my heart kept saying that you arent lying, i saw truth in your eyes but i didnt believe it, i kept telling you that you are selfish, you told me that Saket is not good person, you tried to prove it again and again but i kept blaming you, i didnt understand that you were doing all this for me, i couldnt understand that Saket was wrong, i was blindfolded, i didnt see truth then you got married to me, what if Saket got married to me, my life would have been hell, you saved me from that hell Ravi, from that man and i kept blaming you,you tried to tell me that i shouldnt marry Saket but i didnt listen, Saket must have harmed you, you married me to save me from him, you married me for me and i kept thinking that you want property, i couldnt see your love, friendship, your care, todya i know i have got best husband of world and i kept blaming my fate for all wrong reasons, i didnt understand that Ambe Maa cant do anything wrong with me, you came in my life as angel, i love you.

PRECAP- Ravi’s head is in Devika’s lap, Devika says from now there is no misunderstanding, there will be love only. Saket tells Navi that DEvika pointed knife at him and was telling me that she wont let anything happen to her husband and will save him at any cost, Navi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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