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Scene 1
Manju says to Parmindar that i dont think that Devika will comeback and i will set Navi with Ravi, she is very rich, she has crores with her, i feel Navi loves Ravi, she cares about him alot, she respects me alot, she keep calling me, Navi will listen to me and she has so much money, we will just sit and eat, Parmindar says it means you have decided everything beforehand? Manju says yes, she prays that Devika should not comeback and Navi becomes my daughter in law, i will get everything, she smirks.
Sakshi says to Monty that who would have done it? Monty says i doubted Saket but i am not sure, Sakshi says i feel Navi is behind all this, she is always behind Ravi, its obvious that she likes Ravi, today my doubt got confirmed, she tells him how she saw Navi tearing Devika and Ravi’s

picture, she says i didnt tell Ravi as i am not sure, Navi is rich, she can take action against Ravi, Monty says till we dont find any proof against Navi, we have to sit quite.
Its morning, Navi comes to Ravi’s house. Manju welcomes here, she makes Navi sit, Manju says you have come on right time, she says i will bring breakfast for you, Navi says i dont drink tea, i drink green tea, Manju even i like green color, she aks Sakshi to bring green tea, Sakshi leaves, Navi asks where is Ravi? Manju says Ravi is going mad behind Ravi, he went last night and didnt come till now, Ravi comes here, Manju says she was talking about you only, Ravi comes, Manju makes him sit beside Navi, she says till when you will keep finding Devika? dont burn your blood, police will find her, i feel Devika had some enemy who kidnapped her, dont know what they will do with Devika, you can come in trap too, what if something happens to you? we dont know Devika will return or not, you cant stop living, Ravi says i will leave life, he shouts that i will die without her, he leaves, Navi thinks that Ravi has gone mad, what should i do about him? Manju says Devika has made Ravi mad, i pray that something happens to her and he gets free from her, Navi thinks that she is right, i have to free Ravi from devika and i will do that work, Navi says to Manju that Ravi will become normal, Saket calls Navi, before Sakshi could see at her phone, Navi takes her phone and says i have important call, she says i have to leave, she leaves, Sakshi thinks that whose call it might be that she took phone so suddenly?
Ravi comes in his room, he breakdown in tears and starts crying, he recalls their moments together, he looks at Devika’s picture, Ravi cries and says Devika i will find you, i dont know how but i will find you somehow, i wont let anything happen to you, you used to look so good when you used to smile, he recalls flashback, Devika says to Ravi that we have to do small stuff today, we will go to shopping for you, you need clothes, she says i am not finding my earrings here, i know you have hidden it, you were standing here, Ravi says i dont have it, Devika says dont waste my time, i have work, give me earrings, Ravi says what if i dont give it to you? Devika says i knew you had earrings, Ravi says take it, Ravi shows earring beside him under cushion, Devika comes closer and fights with him to take earring, she says i will keep my things hidden now, she take off cushion and doesnt find earring there, she says its not there then where it is? Ravi comes closer and shows earring in his hand, she says it was with you? you were teasing me, Ravi puts it in ear, it hurts her, Devika says you do everything deliberately, Ravi says i did mistake, i am sorry, Devika laughs and says only you can fool me? i fooled you now, Ravi runs behind her, he grabs her, DEvika says you couldnt do it, you wanted to make me wear earring and i didnt allow you, Ravi says i did all this so that you come closer to me which you are, Devika gets shy and leaves from there, fb ends, Ravi cries.
Devika is crying at godown, she says where are you Ravi? please take me from here, we used to live together but today i am alone here, i want to come to you, i want to tell you how much i love you, now i realize how much i love you, i cant live without you, i want to spend whole life with you, i couldnt even say that i cant live without you, you are my life, she says i dont know how i will live from here but Ambe maa please send me to my Ravi, i want my Ravi, i dont want anything else, just send me to my Ravi, sadqe tere plays.

Scene 2
Navi comes to Saket, he asks where did you go? Navi says i went to see Ravi crying for Devika, Saket says Ravi is going mad behind me, he thinks that i have kidnapped DEvika, he would have killed me today. Flashback shows Saket coming in car on some road, he finds Ravi there, he says what Ravi is doing here? he messages goon that be careful, fb ends. Saket says i saved myself today but Ravi is so much angry, he has gone behind Devika, we are wasting time, he will keep finding Devika, you wont get anything, Navi break things and says if Ravi is mad than i am more mad, DEvika cant win over me, she wont get Ravi from me, Saket says control yourself, Navi says we have only one way to get out of all this and that is to kill Devika, Saket is shocked, Saket says are you mad? i told you to not go out of control else i will be bad with you, Navi says its time to cross all lines, Saket says i will see what you do.
Goon says to other goon that we are getting tired of keeping her here, what they want? goon says boss is going that she is saving you, she is mad to kidnap her, Devika thinks that they are thinking that i am sleeping, thats why they are talking so much, they should take name of boss, goon gets call from Navi, he goes out. Navi guides something to goon, goon says what we have to kill that girl? she nods, he says okay your work will be done, he ends call. Goon comes to other goon and says give me knife, goon gives to other goon, Devika open her eyes, goon says we will finish her story today, Devika is shocked.

PRECAP- Monty comes to Ravi and says come out, Ravi comes in lounge, Addy reads note, it says that Devika is being killed, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. That cant be true….if devika dies then the serial will die…i think its just another prank

  2. uff ban this stupid devi maa types dramas…. promoting stupid indian culture nd fake hinduism.

    1. And muslims like u knw only to promote terrorism and hatred in the name of God
      learn to take other religion names with respect
      actually people like you should b bannd

      1. And Hindus also know to how to make ” Ghar Wapsi” and kill muslims for fake accusations of beef eating.

    2. Instead of serials u type of people u be banned.. u arent disrespcting hinduism but also Islam u r shwing hw low standard nd third grd prson u r…

      1. hey @dude now stop cliche preachings abt ur outdated beleifs finally plzz dnt giv it a name calld hinduism crap things k mind u

  3. nice epi

  4. O miss rahasya just back off 4m dis k wtevr i told was my opinion k so plz dnt flatter abt ur undefined hinduism hre mam

    1. mr wtevr you are!! Opinion about the serial is most welcome but not about any caste, religion, gender or any particular community. to say franky muslims like you have many misunderstanding about themselves and their religion. What u told is correct bt d way told is wrong completely wrong and it should b written like this Yes “Hinduism is an Undefined religion”. Love, joy, happiness and devotion cant b defined but only be felt. these emotions are out of your capablity dont over estimate yourself SIR

      1. Hi dear Rahasya and Raunak, i want to say that i’m a muslim also and i agree with you on some point… but, every human being is different. Even if two people have the same religion, they actually are two different people with different knowledge and thoughts. If a french psychopath (for example) kills innocent people, and make atrocities, i think you’ll agree with me when i’m saying that all french people are not like that… so it’s the same with muslims and hindus… terrorism has no religion!
        i just want to promote peace between us all because we all are brothers and sisters in humanity and every religion has its own beauty…
        (hope this comment won’t hurt you in any way)

  5. Oh no!!what’s this?? Devika can’t die..

  6. I don’t think devika will die ..maybe saket might help find her as he got scared when navi said she was going to have her killed n please discuss serial n not religion

  7. hi, seriously, when will Ravi get proofs about Devika’s location!!! can’t see them falling apart ;(

    1. Hi imane even I dont want argue about a particular religion. I know every person has certain way of culture and tradition. You, me and everyone are close to it but when others say negative about it. It really irritates naa. I knw a person just performing 5 times namaz cant be a real Muslim and also a person who recites holy mantras can be a true Hindu. In my reply to tat fellow also I didnt mention every one. I told some people thats all
      I also never wanted to hurt anyone

  8. @rafael ha ha ha now this is really funny. your saying in such a way that Muslims dont do forced conversion. Mughals are famous for this right. I dont need to say more on this I think.
    I am saying once again that I am not blaming every one. Even I have very good Muslim friends who made their religious secondary and showed humanity towards me. And there also other name sake Muslims who kill innocent people in the name of Jihad.

  9. And finally you @raunak dont you dare to say anything against any religion. It’s a feeling million follwers. Whatever religion may be it never thought to insult or hurt others beliefs. I dont understand why some Muslims hate Hindus and want to convert them to their religion.
    I am mentioning again that I am not saying about all Muslims.

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