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Scene 1
Ravi asks Devika why she has tears in her eyes? i am sorry if i said something wrong, i thought i should confess about my love for you thats why said everything, he wipes her tears and says you dont look good with tears in your eyes so dont cry, Devika takes rose from him and says thank you, Ravi says thank you and offers his hand, he says if you found truth in my words then will you dance with me? she gives her hand in his, he thanks her for believing him. Saket comes to hotel. Manager stops him, Saket says i want to go inside, manager says private lunch is going inside, Saket says i am Saket Kapoor, i will close your shop, Saket goes inside. Ravi and Devika are closely dancing with each other to Jab tak song. Saket comes there and sees them in each others arms. Devika lovingly gazes at

Ravi, Ravi hugs from behind and says you didnt reply to my proposal. Saket thinks that today is important, there is change in plan, Ravi is going to die, now Ambika. Ravi caresses Devika’s face and kisses her forehead, Saket is jealous seeing it. Ravi holds Devika’s hand again and dances with her, Saket leaves. Ravi says dont take stress, i didnt come for answer to my proposal, i just came to tell my heart thing that i love you a lot, Devika turns to leave leave but Ravi holds her hand, he says its okay, dont give answer but dont go away, i will wait for your face, he hugs her, Devika is tensed, she hugs him and thinks that i wish i could tell you that i love you, maybe even more deeper, i love you but i cant say it.
Nivi is tensed and says Ravi and Ambika have not returned and Saket have not come too. Monty comes there, Nivi asks work in office, he says everything is fine, i wanted to talk about Manju aunty’s case, if you give me permission, then can i talk to lawyer? Nivi says i will talk to lawyer, you should work in office, stay out of other things, Monty says i have relation with her, i cant concentrate on work, Manju has raised me up, she is in trouble and you want me to relax, you are our family member, Manju was always with you and supported you, how can you ignore her in this situation? this is selfish, you should help her, this is wrong, Nivi is about to blast him but thinks that Monty is on my side, i need him, she says you are right Monty, i should free Manju, i didnt do it because i was busy in business, dont worry, you have told me and now i will try to free her, Monty says i am so happy to listen it, i am sorry for misunderstanding you, Nivi says dont worry, she will return soon, Monty thanks her and leaves, Nivi thinks that i have to be careful, only few people are on my side, if i have to free Manju from jail for Monty, then i will try it.
Ravi and Devika are in car, Ravi says you should get reward for being silent for so much time, you are not eating my ears, this day should be written in history, you know i dont like when you are silent, Devika says i can stay silent but you cant, Ravi says i want to look at your smile, Devika says you think your rant will make me smile? Ravi says if you stay silent, kids think you are are scary, Devika says you know you always look like cartoon, Ravi says you are calling me joker on our lovely romantic date, Ravi says i am still waiting for your answer, Devika says i need time to answer it, dont ask me again and again, i feel weird, Ravi says i was joking, you dont worry, i dont need your answer, i mean give it when you want, i am happy that i told you about my feelings, i was thinking about telling you how much i love you, i happy, you cant answer anytime you want but dont forget that someone is there to love you. Ravi says dont get serious, i will sing song for you, Devika says have you gone mad? Ravi says let me try, Ravi starts raping saying i will live my life with my kachkach, Devika says now listen to radio, Devika switches on radio, Marjiya song plays, they both look at each other and laugh, Ravi says even God is with me today, i didnt plan this song. Ravi sees someone’s car broken on road. He sees its Saket’s car. Saket comes to them, Ravi says you here? Saket says its good i met you, my car brokedown, can you give lift? Devika says sure, Ravi looks at her, Saket sits in backseat, they leave. Saket asks where did you both go? Saket says we went to official meeting, Saket recalls they being close and dancing and thinks that he is lying to me. Saket says to Devika that if you need any help in meetings then tell me, Devika says thank you, she looks at Ravi and says our meeting went nicely, Saket thinks that she is lying to me too, did she start loving Ravi too? i have to remove Ravi out of way soon. Ravi stops car and says Saket your home, Saket thanks him and goes out of car. Devika says Saket left his phone in car. Ravi comes out of car and gives phone to Saket, Saket asks if you are taking care of Ambika? Ravi says she is my wife, you dont need to say anything and keep your eyes to yourself, i will take out your eyes, Saket stares ambika and smirks, Ravi says you will be in trouble, Saket says i always play with troubles and i can bring troubles to you too, Devika asks Ravi to come and drive, Ravi goes to car and drives away.

Scene 2
Nivi is in police station, Manju says i knew you would come to save me, i always supported you and made you look innocent infront of Ravi, we are both thieves so we will be be each others side, when are you freeing me? Nivi says i asked lawyer but lawyer said your case is weak, i am trying, Manju says what is this try? i cant stay here, Nivi says no one asked you to kidnap Janki, why you dreamt of becoming queen when you dont have guts? you deserve to be here, Manju says i will tell your truth to Ravi, next week is my hearing in court, if you dont free me then i will tell judge that you planned Janki’s kidnapping not me, Nivi says you know i didnt plan it, how can you lie? Manju says this is my threat, if you dont free me then i will turn you in too, Nivi leaves.
Its morning, all are at breakfast table, Ravi asks Devika where she is lost? Nivi asks everything okay? you can share with us, Devika says i am fine, i dont feel like eating, Vikas says breakfast is important, Ravi says even doctors say that we should eat breakfast, Devika says i will eat later, Ravi says i will make you eat, she cuts apple for her and makes her eat with his hands, Nivi is burning in jealousy seeing them, Nivi thinks that i deny eating most of time but Ravi never insist for me to eat. Monty comes there and says we have got best construction award, Nivi says Ravi handled this project, Vikas congratulates Ravi. Nivi hugs Ravi and congratulates him, Devika is jealous seeing it, Ravi thinks that she is jealous seeing me with Nivi, she doesnt tell me her heart thing but gets jealous seeing me with other girls, this is good idea to make her say I love you, he hugs Nivi back and thanks her, Devika looks away seeing it. Nivi says we will arrange party for this celebration, she asks Devika what she thinks? Devika says yes we should have party, Nivi asks Monty to arrange party, Devika thinks that i have to be alert, Nivi can plan something against me, i have to be careful of Monty too, he can be on her side too.

PRECAP- Janki says to Devika that that party is just excuse to kill you, Nivi wants you dead. Saket and Nivi comes to another hitman, Saket gives Ravi’s photo to him and asks him to kill that person, he doesnt let Nivi see picture who thinks he is giving contract to kill Ambika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode. Loved Ravi and Devika romancing together. Good that foolish Saket got jealous. He is fool to think that he can kill Ravi. Devika will support Ravi. And he will be protected. I really hope that nothing happens to him. But maybe in a way it’s good if he gets hurt but doesn’t die. Perhaps Devika will realize that Ravi is not her murderer and she will support him. Yes, this is best way to prove to Devika that Ravi is innocent. Although writers only have one idea to kill Ravi and Devika. They keep on using the “hitman ” and “party” idea. Can’t they ever think of any other idea to give Nivi and Saket to kill Devika and Ravi. My father was laughing that again they are partying. He thinks that this is only drama which has thousand parties. He is right. I can’t wait for Ravi Devika reunion. I just hope that Devika uses this as chance to punish Nivi and Saket. She should somehow learn the truth that Nivi and Saket used hitman . To kill Ravi. Just like how she found out about Shwetas secret and she should use it against them, this will be perfect…

  2. Ok I get that Ravi likes to see best in people but this is totally going overboard. God know what happens to devika’s brains. At this point I don’t really care what happened to devika coz despite of her acting all high and mighty, she does not deserve ravi. She never did. It has been ravi all this time who has taken their marriage vows seriously. Devika just jumps the ship at first chance and treats ravi lbadly by hurting him over and over. This is like a definition of an unhealthy relationship where devika’s trust is so fickle. She does not have an ounce of brain otherwise after all this time, she would have figured out that Ravi loves devika too much to ever hurt her.

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