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Scene 1
Rekha prays to Ambe maa and says what is happening with my innocent daughter Sakshi, she prays to set everything right for her, Sakshi comes there and ask Rekha if she did right by saying no to Saket’s proposal? Rekha says yes you used your right and you cant be forced, i am with you in your decision, Sakshi have sigh of relief, she hugs Rekha, Rekha ask her to not worry, she will talk to Savitri too, trust your mother, what you want will happen, Sakshi thinks that how can i think about myself by hurting Rekha? Rekha is ready to take my side by going against everyone and i was thinking about myself only by saying no for this marriage.
Manju is waiting for Devika and Ravi to return, Ravi comes there, Manju ask if property work is done? he says yes, Manju ask where is Devika? Ravi

says she has gone to meet her family, he leaves, Manju says she must be celebrating victory of getting property.
Ravi is sitting in his room, Devika comes there, Ravi ask why you got so late in coming? what happened there that Pallavi called you urgently, Devika says i dont need to tell you anything, Ravi says i will call Rekha else tel me what new scheme Saket is planning? Devika says Saket is not like you who will keep planning and plotting against anyone, Saket was nice and will remain nice to you my family, Ravi ask what Saket did there? Devika says Saket did what is the right thing, he has given proposal to marry Sakshi, Ravi is shocked and says this cant be true, this cant happen, he hates Sakshi, he doesnt like her at all and i have seen them fighting too then how can he ask to marry her, there is something wrong, Devika says yes, something is wrong, Ravi says thank god you understood that Saket is wrong, Devika asys i am not talking about Saket but you, your intentions are wrong, Saket knows my family is in problem and they need him thats why he had kept his liking aside and got ready for marriage, Ravi says only you think Saket is nice, i am sure your family must have said no to this proposal, Devika says sorry to tell you but such a nice proposal has come to our family, why will my family say no to it? Saket is very nice person, he respect my family, he will keep Sakshi happy, Ravi says like he kept his girlfriend Ananya? Devika says dont cook up stories, you could never prove your stories right, Ravi says that doesnt mean that those stories are not true, Devika says you are not truthful, you have always cooked stories to make me fool but i will not get fool now, Ravi says why dont you understand that Saket is not good person, he is trying to break our marriage, he does everything so i will look bad infront of you anf your family, trust me, Devika sys why should i trust you? you have always broken my trust not Saket, Sake has always done good for my family, its you couldnt prove anything, what are you thinking that if Saket gets married to Sakshi then you wont be able to use Sakshi for your benefit or you wont be able to bring Monty back to make up your image, Ravi thinks that Saket have double crossed everyone, he showed Devika that i am liar and now marrying Sakshi to look good infront of all, Devika ask Ravi to answer her, Ravi says why should i answer you? why you need my explanation? you know that i am liar, cheater etc then why you need my answer? let it be, he leaves angrily, Devika says Ravi is angry because he cant see my Family getting respect back, he is frustrated that everything is becoming right for my family, i was fool to think that Ravi wants happiness for my family, its good that his real face has come to fore that he wants to destroy my family, i will not trust him now as his one more reality has come forward.
Ravi thinks that how can this be possible? Sakshi hates Saket then how can she agree to marry him, he recalls how Sakshi said once to him that she doesnt like Saket at all, and how she said that Devika should not marry Saket, Ravi says Sakshi doesnt like Saket at all then how she got agree to marry him?
Devika is waiting for Ravi at night, she recalls how Ravi said that Saket is not good person, she says why Ravi hasnt come to sleep? what he is upto now? what he must be planning? i cant allow him to create any problem, i will tell him that this marriage is important for my family and he shouldnt create any problem, i have to talk to him, DEvika comes out of her room and calls out Ravi’s name, Manju comes and ask what are you doing here? Devika says i am finding Ravi, he came in room but left again, dont know where he is gone
Savitri says to her family that Sakshi can say whatever she wants but we have to do this marriage, we will do simple marriage, Rekha ask Palavi did she talk to Sakshi about this matter? she says no, Savitri says to Shekhar that take Rekha and meet Saket’s mother, bell rings, Pallavi opens door and its Ravi, Ravi thinks that all are in lounge, how can i meet Sakshi now? Ravi says deviak forgot some property papers in her room, can i go to take it? Rekha says yes, go, Savitri thinks if he has come with some other motive. Ravi comes in Sakshi’s room, Sakshi says Ravi jeeju you? Ravi says i am sorry to disturb you but i have come here to ask what is happening here? is it true that Saket has proposed to marry you and your family has accepted it, why are you silent? Sakshi says leave it, this is my fate, Ravi says i wanna know why did you agree for you this marriage, i wanna help you, Sakshi says you wanna help me as i helped you once? wanna equal scores? Ravi says you are thinking wrong, you are DEvika’s sister and you mean alot to me, you were the one who made me realize that i love Devika, if you will be happy then Devika will be happy too which i want, you are like my young sister and i know your life will be destroyed by marrying Saket, so tell me whats the truth? i wont let my sister’s life get destroyed, Sakshi cries and hugs Ravi, Savitri sees this and shouts whats happening here?

PRECAP- Rekha tells Devika that Savitri saw Ravi hugging Sakshi, Savitri says he came in house with excuse that he wants some papers, he went to Sakshi’s room and was hugging her inappropriately, Devika is shocked and falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Devika is such a big fool. When she will realise everything ravi would be too far from her.

  2. gharat mangal

    such a superb serial but devika doing overacting

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