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Scene 1
Goons are searching for Devika on road, she is hiding behind table and thinks what to do? they are coming here only? how to go out from here? dont know if these are only two goons or more behind them, i should call Maa so she can come here fast. She calls Janki but doesnt get through the call, she thinks that goons are near me, what if they see me hidden here?
Ravi is waiting for Devika at her house, he says why she is taking so much time? i am feeling weird, is her car broken down? how can she be so late coming home, wind blows and Devika’s picture falls off from table, Ravi looks at photo and says i am feeling tensed, like something wrong is happening, Devika comeback soon, he puts photo on place and calls Ambika but her number is switched off, he says i have come to take her

back in my life not to lose her, dont think negative Ravi, once she comes back then i will be relieved, he calls her again but her number is off, he says Ambika doesnt do it, he is tensed.
Devika tries to call Janki but her phone is not working, she is hiding behind pillar from goons. Goons are searching near her, they go to otherside. Devika runs away from there, goons see her and runs behind her. Devika comes to some passerby and says some goons are behind me, help me, passerby says that she must have runaway from house, her family must be finding her, Devika says no i am not lying, please help me, i am in danger, passerby leaves from there. Devika hides behind truck seeing goons with guns. She says how to get out of this now? Ambe Maa help me. She sees beggars sitting on road, she sits on road with them and covers herself with blanket. Goon is searching on same road, they dont see her, Devika thinks that i have to be hidden till Maa doesnt come here, i will be saved when she comes. One woman gives parsad to Devika, Devika extends her hand to take it, Goon sees gold jewelry on her hand and thinks that she is not beggar. He comes to her and removes blanket from her face, Devika is shocked and tries to run from there but goons capture her, puts blanket on her face and takes her from there.
Ravi is feeling anxiety for Devika, he calls Devika again.
Goons put Devika in jeep and drives away from there. Devika’s phone rings, she thinks that it must be Maa. Goon says some Ravi is calling her, Devika thinks that i should shout to let him know i am in trouble, goon cuts her phone and throws sim out of her phone. Ravi tries to call her again but phone is switched off now.
Saket is waiting for his goons. He recalls his moments with Devika and says fate has given me Devika back, now she will be mine. Goon Jogindar calls him and says we have done hunting, prey is in our net now, Saket says tell me clearly, goon says you told me to not take her name but if you say then let me tell you we have kidnapped Devika, we are taking her to godown, he ends call. Devika thinks that who must have done this? someone has kidnapped Devika not Ambika, Ravi cant talk to them from my house, Nivi thinks i am Ambika, she recalls how Saket called her Devika, she thinks that i am sure, Saket has done this, he was calling me Devika.
Saket thinks that i have good luck, i did so much to get Devika, even killed her but fate is with me, she is coming back to me, she maybe using different name but she is Devika, and her fake mother will get shocked that her daughter is kidnapped and more shocked when she will know that i married her fake daughter.

Scene 2
Ravi says she could have scolded me but she should pick her phone, he calls her again but its switched off, he says i wont go till i dont get my answers, will she accept that she is Devika? she doesnt know how desperate i am. He looks at her picture and caresses it, he says i should talk to Janki. Janki comes there and says Ambika is in trouble, maybe someone is trying to kidnap her, Ravi says what?
Goons’ car strikes with veggie stall. Shopkeeper scolds them and asks for money. Other goon says to Devika to not move out of car, they leave car. Devika tries to open car door. Goons are busy in fight with shopkeeper. Goon points gun at shopkeeper and asks him to leave. Devika comes out of car and starts running, goons run behind her and catches her, she says leave me. Rekha is on same road and sees Devika. She says Devika? she runs behind goons and ask them to leave her. Goons puts Devika in car and drives away from there, Devika thinks chachi save me please, Rekha loses car, and says who are these men? she cries and says dont know where they took Devika. Devika in car thinks that Rekha chachi must be worried and tensed seeing me like this, i cant fight these three goons, sorry Chachi, i never gave you anything but pain.
Janki says to Ravi that she went to mandir, she called me and told me some goons were behind her, she tried to call me again but i couldnt take it, Ravi asks which mandir? Janki says near bus stand, Ravi says lets leave then, Janki says i will inform police, Ravi says no it can be dangerous for her life, Janki says yes, they leave from there.
Goons bring Devika to some godown, she tries to fight them. Goon says to her that dont try to run again, Devika says why you are doing this? goon says we are loyal, we dont answer people who we kidnap, Devika says i will give you more money than your boss, Goon says you are trying to bribe me? Devika says i will give you money as much as you want, i will give you jobs too, goon says what will we do about money or job when we will die? our boss is evil, he will kill us and our families too, dont worry, our boss is coming to meet you, Devika says your boss is a man right? Goon whispers to other goon to not talk to her, she is clever. Goon covers Devika’s mouth and puts her in a room. Goon says to Devika that dont try to act smart if you want to live, you cant runaway from here, if you do then you will die, i will kill you and will send your deadbody to boss.

PRECAP- Goon comes in godown and sees Devika not in room. Devika is trying to leave godown but goons run behind her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Okay so far I have decided to take a break from this show. It’s just all about the kidnapping story so I don’t know how long this will take but It better not be long!! I will be so angry if it does!!

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  6. Disgusting
    Devika can never be Ambika
    And that kidnapping
    Just stop

  7. Very disappointing

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