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Scene 1
Ravi comes to Anuja and ask her to come as he is getting late, she says i will go myself, you go to office, Ravi leaves jewelry shop. Saket comes to Devika and ask you here? she says i came her to buy jewelry, he says i will drop you on bike, she says but Dadi? he sys Dadi will not say anything, Devika is skeptical but sit behind him on bike, he ask her to hold him else you will falll, he holds her hand but his finger gets cut due to Devika’s ring she is wearing, he says be comfortable, i am your would be husband, Ravi comes out, Saket says you here, are you behind my would be wife, Ravi says i have other important work too, Saket says you will be good bodygaurd, rAvi says then i wil have to save her first from you, Devika looks on, he says just joking, Saket starts bike, Ravi sees Devika’s

dupatta getting stuck in tyre, RAvi runs behind her, she looks at him and thinks why he is running behind bike like this, Devika falls from bike but Ravi holds her in arms in time, Saket is shocked and thinks to take class of Ravi, he ask Devika are you fine, she says yes, Ravi takes off Devika’s dupatta from bike and says next time i will not save you, Saket thanks him, she looks at him and silently says thank you, he nods, Sadqe tere, Devika sit on bike and leaves.
Saket brings Devika to some office, Saket says i have some important work, you got for interview, Devika says dont worry, i will give interview, you go, he says you are so understanding, i will come to pick you up, just call me, she says i dont have mobile, he says i will gift you one, she starts leaving, he wishes her luck, she leaves, Saket comes to interviewer, he ask Saket to get out, peon tells interviewer that he is MLA, interviewer says sorry, Saket shows him Devika sitting outside, interviewer says dont worry, she will get this job, Saket says listen carefully, this girl should not get job at any cost, interviewer says ok.
Ravi comes in his office, sees Ambe maa’s idol and recalls Devika praying to her, Ravi ask peon to removes this idol from here, place is somewhere else, there are people like her who pray to her, peon says who? Ravi leaves. Ravi comes in cabin and says dont know why i am not concentrating on work, he finds Ambe Maa’s picture, looks otherside, he finds idol in his cabin, he calls peon and ask why is it here? peon says i will remove it, Ravi ask peon did you talk that girl? peon ask who? the one because of whom you got this job? Ravi sys what? peon says i saw myself, she destroyed her design by pouring ink on them, i asked her why you are doing this? she says its Mata’s wish, Ravi recalls how Devika’s design had ink on it, Peon says she was Mata wants to bless someone else, Ravi recalls how Devika was saying to him that Mata writes fate of everyone, you believe it or not.

Scene 2
Savitri says that there are alot fo work remaining in Ajay’s marriage, she says to Dada that you just keep sitting at one place, she leaves. Devika comes there and says to dada that i went for three interviews but didnt get job, dont know what to do, Savitri comes and says now your dreams will see reality, stop thinking about job and do work of house, she says Tanu’s parents are paying for food in marriage so my not do roka of Devika and Saket(saqaid), Devika is shocked and says one day is remaining for me to find job, Savtri says but you will be busy in marriage so stop thinking about job, i will inform Saket.
Ravi thinks why will she destroy her designs? she was confident about getting job and she wanted to get this job as she didnt want to marry, it was her dream and she sacrificed it for me? how can someone do like this for a stranger, she has helped me so now i will help her, he comes to reception and ask abotu her address, she says all interview registrations data is deleted, Ravi is tensed.
Savitri calls Saket and informs him that Devika didnt get job so i want to Roka tomorrow you have any problem? Saket is happy and says i have no problem but Devika should be ready too, Savitri says she is smiling thinking about Roka, she is excited, just come tomorrow on time, he says ok and ends calls, he says marriage rituals has started, now soon she will be mine, i will win. Rekha sys to Savitri that cant you see Devika? she is not happy, cant you see there is no smile on her face, she is your daughter only, will you send her out of house like this? Savitri says first see your daughters, Pallavi is out of control and there is no news about Sakshi, Devika is motherless child but i have take her responsibility, Saket is her future for sure, Atal(Devika’s father) is coming tomorrow, he will listen to me, she leaves.
Pallavi says to Devika that you should talk to Saket, he is not against job, she says i dont want marry now, i feel that i should not have left that job because of Ravi, Pallavi says talk to him, maybe he will leave job, Devika sys he needs job too, its useless to talk to him and where will i find him, Ravi comes in that street only, Devika with Pallavi is in balcony, Ravi thinks how can i forget that she is granddaughter of Savitri with whom mother keep on fighting, if mother gets to know i am thinking to help her then she will not leave, Dupatta falls from Devika’s hand on street, Ravi sees it and looks up to find Devika standing.

PRECAP- Saket says to Ravi i was finding you only, i wanted t invite you, Ravi ask for waht? Saket says tomorrow i my Roka with Devika, Ravi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Savitri dadi is just too much. And Devika an educated girl needs to stand up for her own right n wishs. She is an arthitect yet she cant speak up infront of Saket n her family. We all believe in god and believe that god will point our life in right direction whoever we cant expect god to come and fight our battles. Ravi is right Devika needs to speak up n speak up loud n clear

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