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Scene 1
Savitri says to Devika that you went this cheap guy and his family now, they are maligning your sister’s respect, you have to decide now if you will be with this cheap family or you will stand with us for your innocent sister, Devika thinks, she goes and stand with Savitri, Ravi looks at her in surprise, Savitri gives winning look to Ravi.
Rekha is getting worried for Sakshi, she says to Pallavi that i want to go to police station, Pallavi thinks that her health can deteriorate there, she says everything will be fine, all have gone there, you take medicines and do rest.
Sia comes to Navi’s room and is stunned to see wine bottle there, she says why these candle lights and all, she wakes Navi up, Navi gets afraid, Sia ask what happened? Navi says i was waiting for

you only, Sia says then why all this arrangements? did someone came here? Navi says no one, you go to sleep, Sia says i feel you are hiding something, Navi gets angry and says why you keep asking me questions? do i ask you where you go and all? go and sleep.
Savitri and Manju ask inspector to leave Monty and Sakshi, atal says to inspector that you are not listening to us, Saket comes there and looks at Devika, Savitri gets happy to see him and ask him to help them, Saket ask inspector about issue, inspector shows him pictures of Sakshi and Monty close to each other, Saket says are you mad? its clear that she is not conscious, the guy is hitting on her, she doesnt, leave her right now, Manju says if you leave this girl then you have to leave my son too, Saket says i can give guarantee of Sakshi not Monty, Manju says you are forgetting that you are our relative, Saket says you forgot too earlier, Ravi ask Manju to not listen him, trust me, i am here, i will free my brother, Saket ask inspector if anyone get caught in drugs case then what happens? inspector says its serious matter, Ravi says if you find drugs with anyone then you will say its his? this is court’s matter, let them decide and you cant keep the girl here, let her go, i can give her guarantee, Savitri says we dont need your guarantee, Saket is standing with true people, she says to Devika that you were going to palace with Saket and they took you to cheap house, she ask all to leave with Sakshi, Savitri’s family holds Sakshi and starts leaving, DEvika gives a look to Ravi and goes with them.

Scene 2
Devika is leaving police station, Ravi comes to her and stops her, DEvika says to Savitri i will comeback, she comes to Ravi and ask him to speak up fast, Ravi says i understand you are in tension seeing SAkshi but i want you to think about all this matter, how all this happened, i have nothing to say, i just want that no problem happens between two families regarding this issue, DEvika says this matter is already complicated, i am not thinking about who did it or who not but who will bear consequences? Sakshi’s respect will be maligned, someone have clicked her pictures, Ravi sways we will prove her innocence in court, DEvika says till then her image will be tarnished in society but it doesnt matter to you as you just use and throw girls like tissue paper, Devika says to Ravi that when Sakshi wil become conscious, i will ask her and if Monty is involved in all this then i am not going to leave him, she leaves with her family, Saket comes to Ravi and says how much bad it feels when your love hates you, we dont know when fate turns, my fate is in my favor, DEvika never misunderstand me cause she know my love, Ravi says truth has power, soon your cheating, your fraud will come out and then DEvika will not trust you, you can pull strings of our relation but me and DEvika are in strong relation of marriage and it will not break, your ego will be crushed one day, Saket says thanks for all this but soon i will take your wife with me then you can keep saying about this marriage vows and all, keep seeing dreams, he leaves.
Sakshi is brought to home, Rekha ask what happened to her? Savitri says you raised your girls like this? you only love your girls but dont control them, you went against me to give them freedom, Shekhar ask her to stop all this, SAvitri says she should also know about her daughter, Savitri says to Rekha that Sakshi was found with Monty in club, she was drunk and unconscious from that time, they found drugs too with them, Rekha is shocked.

PRECAP- Ravi is in tears and says that everytime something happens that take Devika away from me, i love her like crazy but she doesnt understand me, Devika is crying too otherside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I want to see how many years this serial will continue with saket villan,sakshi monty and pallavi and the romance.Is that revi forgoted about anannia.Why he is not doing anything against saket in the anannia case.If he is saying something to opposition party then saket will not even came out of house.Very nonsense serial.

  2. Ys jahangr,i totaly agreewit u.totaly nonsense.

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