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Scene 1
Ravi says these are divorce papers, Nivi says yes they are, this is only solution to dissolve this wedding, we are breaking marriage which didnt have consent of anyone, not me, not you, not Ambika wanted this wedding, Ambika you came to be part of my wedding and fell in this trouble, i am feeling bad for you and this is best solution to come out of it, you sign divorce papers and everything will be sorted, you can go home and leave all this behind, when Ravi and I get married then we will have party, Manju says this cant happen, wedding happened yesterday and you cant break it like this, Nivi says you dont have to get involved and what wrong i am saying? you didnt want Ravi and I get married? infact when Ravi didnt marry Devika, you wanted me to marry him, did you change your mind? Manju

says it was in past, Nivi says say it clearly what you want. Saket comes there and says what is happening here? all look at him, he asks what happened? it seems like something is off, he takes divorce papers from Ravi and says divorce of Ravi and Ambika? he says to Nivi that you did great, he gives papers to Ravi, Ravi puts down on table. Shweta leaves.
Shweta comes to Vikas and says you are shaving your beard here and outside drama is going on, Viaks hugs from behind and says drama goes on daily here, leave it, have time with me, Shweta says this is not time to romance, there is blast going on, Vikas says bomb will blast, stay with me, Shweta says Saket has come, Vikas says your brother comes on wrong time always, why dont you admit him in mental asylum, what he is doing here? Shweta says to Vikas that Nivi has brought divorce papers and she wants Ravi and Ambika to sign it, you will lose challenge, Vikas says its not about challenge, he goes out of room.
Nivi says Ambika i know how much you want to get rid of this relation, i also know you dont have any feelings for Ravi, Devika looks on, Nivi says sorry one thing you have for him that is hatred, i think your and Ravi’s pairing wrong, if you were conscious, you wouldnt have married him, remember you told me once that you dont have interest in Ravi, i am sorry, you must be desperate for your freedom, just sign these papers and this confusion will end, she gives papers to Devika, Devika looks on tensed, Saket thinks that Nivi is really clever, i have never seen girl like her. Nivi asks to sign, Ravi thinks that i want to yell and tell Nivi that i dont want this divorce but what reason i would give? Devika thinks that what will i tell Nivi? why i dont want to sign, Ravi says i think everything is happening in haste, we should talk first, i am not able focus, i have headache rightnow, Nivi says what happened, i know it must be giving you headache, wrong marriage happened, i know you didnt want this wedding, you dont have feelings for Ambika, you had feelings for Devika and its proven many times that she is Ambika Raichand my friend, she has life and we cant compromise it, after this divorce, we will marry and Ambika will choose her life partner and can move on, right Ambika? Ambika says yes, Nivi says sit on couch and sign papers, she tells details how to sign papers, Ambika sits down and looks at papers, Ravi thinks that i dont know if she wants to sign papers or not or if she thinks our new relation is burden and will take it off by taking divorce, today it will prove if her heart has become stone, if she doesnt have any feelings for me, Saket offers pen, he says its my lucky pen, Devika takes pen, Nivi smirks, all are tensed. Saket thinks my fox did great work, Nivi you broke marriage. Devika looks at divorce papers, Ravi stares her, she recalls her moments with Ravi, Aae dil hai mushkil plays, Devika wipes her tears, Ravi recalls his moments with Devika and his marriage with her then his marriage with Ambika. Devika starts signing papers, she has tears her in her eyes and looks at Nivi who smirks at her, she sadly looks at Ravi. Saket comes to Ravi and whispers that this is great, yesterday wedding and today divorce, now Nivi is yours and for me, its Ambika, Ravi glares him. Nivi says its lawyer’s call, she takes it and says she is signing then Ravi will sign then we will do formalities, she ends call. Shweta says to Manju that our plan is destroyed, we did so much to do this wedding and its ending before even 24hours, Manju says i feel like jumping in well, i cant see it, Shweta says our dreams are destroyed, Gurvindar thinks that i thought to open secret on right time but marriage is ending and i didnt get anything out of it. Devika recalls how Ravi said that they will be together for 14births as they married two times, how they promised each other to be together forever, she cant stop tears. Nivi asks what happened? last page is remaining, sign it then Ravi will sign, she asks Saket if he will become witness? he says it will be my pleasure, Nivi says Monty will be my second witness. Devika is about to sign when media enters house, all are shocked. Nivi asks who allowed you inside? reporter says we got news that wedding which supposed happen yesterday, it got cancelled, this is breaking news for you, other reporter asks if its true that Ravi and Ambika’s wedding is getting cancelled today? which happened yesterday only? how can you play with pious thing as marriage like this? you have to answer Nivi, Nivi is confused. Ravi and Devika stands together, Ravi looks at her. One reporter says to Ravi that you are making record of breaking wedding even before 12hours, you have left foreigners behind, why you are doing this? one reporter asks Janki if she agrees with this fastest divorce? are you so advance that you dont care about your daughter? you know this is breaking news, are these your values? Nivi says what is this nonsense? she tries to push them out, she says what is this bulshit? reporter says what is happening here is shocking, Nivi says why you are involving in our personal matter? reporter says we have right to bring truth out, why you are shouting? you wanted to marry Ravi but someone swapped bride and Ambika married Ravi, reporter says you want this marriage to break so you can marry Ravi, marriage is not joke that you can break and do it anytime you want, why you are silent now? Reporter starts reporting that this Nivi doesnt follow any religion or rituals, she thinks that marriage is game, the drama of divroce is created by her too, we will get involved as this is against humanity, we will give you more news. Nivi says stop it, this is all lie, you all will regret, we will sue you. Reporter says you are threatening us. Reporter reports that Ambika is being forced to get divorced, and that man Ravi is ready to break his wedding even before 12hours, Ravi and Devika are embarrassed.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that with your one answer, honor of both of our families will be saved, Devika asks what will she say? Ravi says that you love me, Devika looks at him surprised.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Vikas called the reporters. When this track going to end?

  2. This never ending circus!! I’m bored now. Don’t watch, I only read update, now and then ,no matter how long I stay away from this forum, the story is still stuck in the same scenario, seems like I’ve missed nothing.

  3. I didn’t watch or read updates for 2 weeks. I came back today and nothing has really changed.

  4. I think janki called the reporters or someone who overheard telling saket she has a plan
    Same here don’t watch as never ending saga.

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