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Scene 1
All are enjoying Mehndi ceremony, Rekha thinks why Savitri is eyeing Devika? did she mix anything in Devika’s Mehndi, she stops Mehndi applier and says dont apply mehndin on Devika’s hands with this cone, she brings another cone and gives to applier, Mehndi applier starts applying Mehndi in Devika’s hands, Navi comes there and sit beside Devika, she thinks Devika will start feeling itchy, she will scream in pain as Mehndi will start reacting, she ask Devika how she is feeling? Devika says nice, Mehdni applier ask Devika what letter should she write in her Mehndi, Pallavi says write R in her Mehndi, her husband’s name is Ravi, Ravi smiles at her, Navi ask applier to write R in her hands too, all are shocked, Navi says my boyfriend name is Richard, she thinks why Devika’s

hands are not itching, she says why my hands are itching(the cone in which she mixed chemical was applied on her hands only), she gets up, Manju ask what happened? Navi says i am allergic to Mehndi, its itching me, she leaves, Pallav makes Ravi sit beside DEvika and ask him to find his letter R in her Mehndi.
Rekha comes to Navi and ask are your hands fine? she says yes, Navi thinks how did cones changed?
Ravi comes closer to Devika and says i found my name in her mehndi, Sadqe tere plays, Pallavi says Ravi love DEvika so much, both share eyelock.
Rekha says to Manju that i am very happy that Mehndi ceremony happened nicely, Manju says all ceremonies will go fine, she ask Navi why is she tensed? your Mehndi got destroyed as your hands are not used to it, when you will apply it for two three times then it will become fine, she sees her Mehndi and says its all burnt, she ask if Mehndi was not good? she checks Devika’s Mehndi and says its fine in her hands, color is dark too and it should be as Ravi loves her alot, Navi says i am leaving in my car, will i drop you? Ravi says i have to go somewhere, Devika says i will come after meeting my friend, Manju ask Navi to drop her then.
All family members of Savitri’s family are talking, they say ceremony happened nicely, Rekha says someone tried alot to destroy this ceremony but she couldnt succeed, there is someone who has hatred against all this, she mixed something in Mehndi so that bride’s hands will be burnt and she will wash off her Shagun’s Mehndi, Savitri ask whom you are talking about? nobody’s mehndi was destroyed, Rekah says someone’s hands got burnt but your hunt(Devika) was someone else, she got saved, she says to dada that Navi’s hands got burnt due to Mehndi as something was mixed in it, Savitri thinks that i didnt mix anything it then who did it? Rekha says Savitri mixed some chemical in Mehndi, Pallavi saw you mixing it and she told me, i changed DEvika’s cone thats why she got saved, dada ask Pallavi, Pallavi says i went to Savitri’s room and saw her mixing something in Mehndi, Savitri says i tried to mix it but i couldnt, i didnt mix anything in Mehndi, i dont agree with this marriage, i cant let wrong happening infront of me, if i had mixed anything in Mehndi then i would have accepted infront of all but dont allege me when i have not done anything.

Scene 2
Devika is walking on street and going to meet her friend, she says to herself that Ravi is crossing all lines, earlier he used to behave but now he do what he wants, Ravi is following her, some men stop Ravi and ask why is he following lady? Ravi says she is my wife, they says you are lying, you are going to eve tease her, they are about to beat him but Devika stops them and says he is my husband, all leave, Devika ask why you were following me? Ravi says its night, anyone can tease you so i was protecting you, DEvika says its you who tease me the most, lets leave from here, they leave.
Navi comes to her room, she sleeps, Ravi comes there and applies cream on her burnt hands, Awari song plays, she wakes up and says you here? she hugs him and says when you were smiling at Devika, i felt very bad, dont leave me.. it all turns out to be Navi’s imagination, Sia comes there and ask with whom you were talking? Navi says there is no one in my life, i have no boyfriend, Sia ask are you saying truth? Navi says i tell you everything, i am not lying, we will go for dinner, go get ready, Sia goes.
Sakshi looks at her Mehndi filled hands sadly, Rekha and Pallavi sees her from far, Pallavi comes to Sakshi and says to Rekha that its Sakshi’s habit to set her mood off, Sakshi says my mood is not off, Pallavi says then why didnt you see Rekha is standing here, Sakshi says i was engrossed in memories.
Rekha calls Devika, she ask Devika did she disturb her? Devika says no, why did you call at this hour of night? Rekha says i am worried about Sakshi, Devika ask did Sakshi said anything? Rekha says no but you know Sakshi is very talkative and mischievous but fromt he time her marriage is fixed, she is silent, DEvika says all this happened so fast thats why she is silent, she used to say that she would roam around with boy, will know him well only then she will marry him but fate has something else for her, she is getting married like this now, i feel you should send her with Monty, Rekha says to Devika that i feel we should send Monty and Sakshi somewhere out, why dont you go on date with Ravi? Devika is stunned, she says how can i? Rekha says why cant you, she says i will talk to Sakshi, you tell Ravi that you will go with him on date tomorrow, she ends call, Devika is tensed and says date with Ravi?

PRECAP- Devika tells Manju that Rekha thought we should send Sakshi and Monty out so that they can spend sometime with each other, she asked me and Ravi to go with them, Manju says this is very good idea, Shweta listens all this, she calls Saket and tells him everything, Saket ask her to find out where they are going on date and tell him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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