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Scene 1
Ravi looks at soft toy Devika gifted him, she asks did you like it? Ravi says you brought this for me? DEvika says you fooled me since so i thought to bring this for you, see this soft toy cries too. Ravi says i got it, why you brought this baby toy for me, this is so nice, Devika says have you gone mad? dont pretend to like it, Ravi says yo brought this just to take revenge, she says yes, Ravi says you always take revenge for my teasing but i love you so return it too, i like this gift, i know why you brought this gift for me, Devika says why? Ravi says i read your heart thing, you thought about future just two days in marriage, Devika says i dont understand, Ravi says you want babies? thats why gifting me baby toy? Ravi runs away from there. Nivi stops Devika and says happy birthday, she

gives her gift, Devika says you already gave me gift, Nivi says this is personal gift, Devika takes gift and leaves. Nivi calls Saket and says Ambika has gift which has bomb, just tell your goons to press button to blast it. Devika is following Ravi but he runs away, DEvika thinks that i should give gift back to Nivi then i should chase Ravi. Nivi thinks that soon Devika is going to die, Devika comes back and gives gift back to Nivi and says i will take it later from you, she leaves, Nivi sees gift in her hand which has bomb.
Saket asks Goons to do work, one goon says to other that he fought with Ravi, Saket says just press button on bomb and leave, Goon says i have to go in party as i am out of reach, Saket says go and blast it, they leave.
Nivi thinks bomb is in my mind, if his goons press button then i will die, she calls Saket but he doesnt pick up. Manju comes there, Nivi gives gift to her and says it has bomb, i will find Saket then i will ask him to not blast it, Manju says what to do with this bomb? am i going to die?
Devika is finding Ravi, Ravi is hiding behind curtain. Devika thinks Ravi say anything, let me just find him. baby toy starts playing, Devika listens it and sees Ravi behind curtain, she pinches Ravi, he screams, she says what happened to you? Ravi says an ant pinched me, it was you, Devika says what proof you have, he says look otherside, its there, she turns her head, Ravi kiss her on cheek, she says how dare you kiss me? Ravi says what proof you have that i kissed you? Ravi sees the two goons dressed as waiters, he thinks why they are not serving to guests?
Manju is tensed and is holding bomb in her hands. She comes to Shweta and says hold this gift, you are part of this plan so hold it, Shweta says you are elder so you should hold it, Manju gives her bomb and says you want me to die? Shweta gives it back to Manju and says dont worry, i will go and find Nivi, she leaves. Manju is tensed.
Saket comes in party and says why goon didnt blast till now? Nivi comes to him and says where were you? Saket asks what happened? Nivi says bomb is in Manju’s hands, ask your goons to not blast it, Ambika gave bomb back to me so i gave it to Manju, if blast happens then she will die, Saket says give box back to Ambika anyhow, Nivi leaves. Saket calls goon and says dont press button, goon says we did so much work and you cant even give box to right person? Saket says i will call you when box is given back to her, he ends call. Other goon says to goon that why you are getting angry on boss? we have to kill Ambika at any cost, she has to die, he takes remote and phone from him. Ravi has listened all this, goon with remote leaves, Ravi grabs other goon and says what is going on? goon says i wont tell, Ravi asks what is plan? Ravi slaps him, goon says we are contract killers, someone gave us order to kill Ambika, she is going to die.

Scene 2
Devika comes in party, Manju sees her and gives her gift, she says Nivi has given this for you, Devika asks why you seem tensed? Manju says i have work, she leaves. Devika thinks that Nivi gifted me? she is showing too much affection, i am sure, this much special gift, she is my so called best friend and my muderer.
Ravi asks goon to tell name os his boss, Ravi beats him and says tell truth, goon says we made bomb to kill Ambika, its in gift box which has blue wrapping and it is going to reach Ambika, when my friend will see it in her hand and will press button to blast bomb, Ravi says tell me name of your boss, Saket comes there and starts beating goon, he says who is trying to kill Ambika? he beats goon with stick, goon becomes unconscious, Ravi says he was going to tell name but you came inbetween, Saket says you know i cant control my anger, i am going to find his friend, he leaves. Ravi is tensed and says how to find which blue box has bomb?
Goon thinks that when i find Ambika holding bomb box, i will press button, He sees Ambika with gift box in her hands, he says let her go to corner then i will press button. Ambika is stopped by guest, goon thinks should i press it or not? guest will die with her too, guest leaves, goon is about to press button but Janki mistakenly strikes with him, remote falls from his hands. Waiter starts finding remote, Janki sees him and thinks what he is finding?
Nivi tells Saket that Ambika has box in her hands rightnow, where is your goon? Saket says Ravi caught my goon, he beat him and found out everything, goon told him that Ambika has bomb in her hands, he was about to tell that i gave them order but i beat and he fell unconcsious, be away from bomb, i will ask goon to do blast.
Janki calls Ravi, Ravi tells her that some goons has entered party, they are trying to kill Ambika, Janki says how you know? Ravi says i caught one goon, keep Ambika away from gifts, specially from blue gift, Janki says okay. She ends call and recalls how she saw waiter finding something, she thinks that he lost remote, it was for Ambika. She tries to find Ambika.
Devika is leaving with gift, goons finds remote from under couch. He sees Devika leaving with gift and thinks that her game will end now. janki sees waiter with remote. She runs towards Ambika and throws gift away from her. Goon press button, bomb blast happens but it doesnt hurt anyone as Janki has thrown it away, Devika is shocked.


PRECAP- Janki says to Ravi that i know Ambika is your wife and you care for her but at this time, we have to know who attacked her, who gave order to goons to kill, i want you Ravi to find this, Nivi is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Finally everyone is fine… but i hope devika gets to truth of ravi’s innocese

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