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Scene 1
Ravi and Devika stops a truck, truck driver has veil on face, Ravi asks for lift, he asks them to come in, Ravi and Devika sits in truck, driver says welcome, he takes off veil from face, its Dildar, Ravi and Devika are shocked, they come out of truck, goons catch them, dildar says to Ravi that now its time to say bye to world, i am going to kill you both, he points gun at them. Navi calls Dildar but he doesnt pick upl, Navi says oneside is Manju, she was making me her daughter in law and when she listened about Devika coming back, she changed her colors, i wont spare her too.
Ravi and Devika moves back from Dildar, Devika sees that they are standing near end of cliff, she tells this to Ravi, Ravi says nothing will happen, Dildar says what happened? are you afraid of falling off from

cliff? you both jump from here, i wont follow you, what happened? you have no way to go now, one side is me and my men and otherside is cliff, he says i will give you choice, if you want to get killed or want to do suicide? Ravi says you are bragging power on basis of these goons and guns? dont you remember how i pointed knife near your neck? it was just tralier, i would not leave this time, Dildar says dont show me your anger, i can listen you death voice. Saket calls Deepak, Saket asks Deepak to tell Dildar to not do anything with Ravi and Devika till i dont tell him to do so, dildar says i will talk to boss later, Deepak ends call, Saket says Dildar has gone mad, oneside all are waiting to welcome Ravi and Devika and otherside dont know what Dildar is doing with them there, i should go there and check.
Dildar says to Ravi that nobody could ever fool me, you have made me run alot and this women, Ravi says talk with respect about my wife, dildar says you have given me lots of wounds, i will take revenge for that, he says i will first kill Ravi then i will kill Devika, he says you both will be my 28th and 29th murders, Devika comes infront of Ravi, she says to Dildar that if you wanna shoot then shoot but before killing my husband, you have to kill me, i have to protect my husband till i am alive, this is my duty, Ravi says he wont do anything, come back, Devika says when a girl becomes wife then she prays to die in her husband’s arms, this is blessing from Ambe maa, dont take this chance from me, she hugs Ravi, they cry, Devika comes forward and asks Dildar to shoot, he says you both love each other alot, Dildar points gun.

Scene 2
Navi comes Manju, Manju says i have made sweets for Ravi, Navi says you were on my side, you were telling me that you will make me my daughter in law and now when Devika and Ravi are coming back, you are happy about it? Manju says yes i dont like Devika but my love for my son is greater than that, i cant tell Ravi to come in house and keep his wife outside house, he will come with his wife only, you have to be patient, let Ravi comeback only then you will be able to get closer to Ravi, she leaves, Navi says i cant be patient, she calls Dildar but his phone is switched off, she throws away things.
Dildar says okay i will kill you first, you are right, i agree with you, you want to save your husband that is your duty but i will kill you both as this is my duty, i dont understand one thing what would you do by protecting him? as after killing you, i will kill him too, he laughs and says i will do one favor on you, i will kill Ravi after killing you, this way you wont get to see your husband’s scream, are you happy now? he points gun at Devika, Ravi says to Devika that if anything happens to you then i will die there only, Devika says this is my duty, Ravi says okay i will fulfill duty of husband too, i wont let you die alone, they hold hand, Ravi asks Dildar to shoot, Saket comes near there, Saket calls Dildar and says dont do anything to Ravi, Dildar says i have chance, i can kill them both, Saket says people are doubting me and Navi, if you kill them by shooting then it will be murder case, Dildar says they know about many things, they should not remain alive, Saket says thats what i am saying, kill Ravi but in such a way that it should look like accident, he ends call, Dildar comes to Ravi and Devika and says boss has ordered me to leave you both so i am sparing your lives, he says to goons that lets leave, Ravi is stunned.
PRECAP- Ravi and Devika are standing on road, dildar comes there in truck, he hits Ravi with truck, Ravi falls down injured, Devika is shocked.

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  1. When is this track ending? Does Ravi die? Are they copying Na Aana Iss Desh Laddo where surya was hit in the same way?

  2. Plzzz end this track soon !it’s too boring

  3. Got boring now. How many days are they running illogically?

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