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Scene 1
Devika says to Nivi that when psychiatrist was asking you questions,it felt like you have chosen some wrong path, you have done wrong with someone, maybe fate has chosen me to teach you lesson, i dont know what you did but you must have done something really bad, right now just sign these papers. Nivi says that i will sign them but first i will talk to my lawyer, Devika says fine and i am directly going to bank then, she starts leaving but Manju stops her and says please listen Amkbika ji, you have tea and calm down, just please be patient, she gives tea to Devika but mistakenly throws it on her dress, Devika is irritated, Manju says i am so sorry, i did mistake, Devika goes to washroom, Shweta says to Manju that Devika has given 2nd birth as Ambika to take revenge from you, Manju says but she

came in 9months, Shweta says she is Devi maa’s identity,she wont spare you, Manju gets tensed.
Ravi comes in room and recalls how Nivi talked about Devika’s death day, Ravi thinks that what connection Nivi have with DEvika? Nivi is going mad after seeing Ambika, i feel like i was about to know some big secret, it was common trip for Nivi but why she called it her biggest day? Devika was hurdle in Nivi’s way then she should be happy about that day but she calls it negative day.
Devika comes out washroom and sees Sakshi’s room,she recalls how she met Sakshi earlier, she thinks that i want to meet Sakshi once but what if anyone sees us, they will doubt me but i wont get peace without seeing her. Jyoti goes in Sakshi’s room with food, Devika hides there,Jyoti leaves door open.Devika comes to room and sees Sakshi eating food. She comes to Sakshi and makes her eat with her hands, she says to Sakshi what are you doing in this room? try to remember anything, see i am Devika, Sakshi cries and tries to say something but is not able to talk properly, she cries, Sakshi says my Devika di will come, Devika says i will tell her to take you from here, i wont let you stay here, she will take you from soon. Jyoti comes there, Devika says to you left door opened, Nivi would have gotten angry on you,she leaves, Jyoti says who was she? she must be Devika,why would Ambika make Sakshi eat with her hands? her eyes were wet too,i pray that she is DEvika and saves her sister from here, i dont care about Nivi,i am so happy, i hope that she takes her from here, Nivi is mad.
Monty comes to Rekha’s house, Pallavi welcomes him, Monty says i came to meet Rekha,Pallavi says she is not at home, Monty thinks that i have to find Devika’s fingerprints here, our house got burned but there must be something here which would have Devika’s fingerprints,Pallavi asks about Sakshi,he says there is no improvement in her condition, Pallavi says only you can make her fine, Monty asks about her job,she says its fine,Monty says if you need anything then tell me, Pallavi says only Devika can ease Rekha’s pain, she misses her alot, she keeps Devika’s personal diary with her, she doesnt let anyone study it, she never studies it too, Pallavi goes to make tea,Monty thinks that Devika’s personal diary must have her fingerprints,i should go in Rekha’s room and find it.
Nivi calls her lawyer and says this cant happen,i cant bear any losses to company, do something and sort this matter, lawyer says only way is that you sign Ambika’s papers, give her investment back, she has right to take her money back,she gave guarantee in bank on behalf of you and if she takes her money back from bank then they will cease your property so its better to not her let go to bank, Nivi says shut up,i know every law,i dont bow down to anyone,you are lawyer so find some loophole,if anything happens to my company then your fees will not be given, she ends call. Ravi comes there, Nivi says we should go to bank, we will handle them there, lets not waste time,she leaves, Ravi thinks whats happening? i dont understand anything, is this happening because Nivi went to Ambika’s house, he recalls how Ambika said that she must have done something bad in past, Ravi says why did Ambika said that?
Devika is driving car,she recalls her eyelock with Ravi, she thinks that why i keep thinking about Ravi? he is nothing to me now, we are enemies, i have been cheated but still i get weak when he is around,i loved him so much thats why i like when he is near me,i have to control myself,i just hate him, i am fool to melt down in his arms, i get weak infront of him, i will not let him cheat me again, i wont think about him anymore, i dont know whylove even exist in this world,i dont want to think about him. Devika hits lady with her car,she comes out of car and says i am sorry,i was lost in thought,are you hurt? Rekha says no i am fine, Rekha gets up and sees Devika,she says laado? Devika thinks Chachi? she gets emotional, Rekha cries seeing her and caresses her face, she is elated and kisses her forehead,she says thank God my child is safe, everyone said that you are not anymore but i knew nothing will happen to you, you have become fashionable, you have started driving too,i am so happy to see you,she hugs her and says why you didnt meet me?Devika thinks how to tell you how much i missed you, i wish i could take your pain, i am sorry Chachi, Rekha says Nivi told me that she saw you, she took me some house too, Devika recalls how Janki said that Nivi will use her chachi against her, Rekha says lets go home, Devika says excuse me, why i will go with you? Devika says i accept that i hit you with my car but why i will go with you? you need money? how much? Rekha says what are you saying? i dont want money,i want my daughter, Devika says then go find her, Devika deliberately throws money on ground,she sits down and touches Rekha’s feet, she gets up and sits in car,Rekha runs behinds her car but Devika leaves. Devika cries and says no daughter can be as bad as me, she protected me from everything and today i broke her heart in pieces, no mother should get daughter like me, i have done so bad with her, i am sorry Chachi,i feel disgusted,she cries.
Monty comes in Rekha’s room and starts searching it. Pallavi comes in hall with refreshments, she sees Monty missing from there and goes to check him. Monty opens Rekha’s diary and starts going through it,Pallavi comes there and says jeeju? Monty is stunned.

PRECAP- Devika says to Nivi that you are forgetting this is my money, banker says to Nivi that she is right,they have invested in your company and if they take investment back then we will have to cease your property and bank account as guarantee.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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