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Scene 1
Devika is driving car, she recalls Shradha’s words that Ravi still have love for her, she recalls her moments with Ravi, how he was looking at her, she says what is happening with me and why? Ambe Maa what is all this?
Nivi recalls how Ravi was about to make Ambika wear mangalsutra, how Shradha blessed them, how Shweta warned her that Ravi can be snatched.
Devika comes to Janki, Janki says come inside, i was worried about you, did Ravi do anything inappropriate with you? Devika says you wont believe what i wont, i got my property back, Janki gets elated, Devika says Nivi has started trusting me so much that she gave papers to me and Shradha named property on Devika’s name, this was my mother’s gift, i will make school for orphan kids there, it was my dream, i will

fulfill it now, i feel like i have got everything back, Janki says i feel you have alot more than that, seems like you have got your husband back too, Devika sees Mangalsutra in her neck, Janki says why did you wear it? you know Ravi cheated you, you know what this mangalsutra means? Devika says you are thinking wrong, i know i am wearing it but reason is different, this is Nivi’s mangalsutra, Shradha aunty said that married woman should wear it but i wont let it become my weakness now, i will use it against Ravi and Nivi, Janki says if this is only reason? Devika says yes, Janki says you cant use mangalsutra for your fight, we can have many weapons to fight then why this mangalsutra only?
Ravi is in his room and imagines Devika sleeping on couch. he wakes her up and suddenly she is gone, he realizes that he is imagining her, he thinks that Ambika is right, i have gone mad, i feel Ambika is my Devika and now i dont doubt it, if she thinks that she can pretend and i will accept that she is Ambika then she is wrong, my doubt is confirmed now, she is my Devika and i want my Devika back and i know there is only way to bring my Devika back to me, if she was Ambika then she wouldnt have worried so much, i should give her shock that will make her breakdown and accept that she is Devika, she will accept that she is my Devika, she has high regards for Mangalsutra and sindoor and rituals and i will make her accept that she is Devika by using them.

Scene 2
Its morning, Manju asks Niv why did Ambika not give your mangalsutra back? Shweta says yes, ambika should have given it back, its Nivi’s, Nivi says why didnt you say it yesterday when she was here? dont make me mad. Ravi comes there, Nivi asks him to have breakfast. Ravi says no, i want to announce something, Nivi asks everything okay? Ravi says i wanted Nivi and my engagement to happen tonight only, Nivi gets happy and says are you kidding? Ravi says its already late so i want to get engaged tonight, Vikas asks if anything is wrong? Ravi says i have realized that its injustice with Nivi, we have whole day to prepare, Nivi says you dont worry, i will prepare everything, she hugs him and says i will invite everyone, i will throw big party, i am happy, she leaves.
Nivi comes to her room and dances around in happiness, she says i cant believe this. She calls her dad but ends call and says someone else is more important to inform this, Manju was right, why Ambika didnt give mangalsutra back? if she has started loving Ravi? i know she is my friend but with Ravi.. she cant do this, she should know that we are getting engaged so she doesnt develop her feelings. She calls Nivi, Devika picks it up, Nivi says i am so happy and i wanted to share with you, guess impossible is happening, Devika says did you crack some deal? Nivi says its personal, guess which thing can make me happy beyond everything, Devika is silent, Nivi says i will tell you, Ravi and I are getting engaged tonight, i want you to come as my family member, you have to make sure that my engagement is smooth, Devika is hurt listening this, Devika excuses herself and tries to compose herself to talk, Nivi asks if she is there? Devika says yes, i am so happy for you, your old dream is finally getting fulfilled but how did this happen all of a sudden? Nivi says Ravi himself announced it and he was so stubborn to do it, can you imagine how excited he is, Devika says i am that he realized his responsibilities, Nivi says i want you to handle everything, you are my best friend and family, Devika says dont worry i will be there, Nivi says you remember the time you came to my house and my engagement was broken, Devika says it wasnt my fault, Nivi says you have to come early, Devika says i will see you soon, she ends call and feels her heart ache.
Shweta and Manju are talking. Nivi comes and says you both said that i did mistake by giving mangalsutra to Ambika but Ravi has come closer to me, he has no feelings for Ambika, his doubt is cleared that Ambika is not Devika, and now he is with me totally, i will get my mangalsutra back too, Shweta says we will talk when you get your mangalsutra back, my instincts are never wrong, i still think you did mistake by giving mangalsutra to Ambika, Nivi says how dare you say all that to me? i know she is going to me my relative but how can she talk to me, Manju says just be nice to me, i will become your best mother in law and will be with you, Nivi says never, all are selfish here, Manju says you are little hot headed, if you control your anger then you will become best daughter in law, Nivi is angry and leaves.
Janki comes to Devika and talks about her coming to party, Devika says i have to go to Ravi and Nivi’s engagement, Janki says so suddenly? Devika says Ravi was forcing her to get engaged so they are getting engaged, she wanted me to come so i am going, Janki says you didnt have any tear or voice shaking when you told me about it, it shows you have become stronger and doesnt allow your emotions to come inbetween, Devika says when Nivi told me about engagement, i felt really weak but then i realized that this day would come eventually and you have made me strong enough to keep my feelings aside and just focus on my revenge, Janki says its good, make yourself more strong and dont let your feelings ruin you because they have ruined you alot, if you didnt show me your strength today then i wouldnt have allowed you to go to engagement but now i know you wont let your heart come in way of your revenge.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that till when you will keep saying sorry to me for mistakes? Ravi says i will keep saying sorry for mistakes, atleast i have guts to say sorry, Devika says you dont regret your mistakes, Ravi says then tell me what wrong have i done and till when i will keep getting punished?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think ekta kapoor will soon unite both ravi & devika…..in next episode there must be anti climax…..please don’t extend them to long it will bcome boring &trp will be below satisfaction.

  2. I love this serial

  3. Unite?????????? doubt it, separation is the code of conduct in indian serials no couples stay together, someone please tel l me if there is any show that couples are together, example zetv, jamai raja, ye vada raha, ek the raja , krishnadasi, kasam, udaan, suhani si ladki, ye mohabatein, tashen e ishq, Thapki, Ishq ka safed, Sasural ki simar, Swaragini, should i go on even a Godly show like siya ki ram there is no substance in any of the shows at all, no positive image , oh did i forget pathetic kum kum B.

    1. Utopia there is one sbow it was kaise yeh yaariyan kyy2

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