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Scene 1
Saket goes to Devika and says i know why you stopped because you are leaving your family so i have come to accompany you till jay mala venue as we have to spent life together now, he grabs her hand from Rekha hand and drags her to mandap, Rekha is tensed.
Ravi and ananya are going to venue on bike, Ravi stops bike, ananya says why did you stop? goons are behind us, Ravi says i dont know bike has stopped, goons comes there, Ravi and Ananya runs from there, they find goons coming from other side too, Ananya says they will kill us, Ravi ask her to go to other side and i will go other side, i will distract them, you go there, they run in opposite directions, goons ask whom to follow now? other goon says that girl is important so run behind her, Ravi comes there and says why you are running

behind girl? catch me, goons run behind him, one goon goes behind Ananya.
Saket brings Devika in mandap, Gayetri says we should start ritual as its already late, Rekha gives garland to Saket, he gets call and says its urgent call, i have to take it, he leaves from there, all stand confused, Saket comes in corner and ask why you are calling me again and again, goon says Ravi and Ananya are running in opposite directions, whom you want girl or boy? Saket thinks and says kill that girl, make it like its accident, we dont have other way, if girl reach here then my marriage will be stalled, crush her under your van, goon ask about Ravi? Saket says he wont be able to do anything, kill her, DEvika thinks where is Ravi? he didnt come? what kind of friend is he? i dont think he will skip my wedding, she goes to Vikas and ask about Ravi, Vikas says i dont know where is he, i am also finding him but his phone is switched off too, Monty listens this and thinks should i tell her that Ravi has gone to save Ananya.

Scene 2
Sanjay says sorry to Saket for cracking fireworks and he fell off horse because of him, Saket says its okay, sanjay finds his sherwani dirty, he tells him, Saket says it doesnt matter to me, Sanjay says it matters, people will make fun of it, you should clean it, go to washroom upstairs, Saket goes.
Navi comes in wedding, Sakshi welcomes her, Navi thinks why it all seems in waiting mode? didnt marriage start? where is Ravi? Manju comes and sees her, she thinks how come she is here, she greets Navi and says you should have told me that you are coming so that we would have come in your long car, Navi says i decided to come here at last minute, she ask where is Ravi? Manju says i will find him, she goes.
Navi comes to Savitri, Savitri welcomes her, Navi comes to Devika and congratulate her, Navi says i dont understand why bride have to wait for groom, i cant wait for anyone, DEvika says when you will love someone then you will wait for him for life, Navi thinks i have come here to tease Ravi, she ask Devika you know where is Ravi? Devika says no i dont, Navi leaves, Devika recalla how Ravi propsed Navi.
Ananya is running on road, she is tired, goons car come from behind, Ravi shouts to move away, goons hit her with car and leaves, Ravi runs to her and ask her to open eyes, she is bleeding, she says i know i dont have much time, she ask him to go and save Devika, Ravi says nothing will happen to you, i will save her too, Ananya says listen to me, save her else same will happen to her too, go save her, Ravi says first i have to help you, Ananya dies, Ravi is shocked and says you cant die like this.

Scene 3
Devika thinks how can Ravi do this? will he not come in my marriage, i am missing him, Sakshi looks at Devika sadly. Navi is waiting for Ravi, she says i have come here for Ravi and he is not here, what will i do here now?
Manju says to Vikas that change color of house and change curtains, Viaks ask why you want that? Manju says when Navi came last time to our house, she was seeing it as if its hut, she goes to Navi and says when you came to our house, you didnt like it? Navi says it was old fashioned, Manju says i will change it, you will like it like you like Ravi, Navi says what? she says i mean Ravi is neat and clean, house will be clean too, Manju ask her to come home for tea, Navi is getting bored and says why only tea? i will come for breakfast then lunch time will happen, we will do lunch and dinner too, Manju gets happy, Navi goes to get fresh.
Saket cleans his sherwani with water and goes to iron it, he gets call from goon, goon tells him that we crushed that girl, she died, Saket says are you sure that she died? goon says there is no chance of her being alive, Saket say you have done good work, i will reward you, he ends call, Saket says to himself that Ananya i tried to make you understand but you didnt listen to me so i had to remove you from my way, may your soul rest in peace, now my one problem is solved, i will get married and devika will be mine forever.
Ravi arrives the site and recalls Ananya in blood. He says how can saket be so cruel. He killed mother of his to be born child. And i will save devika’s life even if takes my life. Either your game or my life will end today.
Devika is ready. Sakshi says the one you are looking for is not here. devika says i am not looking for anyone. She says I know very well, Sakshi says you can fool yourself with these talks but not me. Devika says why am I thinking about someone else. I am about to get married, I have to think about saket and saket only no matter what. Ravi comes there and sees Devika in bridal wear

Precap-Ravi says i expose you today, i tell cops your reality. You killed two lives i will get you behind bars.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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