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Scene 1
Ravi asks Rekha to listen to him, Rekha doesnt and leaves. Manju comes to Ravi and says how dare you decide all this? have you gone mad to make Monty marry Sakshi? Monty comes forward and says Ravi is not at fault, Parmindar slaps him and says i feel this Sakshi lured you and fooled you into marrying her, Monty says nothing like that, Parmindar asks him to shut up. Devika comes forward, she looks in Ravi’s eyes and says in heart that why you did this Ravi? Ravi says in heart that trust me i did nothing wrong. police comes there, Savitri says this Ravi kidnapped my daughter and made her marry his brother, Devika thinks whats happening here, how can i see my husband getting arrested, Manju says i will not leave this SAvitri, Saket asks inspector to not give bail to Ravi, Navi thinks how

dare this Saket make Ravi get arrested, inspector says to Saket that we will set this Ravi right, inspector arrests Ravi, Ravi thinks that Devika will you not take my side? Sakshi says this is not right, he didnt kidnap me, i went there on my own and married Monty as per my will, Saket says she is innocent so saying all this, Sakshi says i am not innocent, i am 21years old and adult so i can take my decision, when i am saying that Ravi didnt kidnapped me and i married Monty on my own then how can you arrest him? but yes i can do case on person for physcally and mentally torturing me, inspector moves back and says to Saket that i am sorry, after Sakshi’s statement we cant arrest Ravi, there cant be any case, they leave, Ravi stares Devika angrily, Vikas takes Ravi from there.
Savitri asks inspector why you are not arresting Ravi? inspector says we can arrest you for lying to us, this is you personal matter, if you do thia gain then we will arrest you, they leave, Savitri says this Sakshi is mad.
Saket comes to Sakshi and says lets get married, Sakshi says i am already married, Saket says no one has seen you getting married, now i will get married to you and all will see, he drags Sakshi to mandap, Devika thinks what is Saket doing? i have to stop him, Savitri stops Devika and says let him do it, Pundit says to Saket that this is impossible, you cant get married to her again, Saket holds his throat and says do what i am saying else i will kill you, Saket’s goon grab Monty, Monty says leave her, she is married to me, Saket forcefully sit in mandap with Sakshi, he holds her hand tightly, Ravi comes there and pours water in fire kund, Sakshi hides behind Ravi, Saket asks Ravi if he has gone mad? Ravi says if you try to touch Sakshi then i will beat you naked, Saket says this marriage will happen for sure, Ravi says till i am here, you cant touch her, Saket says i will show you guts today, he tries to drag Sakshi, Devika comes and asks Saket to leave her, she folds her hand and asks Saket to leave from here, Saket says i agreed to this marriage to save your family’s respect, still i am doing same but what i got in return? he leaves, Navi thinks that its Saket didnt get married to Sakshi, now he wil run behind Devika again and DEvika is so much miffed with Ravi, Ravi has created so much space between him and Devika that it cant be cleared now, both families are against him too so he is all alone and will come to me, Ravi tries to talk to Devika but she leaves.
Gayetri says to Savitri that i told my son to not make relation with this house again but he didnt listen to me, we are fool to help you, now dont ever try to take help from my son, she leaves with Shweta. Savitri says to Devika that you are always on your in laws side, your in laws are cheaters, your husband fooled Sakshi and got her married to Monty, i feel you are involved in all this, you are silently seeing all this, you betrayed us so from now on we will have no relation with you or your family, you are nothing to us from now on, our family’s door is closed for you now, Devika is shocked. Ravi asks Sakshi to come with him, Savitri stops him and says where are you going? you are a snake, we made you drink milk and you bite us in return, we will never forgive for this and will make sure that no one will have relation with you from my family and the one who will have relation with him will not live in my house, she announces that whoever is with Ravi leave with him rightnow, she asks Sakshi to go with him, Ravi looks at DEvika, Devika cries and looks away, Savitri drags Ravi out of house, Ravi leaves, Devika cries, Sakshi looks at her family and leaves with Monty. Devika comes to Rekha and cries, Rekha moves away from her and leaves, Devika is shocked.
Saket comes in his room and is angry, she takes off his sherwani, puts rum on it and sets it on fire, he shouts in anger, Shweta comes to him and asks what is he doing? Saket break things and put things on fire, Shweta asks if he has gone mad? Saket says see this fire and one fire is in my heart and it will go down when i will see Ravi’s body on fire, you go to your sacred husband who took Ravi’s side, you should be thankful that he is your husband else.. Shweta says listen to me, he angrily looks at him, Shweta silently leaves, Saket angrily looks at fire.
Ravi is standing room and thinks that whole world can think wrong about me and it doesnt matter but i have to tell you truth Devika as if you dont believe me then i will break down, Devika comes in room and sits down on bed still in shock, Ravi comes to her and sit on his knees, he holds her hand and says listen to me one time, i didnt do anything bad, i gave all of mine to make things fine, i did all this for you as i love you alot and your happiness means alot to me, Devika says stop it, Devika says to Ravi that there is nothing left in our relation now, no love, trust, companionship, nothing except your lies and fake promise, i dont want anything from our relation infact i dont want this relation, Ravi says how can you say this? Devika says till when i will keep bearing it? you disrespected my family, you promised me that you will do nothing, you will not do anything to break this marriage but you did it and proved it that our relation is weak, it should be weak as it was made because of your selfishness, our relation had to break oneday and its good it breaks now, Ravi is shocked.

PRECAP- Saket comes in Ravi’s room and says i have come to send from this world to another world, Ravi is sleeping on bed in his room while Devika is sleeping on couch in lounge, Saket puts chloroform on Ravi’s mouth so he becomes unconscious and brings out dagger to kill him, he stabs Ravi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ravi deserves better than this.

  2. Bechara saket pagalpan me kya kya kar raha hai

  3. What happen about ravi and devika’s love story?

  4. what happened to sakshi and monty and who is playing monty’s role sakshi and monty are really cute

  5. What is this stupid Saket doing? I hate him. Can’t wait to see the next episode. Poor Ravi is trying to save them no one understands. i want more of Ravi and devika love scenes.

  6. Saket shouldbe caught out now, he just doesnt get caught he has done so much of bad things like killing that gf of his and that story never ever out again, please show that Ravi and Devika are getting closer and Monty and Sakhi are getting closer after their marriage, just love this Ravika n Mosak they make just a beautiful pair, love you guys.

  7. Saket should be caught out now, he just doesnt get caught he has done so much of bad things like killing that gf of his and that story never ever came out again, now his going to stab Ravi the poor guy that doing all good and very one disrespect him not fair he should get some credit for it, Devika please try to listen instead of buk buk:) please show that Ravi and Devika are getting closer and Monty and Sakhi are closer after their marriage that they are good friends and their marriage will work, Monty forget about Pallavi she has no idea that you like her its just one sided now your love is Sakshi make her happy, just love this Ravika n Monsak they make just a beautiful pair, love you guys.

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