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Shweta is standing with upset face. Vikas comes to her. Manju also comes and says she’s waiting for her brother, but he won’t come unless he wants to get insulted. Shweta leaves angrily. Manju tells Vikas not to worry too much about her as she’s not worried for him either.

Devika’s half family comes and Manju welcomes them. Monty asks Sakshi about Pallavi. She teasingly says she’s coming behind.

Devika feels helpless as she has to do all that she doesn’t want just for showing and so her family doesn’t get hurt or face insult. She says Ambe Maa is making her do all this and she will also do it, just for her family. She wonders where Sakshi is. Just then Sakshi calls her and asks where she is. Devika explains her location, but Sakshi says Manju also

told her and she can’t find. Devika says she will come.

Chachu and Devika’s father meet Manju and tell her they understand Vikas’ loss due to their family and Dadi refusing to give money. They give her money and Manju happily takes it saying she can’t say no as they are insisting. Devika sees her taking the money and gets mad. After Chachu and Devika’s father leave, Manju is thankful to the God for sending Devika in that house, after her entry, she’s getting more and more money and her 10 crore are yet to come. Devika gets more mad.

Ravi is annoyed with Devika’s scolding and behavior. He bumps into Devika. Both have eye lock and then ask each other to leave them. They step back, but Devika’s mangalsutra gets stuck in Ravi’s shirt’s button. Monty and Sakshi see them and tease them. They say no need to romance openly, they can go to room. They say it’s nothing like that. Devika takes Sakshi to get her ready. Sakshi pulls Ravi along as well.

Devika’s other half family come. Manju welcomes them and talks sweetly to Dadi. Dadi is confused. After they walk ahead, some guests come to Manju and from their gossip, Dadi finds out her sons gave her money secretly.

In room, to tease Devika, Ravi asks Sakshi to leave them alone. Sakshi says she can’t, but allows him to see Devika getting ready. Devika goes to washroom to change clothes. Sakshi gets a call and leaves. Devika calls Sakshi for help. Ravi is stuck in between and doesn’t know what to do. He goes to the washroom and knocks the door after hesitation. Devika opens it and says she’s trying since long, but can’t pull the chain back of her blouse. Ravi says Sakshi is not there. Devika gets shocked seeing him and hides herself behind a curtain. Devika asks why he came..she knows his intention. What he’s trying to do. Ravi gets furious and says he is not that kind of man who sees girls changing clothes. He pushes the door hard. Their nok-johk continues. When Ravi tries to go out, door doesn’t open and lock comes out in his hand. Devika says he even did that purposely. He knew lock would come out. Ravi says she has gone crazy. She says she will scream if he does anything. He says her to scream so all can come there and see them in washroom together. She asks him to think something. He tells her to first shut up. Sakshi comes and wonders where Ravi’s gone. She thinks he must have gone to find her. She knocks washroom’s door, but Devika doesn’t reply either. She thinks they both left. Just when she’s leaving, Ravi by mistake flushes the toilet.

Precap: Ravi and Devika look in opposite direction and Ravi pulls up the blouse chain.

Update Credit to: Niki

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