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Scene 1
Shweta says to Devika that i like you alot, Ravi comes and says shall we leave, Shweta says i will come in a minute, she leaves, Ravi says to Devika that you should take decision yourself, Ravi says to Devika that if you want to do something then you have to become strong and tell people what you want from life, the one who love you will be on your side and others will not, its as simple as that., but you have to take stand, if you dont understand me than go to your Devi maa, Maybe she will listen to you, he leaves.
Saqaid brings Devika to her house, he thinks that i should make it clear to her that she will not do job, i will give her everything, he ask do you know Ravi? she says no, Saqaid says he is a flirt, stay away from him, Saqaid thinks how to start, she says i have one request,

she says can you find a job for me, please, i have only 3 days, i want to prove myself to my dadi, please Saqaid ji, Saqaid says thinks she is taking my name for first time, i cant insult her now, what to do, he says its a small work, it will be done, i promise you will ge3t job, Devika says thank you so much, i respect you for that, she leaves, Saqaid says now she respect me so she will tell everything to me, after 3 days, she will see dreams of me only.
Shweta and Ravi comes back home, Shweta tells that Saqaid has liked a girl, Anuja says he liked one girl only? she says just joking, she ask about girl, Shweta says she is daughter of Deol family, Vikas says there is not one deol family in whole city, Shweta says i didnt like the girl, something is weird about her, Shweta says to Ravi that you were talking to her, do you know her? Ravi says i met her at job interview, Shweta says she wants to do job, not much beautiful, i hope this relation breaks, Ravi says girl is very nice and i think your brother doesnt deserve her, he leaves, he comes in room and recalls how Devika was crying, how Saqaid was saying that he is going to marry her, he says that she is a nice girl, and Saqaid is a goon, she is going to be trapped there.

Scene 2
Dada says to Devika that you came very late, Savitri comes and ask abotu family, she says they are nice, Savitri says now dont think about job, Devika says i asked Saqaid for job, he said he will get a job for her, Savitri says why did you talk about job there, Rekha ask why did you change dress, Devika says when i reached there, my dress caught fire, thunder storm came there, it was like some power didnt want me to enter that house, Savitri ask what about your mother in law? Dada ask Devika to leave, she leaves, Dada says to Savitri that Devi Maa doesnt want Devika to enter that house, she says why Mata rani will have problem with it, Dada says dont you remember how Devika was born? because of her mother, we are blessed by Ambe Maa, Savitri says stop it, it is old story, Saqaid is right for Devika, i know she must be thinking about him.
Devika is about to sleep but remembers Ravi saying to her that take decision, stand for your rights to fulfill your dreams, she says that guy have many faults but have some good qualities too, we dont know each other but he shared my pain, listened to me and gave me suggestion too, he was worried for me and it was genuine which i didnt see that in other guys, she recalls how Ravi said he was saving a Tanu, not raping her, she says i cant trust him about girls but the way he cleared things seem like he was saying truth.
Saqaid is looking at Devika’s picture, he says you are 1st girl that have affected me so much but i didnt like your idea of job but the way you asked me for job, i couldnt say no but now you will follow me, you have relations on priority list so you will give priority to our relation. Vikas and Monty are fighting for halwa, they ask Ravi o decide who should eat it, Ravi says first i will taste, he eats whole Halwa and leaves, Anuja says to Ravi that we will go to jewelers shop as you got salary.

Scene 3
Savitri alongwith Devika and Tanu comes to market, Devika stops Tanu and ask about Ravi, was he in raping gang too? Tanu says i think he was not with them, when i sat in car, Ravi was not in car and if he was their friend then why did that guys run away? car was gone too, Devika says so he was right thats why he understood me, Tanu says so you guys are understanding each other, is it kismat connection, Devika says nothing like that, Ravi is passing by, Devika’s dupatta falls on his face, he removes it and leaves, Devika feels his presence, Tanu ask where are you lost? in Ravi’s thought, Devika says i cant think of anyone now as Savitri is hell bend to make me marry with Saqaid, Saqaid comes there.
Savitri is checking jewelry with Tanu’s mother, Savitri buys heavy jewelry. otherside Anuja’s mother is buying earrings, she finds Savtiri there, Anuja says i will destroy her grandson’s marriage.

PRECAP- Peon in office tells Ravi that you got job because of one girl, she destroyed her designs by putting ink on them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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