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Scene 1
Janki tells Devika how Saket came to house and told her that he is going to Nivi’s house. Devika says Saket hasnt seen me here, Janki says before he sees you and misbehaves, we should leave, Devika says we cant go like this, its weird, Janki says Saket is mad, he can do anything, lets go, DEvika says i am not scared of Saket now, when i saw Nivi crying infront of me, i got to know my strength, i was scared of Saket but not now, i will tell him what i can do now, Janki says thank God you are not scared anymore, you have to punish Saket, you have to be ready, Devika says i know you want me to be safe but trust me i am not afraid of anyone now, i will take revenge from everyone who treated me badly.
Saket brings Shweta to room, she says i will miss party, he says i have urgent

work, Shweta says you dont know what i have bear because of you, Nivi will think that i am doing something stupid again, Saket says you just have to bring Ambika in this room alone, Shweta says have you gone mad, what you want to do? i dont want to get in trouble, i remember when i was thrown out of this house, you didnt come to save me, i wont get in trouble because of my brother even, Saket says you know what i can do if someone says no, i loved Devika but she took Ravi’s side and you know what i did, Shweta says you are saying that you would kill me too? i am ashamed of you, Saket says its just small work, i will handle everything, Shweta says just last time, dont take my name, i want to live simple life with my husband, Saket says i wont let anything happen to you, just do my work, she says last time only, she leaves.
Janki is talking to client on call. Manju sees her and thinks that what she is doing here? is she going to encourage Ambika to throw us out, i should ask her. She comes to Janki and says thanks for coming to party, Janki says congrats, everything going good? Manju says your daughter showed power and world shook for us but she spared us, she is strong, i thought you are her strength but she attacked like lioness, she is like Ambe Maa, Janki says you havent see her real power now, Manju says she must be helping you in business too? she is smart, Janki says yes thats why i have given her my whole business, Manju says means all wealth of yours is in your name? she is my only daughter, all business of london, europe and India, she is really capable, Nivi is nothing infront of her, Manju says i always wanted Ravi to marry someone like her.. i mean Ravi loves Nivi a lot, Janki says i know what you mean to say, its not wrong to dream, you dont have to hide anything from me, Manju says i have to go, she leaves, Janki smirks.
Devika is calling to manager. Shweta see her and thinks i took risk listening to Saket, this time Vikas wont be able to save me too. She takes juice and strikes with Devika, juice falls on her dress, Devika says cant you see, you spoiled my dress, its expansive, Shweta says i am really sorry, i will clean it, come to my room, Devika says lets go, she goes with her. Saket smirks and thinks sister did my work, Ravi must be busy with Nivi and i will be with Ambika.

Scene 2
Devika comes to Shweta’s room and asks her to go to washroom, Devika goes, Shweta leaves room. Saket comes in room and locks door. Devika comes out of washroom and sees him, she is stunned and recalls kidnapping, how he tried to marry her, Devika says what are you doing here? where is Shweta? Saket says she left, Devika says did you forget what happened to you last time you misbehaved with me, she comes closer to her, she tries to open door, he holds her hand, she slaps him and pushes him away, she says stay away from me, he comes closer again.
Ravi meets his friend, friend says you didnt meet me after shifting here, make me meet my bhabhi, Nivi comes there, Ravi says he Pratik, Pratik says you are good looking than Devika. Ravi sees Shweta telling something to Manju and went from there, Ravi thinks why they seemed tensed
Manju brings Shweta to corner and asks what? Shweta says i am tensed, its not my fault this time, you know Ambika went to washroom, Saket has gone behind her, i thought to tell you, Manju says i have doubt that you took his side, how did he know where she went? you wont change? Shweta says i have changed, dont know what Saket will do, she is alone with him in room, Ravi has listened all this and gets angry.
Saket says to Devika that slap me again, its enough, i want to talk to you, Devika says what you want to talk? Saket says about Devika, my love, my life, my everything, i loved her seeing her first time, i wanted her, i made her family agree ‘but she didnt trust my love, she didnt value my love, i kept trying that one day she will come to me, i always forgave her mistakes and thought she would love me one day, she left marriage venue but i didnt say anything btut one day dont know what happened to me, i couldnt take it anymore and i killed her, devika recalls how he killed her. Devika looks at him, Saket says i am not that bad, what would i do? if your love leaves you? she left me for someone else, she died but love for her didnt die and when i saw you, i thought Devika cameback, i wanted her back thats why I.. he moves closer to her, Devika says dont move ahead, if you do anything, you will regret, Saket says i want to regret but if i dont do what i had planned to do by calling you here then i will regret whole life, even if i have to ask forgiveness after that, let me say my heart thing. Devika says if you misbehave with me then i will scream, my mom is here, she wont spare you. Saket sits on his knees and says i want to ask forgiveness, i shouldnt have done that, i shouldnt have done that with Devika, i did it with my love, i cant tell you how much i regret it, i think about her everyday, i cant say sorry to her but i can ask you, forgive me please, he folds his hands and says i mistook you as Devika, Nivi and Shweta told me that you are Devika but i didnt believe them, forgive me, Devika says stand up, its weird, he stands up and says i loved Devika thats why i took wrong turn, i know you cant forgive me easily but please try, Devika thinks that i didnt expect him to behave like this, i have to leave, she says i am going. She opens door, Ravi comes in and holds his collar, Saket says you are thinking wrong, Devika says listen to me, Ravi says i wont, Devika says nothing was happening, leave him, he was not doing anything wrong, Saket says its not his fault, we have old animosity because of Devika, he used to love Devikas much a i did, he is also not ready to believe that Devika is dead, he leave.

PRECAP- Saket says to Nivi that Ravi and I have cleared misunderstandings, we are now friends, right Ravi? Ravi stares him, Saket says dont come inbetween me and Ambika, Ravi says are you done? Saket says yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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