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Scene 1
Ravi comes in room and sees Devika sleeping in bed. He comes to her side of bed and sees Devika’s sleep getting disturbed due to sunlight, he closes curtains and sees Devika shivering, he tucks her in sheet, Devika moves and puts hand on his hand in sleep, Boldo na zara plays, Ravi holds her hand and takes off his other from beneath her hand, he moves hair away from face and caresses her cheek, he looks at her face and recalls how he used to sleeo on couch and Devika used to sleep on bed, their intimate moments together, he sadly looks at her and comes closer, he kisses her lightly near lips and moves back, he thinks that what i did? if she had woken up then dont know what she would think about me, i have to control my heart, he leaves from there.
Shweta says to Manju that its

morning and we didnt even sleep, Manju says i am asking you to go and sleep but you are blabbering, Shweta says i am scared, i thought it was small challenge and Vikas would win over Saket but Saket would have killed Rekha because of doubt, what if he gets to know that we swapped brides? he will cut us, Manju says why you keep repeating it? anyone can listen, you are doing mistakes, throw this thing out of your mind, dont think we were part of all of this, go from here, Shweta says going, she leaves. Manju says God dont let this secret come out.
Ravi thinks that i did wrong, what if she was half awake? she would not understand that i love her so much, she would think wrong about me. Janki comes there and says you here? Ravi says i came to get something from cupboard, Janki asks then why your hands are empty? Ravi says its not there actually, Janki says what was so important that you had to go in room so early? Ravi says i had to get important file, you here early morning? Janki says i stayed the night here as Ambika had headache, i went to kitchen to make tea but couldnt find things, Ravi says if you want then i will make tea for you, she says no need for that, Ravi says let me know if you need anything, Janki thinks that its really difficult to know what kind of person is Ravi, what was he doing in Ambika’s room? does he love and care about her? no he is actor, his innocence is fake, ambika has to be careful of him
Vikas comes in lounge and sees Nivi sitting on couch and reading newspaper, he says good morning, everything well? she stares him, Vikas says its good morning, i am feeling fresh, he asks Shweta to bring tea and sweets for him, not sweets from wedding, they must be sour now, it will put off my mood like others, he reads newspaper and says what? its written that one girl did suicide when her wedding was broken. He says this is common, its better to break wedding then to have divorce, Nivi says you are enjoying all this right? Vikas says i am feeling pity for you, i always stand with sad people but they have to pious and shouldnt have any grudge in their hearts. Shweta brings sweets for Vikas and says i didnt open sweets box earlier, Vikas says if we had taken off veil from bride’s face then Nivi would have waken up with Ravi today, Nivi says enough, i will answer you once i talk to Ambika and Ravi, Vikas says will you bite me? Nivi says shut up and leaves. Shweta says i am scared, Vikas says she is all bark not bite like your brother, dont worry.
Devika wakes up and sees Janki sitting on couch, she asks Maa when did you come? Janki says sometime back, Devika says thank you for guiding to handle things, yesterday was stressful day, Janki says only you slept, all others were awake, Devika says this is not good, Janki says why? Devika says if all are awake then they must be thinking to attack me, i know Nivi wont stay silent, she will do something, Janki says we will attack her back, dont worry, we are ready too. Manju comes there with tea and says i came on right time, she says i didnt know Janki would be here otherwise i would have brought tea for her too, she asks Ambika to have tea, Janki says she doesnt drink tea in morning, Manju says i made it with love, drink it once for me, Devika says fine, you are forcing me then i will drink, she takes it from her, Manju says dont call me aunty, call me Mummy ji like Shweta, Devika recalls how Manju asked her earlier too when she married Ravi. Devika drinks tea and coughs, she says what did you put in it? it destroyed my taste, Manju says i made good tea, dont know how it became bad, she asks do you take cold shower or hot shower? Devika says hot shower, Manju says i will arrange hot water for you, what will you take in breakfast? Devika says i am particular about my breakfast, i will have multi-green sandwich with peanut butter, Manju asks what? Janki repeats it, Manju says i will ask Shweta to make it, she leaves. Devika says this is great, Janki says she is just greedy, you will have bear her, DEvika says she was my mother in law earlier too, i will handle everything, this tea wasnt that bad by the way, they laugh.

Scene 2
Devika is passingby, she strikes with Ravi, they fall in embrace, Devika tries move away but her jewelry is stuck in Ravi’s coat button, they look at each other. Ravi tries to free her jewelry. Janki sees them close, Humdard plays, Ravi moves away from her, she says sorry, i was busy on my phone, he says sorry, actually i should have been watching ahead, they see Janki staring at them. Ravi says sorry, they try to move but is about to strike with each other again. Nivi comes and asks how are you feeling? Devika says much better, i am feeling fresh, how are you? Nivi says thats good to know, after all what happened yesterday, its awkward situation for three of us, i know you are hurt like me, Devika says yes you are my friend and you know what i am feeling, Ravi thinks that seems like Nivi have calmed down but she is getting too friendly with Ambika. Manju thinks that after so much happened, she is nicely talking with her? Nivi says we are friends, we know each other, i have solution to this problem, it will make everyone feel better and we will forget everything that happened, Devika says i dont understand. Nivi shows papers to Ravi, Ravi takes it and says i am not feeling like checking papers, i have to go, i am leaving, Nivi says just sees these papers and you will understand, Ravi asks what are these papers about? Nivi says check yourself, Ravi sees papers and sees its divorce papers of wedding with Ambika. All are stunned to hear it, Nivi says yes divorce papers, this is only solution to break this marriage, Manju and Shweta panics, Ravi and Devika look at each other, Nivi stares Devika looking at Ravi.

PRECAP- Shweta says to Vikas that Nivi has brought divorce papers and she wants Ravi and Ambika to sign it. Nivi asks Manju if she doesnt want Ravi to get married with her? Manju says i mean it was past thing, Nivi says say it clearly what you want. Saket comes there and says what is happening here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what ekta wants…..really she wants to end the serial……circus is going on …..

  2. Thank you for the telly update. I now prefer reading about it than watching it because it is going in circles and losing the plot. Kalash is a good serial but it would be more interesting if it had an ending. I started watching it last year and some of the serials that started same time with it have finished and I still think about them because they were short and to the point. I have gradually lost the moral of the story because it appears that doing evil is good because Nivi keeps on getting away with lots and Devika is made to be a person with no brains. Once a serial starts losing fans, then the writter should reconsider her writing skills to entertain people.

  3. dont fret there will be end as you will have a leap like all other serials. pathetic, 11.10 episode was to silly. when ambika says she is devika everyone’s expression is the same and when she is telling everyone present who and how they killed her even then no one behaved surprised. all stood ravi was not saying anything.
    too much dragging

  4. sincerley hope they dont do a leap

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