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Scene 1
Doctor hypnotizes Nivi and asks her about her past,Nivi says i came to India two years back, i fell in love with person, doctor asks who? Nivi says Ravi Garewal. Ravi is there too.
Shweta says to Manju that what if Nivi tells everything infront of Ravi?what if she tells that you were involved in murder too? Ravi will send you to jail. Manju says Nivi is going to tell about Devika’s murder, i thought to live luxury life and here i am going to jail,this is all happening because of Ambika. Devika comes there, Manju says because of her, Nivi’s engagement got cancelled, she is the reason for all this mess, i feel like killing her, Shweta says she is behind you, Manju sees her standing behind, Manju says i was praising you,Devika says you have different style of praising,Manju asks

any special reason to come here? Devika says when you remember me so much then i should come to meet you,Shweta says but you are busy person so you must have some work to come here, Devika says atleast someone is clever here, yesterday Nivi came to my house and misbehaved with my mother so we are taking our investment back from her company, we did investment of 2000crores and now her company is going to destroy, she is going to loose, maybe you all will come on roads, you praise me so much so i have to give it back, i will take revenge for insulting my mother, i will destroy Nivi and you all, i want her signs on papers, where is she?Shweta says you cant meet her, she is doing work, Manju thinks that if i send Ambika to Nivi then Nivi will come out of hypnotism, and she wont tell truth, this way i will be saved too,its good. Manju says she has come all the way here so let her go and meet Nivi, we dont have to do anything, she says to Ambika that go and meet here, Devika asks where is she? Manju tells her,Devika goes.
Doctor asks Nivi what was they best day, or most eventful day for you? any day which made you very happy or made you very sad, think and tell me, Ravi says i think best day for her is engagement day. Doctor asks Nivi to tell,Nivi says the day when i went to Gujrat with Ravi’s family,it was big day for me, Doctor says was it positive or negative? Nivi says both, Doctor asks if her stress is related to that day?Nivi says my all stress is related to that day, what i wanted happened and not happened both, doctor asks whats the connection with that day?Nivi says only one connection that is Devika, she is biggest hurdle in my love path, Ravi is shocked to listen that, Nivi says Devika snatched Ravi from me, Doctor says what you did then? what is the connection that you are not able to break? Nivi says Devika’s death, doctor is stunned, she asks how did she die?Nivi says she died by falling off from cliff, Doctor asks if someone pushed her from cliff, or she jumped from cliff? was is it suicide or murder? what happened that day? tell us, remember what happened that day? Nivi recalls how she attacked Devika that day,how she, Manju and Saket killed her, by pushing her off cliff, Devika comes there and calls out Nivi’s name.Nivi comes in sense and says Devika? Ravi see Devika,Doctor asks her to calm down and sit, think that she cant be Devika, you told us that Devika died by falling off from cliff, you were going to tell us how she fell from it, think about it what happened that day? Nivi is stunned and says what was happening? what is all this? she throws things andf says you tried to hypnotize me? what you think of yourself? get out of here, Ravi you tried to be with her too? she throws doctor out of house, she comes to Ravi and says i want to talk to you rightnow, Devika says i want to talk about business. Ravi says Ambika this is not right time to talk to her, you come with me, he goes with Devika.Ravi says sorry to Devika on Nivi’s behalf, she says its okay, doctor is leaving, Ravi stops her.He says to doctor that the Nivi behaved with you, i am sorry for that,Doctor says we usually meet these kind of patients daily, Nivi is seriously ill, take care of her,Ravi says yes, she leaves. Ravi asks Ambika to come.They come in hall, Devika slips but Ravi holds her, they are close and look at each other, they are lost in each others eyes, they recall their past moments together, Maine khud ko plays, Ravi recalls his memories with Devika. Vikas sees them and thinks seeing them together, i feel if they are strangers? i feel they have relation.Nivi comes there and sees them close, she shouts Ravi.. Ravi moves away from Devika. Ravi says sorry to Devika, Nivi asks whats happening here? DEvika brings papers and says to Nivi that we have decided to not have any business relation with you so we are taking investment from your company, sign these papers, Nivi says you cant do this with our company? Devika says we have already talked about it,Nivi says when? Devika says when you misbehaved with my mom, my mom told you that we can take investment back and you said that you dont care so what happened now? what you thought that you can come to my house, even after my mom stopped you, you came to my bedroom,you insulted my mom, and we will not do anything?this is our answer to you, this is our final decision, sign these papers, we dont want to have any relation with your company, Nivi says you cant do this legally, i wont sign these papers, Devika says you will teach me business? you think we Raichands are fools? my mom have built this empire without knowing loss? my mom knows how to deal with cheap people like you,if you dont sign these papers then i will go to bank and will withdraw papers on which your company gave guarantee to get handsome loans, you have to sign these papers otherwise bank will take action.

PRECAP- Devika hits woman while driving car. She comes out of car and says i am sorry,i was lost and hit you, did you get hurt? Woman gets up, and says i am fine, Devika is shocked to see that its Rekha only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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