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Scene 1
Shweta says to Manju that there are so many tensions in this house, we should watch great grand masti. Nivi comes there and says i cant believe this, you are playing cards at this time? Shweta says we didnt have anything to do, Nivi says i am not here to listen you both, you have extra mangalsutra? Manju says no, Nivi says you can give me my mangalsutra which i made for my marriage, i have to give it to Ambika, her mangalsutra broke last night, Manju says how can you give your mangalsutra to her? Nivi says Shradha wants her to wear it, Manju says i made it for your and Ravi’s marriage, will you wear mangalsutra which was worn by Ambika? Nivi says just give me damn mangalsutra, Manju goes to bring it. Shweta says you are taking risk of giving your mangalsutra, what if you lose your husband

and property both? Nivi says shut up and leaves.
Manju says Nivi has gone mad, Nivi comes and says you took so much time to bring Mangalsutra, you dont work when its someone else work, Manju says this is wrong, Nivi says you are doing this because you dont want to give gold to me, you cant bear to give gold to anyone else, its about 20crores property, Manju says if you give it to Ambika then this means you are banging your head, if Ravi makes Ambika wear it then they will become husband and wife, Nivi says i dont believe in all this, with just one mangalstra, they cant become husband and wife, she goes with Mangalsutra.
Nivi brings Mangalsutra and asks Devika to wear it. Shradha says your husband can make you wear it, where is your husband? she calls Ravi and says your husband will make you wear it, Nivi thinks that i dont have any other option now. She goes to Ravi and says i am so sorry, you will have to make Ambika wear Mangalsutra, Ravi says what? Nivi says i am stuck, i dont want her to not sign papers because of mangalsutra, i know its difficult, you can make her wear it as necklace, Ravi thinks that Ambiak seems tensed about it, this is good chance, maybe by me making her wear mangalsutra, she will feel like Devika and maybe i will get Devika back, he says to Nivi that i am doing this for you. He comes to Devika who is tensed, Nivi thinks that i dont like all this, how can i see Ravi making someone else wear mangalsutra but i have to bear it. Ravi takes mangalsutra from here, Devika recalls how many times he had earlier made her wear it, Ravi comes close, Devika thinks that i dont like it, what should i do? Ravi makes Devika wear mangalsutra while she just keep looking at him, she takes mangalsutra from him before he can tie it and ties it herself, both share eyelock, Shradha says dont take it off again now, Devika nods, Nivi thinks that Ambika is good friend, she didnt let Ravi make her wear mangalsutra, she wore is herself.
Devika comes to her room and recalls what happened, she says what is happening here? i came to take my revenge by things keep happening that increase my wounds, i dont understand whom to talk, whom to tell what i feel, she looks at mangalsutra and says it still matters to me alot because i know what a boy makes girl wear mangalsutra, their relation become strong, how can Ravi make me wear this? Nivi allowed him to do so, they are cheap but i am not cheap, i wont allow them to make me wear it, i know meaning of this Mangalsutra. Nivi comes to her room and says sorry, you have to bear all this because of me, Monty have brought papers, lets end this, she leaves, Devika is tensed.

Scene 2
Monty says to Shradha and Nivi will sign property papers and says then it will go to Devika. Shradha says first Nivi will sign it, Nivi signs papers, Devika thinks that thank you i won this fight, Ravi thinks that if she Devika then its good what is happening, Shradha says i dont have any doubt now, she signs papers now, Nivi thinks that this work is done, because of Ambika, Ambika says Shradha says not homeless now, Nivi will provide your new flat, Nivi is stunne dbut agrees anyway, Devika recalls how Ravi promised her to fulfill her mother’s dream, how made her name her property in Nivi’s name with cheat, she thinks that i trusted Ravi and gave my property to Nivi but today Devika acted like Devika and got my mother’s land back, Nivi doesnt have any idea what she lost and what i wont. Shradha says Devika is owner of this land so papers should remain with her, she gives it to Devika, Devika sees it, Ravi thinks what she must be thinking? she is looking at papers like she got precious thing back, Devika thinks that Ravi pretended to love me for this property but now it is in my hands, i have to do alot against them now.
Nivi hugs Devika and says i am so happy, i am so relieved, all thanks to you, you are a good friend, i love you for this, Devika thinks that i got this victory by becoming your friend, you became my friend and took my everything, now i am doing same with you, you wont get this property ever, these are my mother’s blessing and you will never get it. Nivi says lets throw that oldie Shradha out, she has given me alot of stress.
Nivi says to Shradha that you have given me alot of stress, you will get room in my guest house then you will have to find new place for yourself, Devika says you can stay in guest house as much as you want and Nivi will help you to find house, Nivi nods. Shradha comes to Ravi, she holds his hand and gives his hand in Devika’s hand, she says i just pray that you both keep holding hands and dont let love decrease, Devika has gone through alot still she has love and respect for you, i can see it, fill her life with happiness, its so good to see you both together, you are lucky to get wife like her, she leaves. Ravi is still holding Devika’s hand, they both share eyelock, Nivi is uneasy. Nivi says she is gone, you both can leave hands, Ravi and Devika does so, Nivi says everything is sorted now, Devika says i have to leave now, there are some guests at home, Nivi says i understand, i cant ask you stay anymore, thank you so much, she hugs her, Devika says i am happy to help you, she asks for property papers, Nivi gives it to her, Devika leaves with it. Vikas says some relations are so strong that evil eye cant even break them, Ravi leaves.
Ravi comes to his room and recalls Shradha’s words that Devika went through alot still has love for you, how he held her hand, he says i cant think so much, i have to stop thinking. He drinks water and recalls how he almost made her wear mangalsutra, he says when she touches my hand.. i cant forget it.

PRECAP- Ravi says there is one announcement, i want to do engagement with Nivi tonight, all are stunned. Nivi calls Devika and says Ravi and I are going to be engaged tonight, Ravi announced it, Devika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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