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Scene 1
Devika says to Janki that Saket came here to kill Ravi, Janki says what? he reached there? Devika says Raghav was hired by Saket to kill Ravi, i have planned everything, the way Saket wanted to kill Ravi, he will die sameway, Janki says tell me everything, Devika tells her how she had seen someone tempering with Ravi’s car, how she confronted him and made him fail brakes of Saket’s car, Janki says you did great, he should die as punishment, take care and sleep, God is with you, Devika says i have got strength from you, i never knew i would have to do this but he tried to kill my husband, i wont spare him, pray that everything happens nicely, Ravi comes there, Devika says i will call you later Maa, she ends call, She says i was not getting sleep so i called Maa, you need rest,

why you came here? Ravi says i woke up and didnt find you there so i came to find you, Devika says i am with you, now dont get up from bed. She and Ravi comes on bed, Ravi says you will share bed with me? She says yes, whats problem with that? i have condition that you have to remain shut, Ravi says my condition that you will remain on bed and dont move, Devika says i wont go anywhere, Ravi lies his on her chest and says i will get sleep now, he sleeps, Devika caresses his head and hugs him, humdard plays.
Sakshi is feeling pain in sleep, she wakes up, Rekha is sleeping beside her and wakes up, she asks what happened to you Sakshi? Sakshi says i have pain in stomach, Rekha thinks that i cant give her painkiller too as doctor asked me to avoid it, she says i would call Monty, he will call doctor, Sakshi says he doesnt care if i live or die, he might be rude with you and i wont like it, Rekha says i will call Janki, she might to something, Rekha calls Janki. Janki takes call, Rekha says i am sorry to call you at this time but Sakshi is ill, she is in pain, i dont know what to do, janki says i am coming there. Rekha hugs Sakshi. Janki comes there and asks Sakshi what happened to you? Sakshi says i started feeling pain, Rekha says what to do? she doesnt listen to me, she doesnt eat anything, she is taking medicines but not taking nutrition with it, Janki says i will call doctor, you give her warm water, Sakshi is crying in pain, Janki calls doctor.
Its morning, Ravi wakes up and sees Devika sleeping beside him and holding his hand, Ravi thinks that this is most beautiful morning of my life, she has filled my life with love, i love you so much Ambika, he gets up and caresses Devika’s head, he gets down from bed and pulls curtain away, Ravi sits beside Devika and thinks that you dont know what you are to me, you are everything for me, your smiling face is way to live, the way you took care of me made me forget my fever, he is lovingly gazes at her and caresses her face, baatain ye kabhi song plays, Ravi holds Devika’s hand and kisses it, Ravi’s phone rings, he goes to take call. Ravi comes on terrace, Saket calls him and changes his voice, he says i am Janki’s assistant, she wanted me to meet you to let you see property here, Ravi says message me your address, i will reach there, Saket says i am waiting for you, he ends call.
Ravi comes in room, Devika wakes up, Devika asks why you are smiling so much, Ravi says i had very good night sleep, Devika says where did you go? Ravi says property dealer wants to meet me, you can come if you want, he was Janki’s assistant, DEvika thinks that it must be Saket’s man so that Ravi drives his car and gets in accident and Janki’s assistant told me he would meet me later, Ravi says i will comeback soon then we will enjoy in this hill area, Devika says go ready, Ravi says okay but i am upset, you didnt ask me how i am now? Devika says how much you blabbering, it shows that you are fine, now get ready, Ravi says your magic made me fine, you took care of me, you are my medicine, Devika says you are welcome, Ravi goes to get ready. Devika is tensed.
Janki is at Nivi’s house and thinks Ambika didnt call till now. All are breakfast table, Vikas asks why you are tensed? she says worried about project. Sakshi and Rekha comes there, Janki asks how are you? Sakshi says thanks for calling doctor, he gave me injection and i was fine then, Monty is there too. Janki says now you have keep eating to remain healthy, Rekha says you are right thats why i brought her here, she will eat with everyone, she will eat here in peace, Vikas asks what happened with Sakshi? Rekha says Sakshi was crying in pain but now she is fine, Vikas says you should woke me or Monty up, Rekha says Janki called doctor, Sakshi was fine after checkup, Rekha asks Janki is Ravi and Devika.. she stops and corrects herself, she asks how is Ravi and Ambika? Janki says they are fine and enjoying there. Gurvindar asks where is Nivi? Monty says she didnt tell me, she must have some work, Janki thinks that i saw Nivi leaving, did she go to meet Saket? Monty gets call, he is shocked after hearing that Nivi is unconscious, he says Nivi is in parking lot unconscious, he goes to check on her.
Ravi gets ready, Devika says i will see you off, Ravi says i am not going off on war, Devika thinks that its war for me but i cant tell anything to Ravi, i will tell him everything when all is fine. Devika says i will see you off to car.
Monty brings unconscious Nivi in house, Monty asks Gurvindar to take her to room, i will call doctor. Janki says Nivi was drunk last night, Vikas says she must have been drinking wine, Monty says cant you see she is ill, dont say a word against her, Janki says wow Monty, what kind of person you are? you are worried about Nivi but your wife was in pain whole night you didnt ask about her health, i never see you taking care of her, she has gone through big operation but you were not there to take care of her, you are worrying about Nivi just because she is your boss? you are cheap, Monty says Nivi has done a lot for me, i am not selfish, i have no feelings for Sakshi, she is burden on me, Rekha is shocked to hear it, Monty says it would be good i get free from her, only then i will have peace, your answer Janki? he leaves. Sakshi is hurt.

PRECAP- Devika calls Saket and says what did you pundit say? that you will live for years? he might be wrong because you will die today only, Saket gets tensed hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Monty has turned into a monster??? sakshi deserves a better and loving life partner

  2. I agree with you Abreeba that sakshi gets a good partner. I realy don’t like monty right now because he is playing negative role .

  3. I think sakshi should married vikas as he is a nice persone and he will love her vry much not like monty

  4. Monty’s too stupid too realize just cause Nivi “done” so much for his family doesnt mean anything. He doesnt even know that his boss was the one to kill Devika so she can get Ravi. It sickens me so much, that some people can go this high to respect their boss.

  5. Guys leave Monty, I really feel like slapping him, whenever his scenes come then I want to kill him. He irritates me when he sings praises of his so called madam, I want that Devika must confront him and teach him a lesson, he is treating Sakshi as of she is dirt. I will kill him, idiot. Ravi and Devika’s romance was good as usual. Loved the precap, because Monday that idiot Saket is going to die then only Nivi is left, God I’m so happy, yay

  6. I think he will die but come back again like devika did

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