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Scene 1
Pallavi is sitting in mandap with Saket, she is tensed that Ravi hasnt returned, she leaves mandap, Saket asks what happened to her? guest says she is gone to washroom, Saket says at this time? she nods, all are tensed, Saket asks Shweta where is Ravi? Shweta says dont know, Saket says what are you doing then? i told you to keep an eye on him, go and find where is he, Shweta starts searching Ravi in hall.
In mandir, Sakshi and Monty’s marriage has started, Pundit chants mantras while Sakshi puts her hand in Monty’s hand, they take pheras, Ravi smiles, he recalls how he and Devika took pheras and promised her to not let any problem fall on her, he thinks that i am fulfilling my promise to Devika today, Devika might get angry on me today but one day she will be proud of me

for saving Sakshi’s life, Monty puts sindoor in Sakshi’s forehead and makes her wear mangalsutra, marriage is completed.
Savitri asks Rekha where is Sakshi? Rekha says she has gone to washroom, DEvika is tensed to not fight Ravi there, rekha asks her to bring Sakshi, Devika knocks door and asks Sakshi to come out soon ad time is going away, Pallavi thinks that i cant even answer her else she will recognize my voice.
Saket thinks that Sakshi might got tensed because of my words but where is this Ravi? i have to find him, Pundit asks to bring bride, time is going away from marriage. Devika knocks washroom door and asks Sakshi are you fine? should i bring any medicine? why arent you saying anything, Pallavi is tensed inside, Devika asks her to come out, Saket asks Rekha to check whats going on, where is Sakshi? all are getting worried here, Savitri asks Rekha to go and check her, Rekha says she will come, guests start gossiping that for first time groom is waiting for bride and she is not coming, this house’s girls are like this, sometimes their groom runaway and sometime they, Saket gets angry listening this and gets up from mandap, he says time is going away for marriage and you people are standing here silently? where is Sakshi? Ravi comes there with Sakshi and Monty and says Sakshi is here, all are shocked to see them, Ravi says Sakshi has got married and now she Mrs. Monty Garewal, all are shocked and cant believe it, Savitri says everything is destroyed, Navi thinks this is great twist in this boring wedding, Saket gets angry and says how dare you make my bride runaway? he holds Ravi’s collar, Ravi holds his collar and says you did crimes and asking me why i did this? Gayetri asks Saket to control, Saket says to Savitri that i told you this Ravi doesnt have good intentions, he has insulted your family, a girl comes to Devika and says Sakshi has come, Devika says but she is in washroom, she says no, Sakshi has come in mandap, Devika goes, Pallavi says now i can come out.
Devika comes in mandap and is shocked to see Sakshi with monty and Ravi, Pallavi comes there in bridal dress, DEvika is shocked and thinks what Ravi did? he made Sakshi runaway and made her marry Monty, he did such a big cheating, why he did it, Rekha asks Ravi whats all this? you are same Ravi who takes me as mother then whats all this? Ravi says i promised you to not let any harm come on Sakshi, i have fulfilled that promise, i made her marry Monty and saved her from this jerk Saket, Rekha slaps him hard, Devika is shocked.
Savitri comes in room and says how dare Ravi do this, once again he destroyed my daughter’s marriage, he disrespected us infront of all, he hasnt let us show faces to anyone, because of him, we lost diamond like Saket, i wont leave that Ravi, i feel like killing him, i will teach him such a lesson that his generations will remember but what should i do? what? she sees phone and calls police station, she says man naming Ravi kidnapped my daughter and forcefully made her marry his brother, only you can save us, do come here fast and arrest him, she ends call.
Rekha says to Ravi that you have ended up everything, you have lost respect, you cheated me, Sakshi tries to say something but Rekha says dont even come near me, dont try to utter a single word, you cant be my daughter, Ravi says listen to me, Rekha says what should i listen? you did what you wanted, like always you did without telling anyone, you have ended up happiness of everyone for one person, i dont trust you anymore, you have broken it, i used to think you as my son, what you did in return? you have back stabbed me, even if you had this thing in mind, you could have told me, i always was with you, i stood up with you even when Savitri was against you, you married Devika by cheating but still i was on your side because i could see truth in your eyes, i used to believe no one but you but you have broken my faith, you have lost it, i was wrong to trust you and today i accept my mistake that i did mistake in understanding you, i was doing all this for my Devika, i used to think that she doesnt believe so i tried to make you pair together, to end your misunderstandings, to make you one so that you both walk together for life but i was wrong, now i am regretting my decision of giving my apple of eye Devika to you, you have destroyed her life and now you destroyed my other daughter’s life as well, Ravi says nothing like that, i havent done anything wrong, you are my mother, Rekha says enough, you have no emotions of son, you cheated to marry Devika and now you destroyed my other daughter’s life, Ravi says you can think anything but for me, i did right to save her from Saket, Rekha says enough, now i dont trust and i wont be able to trust you anymore in life, Devika cries.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that i always hope you will set everything but i was wrong to develop hopes from you, today i will end our relation, Ravi is shocked, both are hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Silly devika yaar she’s ending her marrige for her sister to get married to monty can’t wait for next ep

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Ravi ko sabhi galat kyu samjg rehe hai… chachi jo hmesha ravi ko beta manti thi unhone usss saket k chhakker me aa gyi hai… and this is not accepted by devika…

  3. Yar this iz not fare , har bar saket hi sabki nazro m accha hota h is baar to ravi ka impression jamate,sab use hi galat samj rahe, ravi devika kab ek dusre ko accept krenge yr kab prapose krenge

  4. disappointing & senseless as usual

  5. ????? she needs big help Ravi is diamond if she end his relation she will regret.oh god can someone tell this stuip girl something. Who can get a man like Ravi

  6. nitish kushavaha

    Her bar saket ki hi win hota asa kyu ravi na good work kiya fir bhi kaval uska insult hota hai very bad ravi well done

  7. Actually people like Ravi don’t even exist…

    They could have given him one chance to speak …this is not fair ????

  8. At least now it shuld have been all ok, as ravi have saved sakshi but no as usual he is wrong for them. Once writer shuld hve showed them saket reality then they will know n especially silly devika she would know wat kind of person is ravi.
    PLz writer change this track now fed up wiz it since z beginning it z same thing.

  9. Shraddha sharma

    I hope ravi don’t die…. on 15 jan episode….

  10. Bewakuf hai ghar wale,sabse badi bewakuf sakshi hai.

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