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Scene 1
Devika says to Ravi that i drank milk, he says nice. Devika says Janki is saved, i saved her and i know who kidnapped her, police have taken kidnapper to jail, Ravi looks on, Devika says you dont want to know who kidnapped Maa? Ravi looks away, Devika says i will tell you, Devika says my mother was kidnapped by.. Ravi says by my mother, Devika says how do you know? Ravi says i went to godown where your mother was kidnapped, i called inspector and he told me that you took case back and found Janki maa, then i was worried to not find you then i called Manju maa, i thought you might be with her, she told me some address, i found it weird then i found same address in your diary, i got doubt and knew something was wrong so i went to godown and saw my mother arrested, i didnt believe it but Manju

maa accepted that she did kidnapping, i was so ashamed that i left from there because i didnt have guts to look at you, i cant even look at you, i know my mother is greedy, she always wanted luxury but i didnt know she would stoop this low for money, i thought i would work hard to give her everything but today i am broken, people say maa has heaven in feet but she sent me to hell, i am down in my wife’s eyes, i cant even look at you, he cries and says my mother made you marry me for money, Devika thinks if he is feeling really bad or is he fooling me? Ravi bows to her and says i fold my hands, forgive me, i cant even look at you, you did right by punishing my mother, i am with you, she should be punished, forgive me, Devika says you dont need to to apologize, it was not your fault, you agree that she is did crime and should be punished so we dont have to talk about it anymore, i know you are hurt but dont worry, she wipes his tears and says dont cry, Ravi says i am lucky to get you, Devika says i know you are feeling bad and guilty but we wont talk on this topic again, i will come, i have some work, Ravi says but you have sprain in foot, she says i am fine, Devika tries to get up but falls in Ravi’s arms, they hug each other getting emotional. Nivi sees this and thinks that i cant see them close again, i wont let Ambika go close to him, i have to separate them, i have to kill Ambika.
Manju is in jail. there is another criminal woman in her cell, she looks at her jewelry and thinks that she might be rich, she might have tortured her daughter in law, i dont care, i want her gold bangles, seems like she is sleeping, i should steal her bangles. woman comes to Manju and tries to take off her bangles, Manju holds her hand and says how dare you? do you even know who i am? if you look at me again then i will cut your hand, woman goes away being scared. Police woman comes and says someone has come to meet you, Manju says it must be Nivi, she goes with her.
Manju is brought to waiting room. Saket is there, Manju says i thought Nivi has come, you know ministers, please do something for me, free me, i know you can do it. Saket says what you thought that you can get Janki’s property? you didnt even ask me or Nivi, you are great, Manju says i did mistake but think how to free me, Saket says tell me how did you plan all this? how did you reach here? Manju tells him everything, Saket enjoys and laughs at end, she asks why you are laughing? Saket says i am not laughing at you, i am thinking Ambika is so clever, i am in love with her again, leave all this, i cant help you rightnow, its heated topic, i can take care of your food and things here, take rest here, i will think about Ambika. Manju says you can get in jail too, Saket says it wont take her time to be mine, she will be Ambika Saket Kapoor, Manju stares him.

Scene 2
Ravi is trying to sleep, he is lying on sofa but cant sleep. He gets up and sees Devika sleeping on bed. He comes to her and thinks that Maa hurt Ambika and her mother but still she forgave me, she has such big heart, i am lucky that she is my wife, he covers Devika with comforter, he touches her feet and sits on knees near bed, he holds her hand and sees wound on her hand, he thinks that she might have got it fighting with kidnappers, i hate my mother now, i have to take care of her more, she is always going through bad things since the time she has come here, he recalls all bad incidents happening with Ambika, how she was attacked time and again, Ravi thinks that its weird, same used to happen with Devika, he recalls how she died, he thinks that same is happening with Ambika, someone is doing this deliberately? Nivi or my mother? i will protect my Ambika, i will be with her all the time, she is my responsibility, he caresses her forehead, she sits near bed and goes to sleep holding her hand.
Devika gets up from sleep and sees Ravi sleeping in sitting position near her bed and hold her hand, she thinks that if i take my hand away then he will wake up, i should put pillow beneath his head, she puts pillow under his head, she smiles at him and goes to sleep again.
Its morning, Nivi is tensed, she gets call from doctor, he tells her that you wanted me to check Sakshi’s injections, you didnt come? Nivi says dont you have other patients? i have important work then Sakshi, when i have time then i will come, he ends call. Nivi calls Saket, he wakes up and takes her call, he says dont you have any work? Nivi says what is wrong with you? its 10am, i am tensed, i cant get sleep, Saket says what is it? Nivi says come to my house, its about life and death, she ends call. Nivi recalls how Ravi and Devika are getting close.
Sakshi is looking at her, Pallavi and Devika’s picture. Devika comes there and says you are looking good. Sakshi says i have hope now, how is your revenge going? Devika says i have taken revenge from , 3are remaining, i am just worried about last person, i cant him, i try but i cant him, Sakshi says i know Saket, Nivi and Manju are your enemies, who are two others? Devika says one is Shweta, i have taken revenge from her, and my last enemy is.. Sakshi asks who? Devika says Ravi, Sakshi is shocked and says what are you saying? Ravi cant do it, Ravi loves you a lot, its your misunderstanding, Devika says i know its difficult for you believe it but truth is that he killed me too, you know when Nivi and Saket was throwing me from cliff, i was asking for Ravi’s help but Ravi didnt come, he was there, standing with them but didnt help me, he didnt even try and then i understood he was involved with them, i know its difficult to believe but this is truth, he has been involved in my murder, Sakshi says dont cry, but i cant believe it, maybe but i just want you to be strong to take revenge from Ravi too, Devika says its easy to say but too difficult to do it, i have loved Ravi too much, i couldnt believe that he did that with Devika, i try ti hate him but he does something which make me question his intentions, but truth is that Ravi was part of murder, Sakshi says you love him a lot, i just want you to listen your heart, my heart says that Ravi cant do it, Ravi is such a nice man, he loves you a lot, it might be your misunderstanding, Devika says no, its truth and i know it.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Saket that we have to kill Ambika soon. Saket says you have started again? you dont have any other work? i love Ambika a lot, dont think about these things again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. swatee hemraz

    wowww intesresting …just waiting the day wen ravi will learnt the truth about nivedita..saket n manjoo how devika has been murdered and waiting saket n nivedita to be punish

  2. But my bad nees …. I can’t see this progam cause my timing never matches it.. I hope it will be retelecaste next day too so I can see this progam in morning…


    Today episode was nailed by Ravi… ??????????
    And ambika plz listen to your heart…

  4. I just hope that Devika realizes Ravi’s innocence. That night when they pushed Devika from cliff then Ravi was shocked to see Devika hanging from cliff. He thought that the three idiots would’ve tried to save her. And he also shouted at Devika that he will save her, he went to get rope to save her, yet Devika insists that Ravi is her murderer. Now only Ambe maa can prove to Devika that Ravi is innocent. Coming back to episode, loved Ravi. Devika and Sakshi did well. Manju deserves death penalty with Nivi and Saket. Really can’t wait to see Nivi and Saket punished. I loved Devika and Ravi romance. Please show more of that in future.

  5. Well, it’s about time this story cracks open. Good to see manju getting caught ,so shameless, greedy witch. Can’t wait to see Devika deal with Nivi and Saket.

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